Best of J/C

Spiletta42's opinion

These are, for various and sundry reasons, my personal favorite fics. Now alphabetized!
(Warning: Some of these may contain intimate love scenes, read the warnings.)

Ab Initio by Brianna Thomas
After the Game by Jackie Edwards
As It Should Be by Matteabrit
Basic Inspiration by Magical M
Breathing by Your Cruise Director
Carpet of Blossoms by Jade East
Chakotay's Cat by Dakota
A Change of View by Brianna Thomas
Child in My Arms by Sangerin
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans by Diane
Command Styles by Mary Wiecek
Crew Evaluations by Dakota and KJ
Da Capo Al Fine by Malaika
Electricty by Kim K.
Embers of a Flame Forgotten by Kerry
Endurance by Eydie Munroe
The End of the Rainbow by Shayenne
The Enterprise Incident by Anne Rose
Fade to Black by Anne Rose
A First Time For Everything by Brianna Thomas
Fresh Fruit and First Contact by Diana Forester
Here There Be Dragons by Mizvoy
His Hands by Laura Watkins
Hopes and Dreams by Brianna Thomas
Hull Breaches by Sylvia K.
Indulgence by Jade East
The Image of Kathryn, The Image of Chakotay by Kim
Interdictus by Kim K.
Ithaca by Kim
Just Hold On by Anne Rose
Leap of Faith by Dawn
Leave the Past Behind by Maquis Leader
The Logic of Longings by Magical M
Looking Past the Future by Dakota
Lotos Days by EJ
A Matter of Trust by Brianna
A Moment of Clarity by Jade East
Natural Progression by Maquis Leader
No Greater Love by Dawn
Oh What Fools by Brianna Thomas
One Small Shift and Shine by Shayenne
The Out of Towners by JinnyR
Parallel Parking by LA Koehler
A Passion For Grapes by KJ
Peace by E.M. Bonner
Peace House by Magical M
Peach by Autopilot
Phoenix by Shayenne
Rainforest by Anne Rose
Reaching by Aria
The Real Kathryn by Shayenne
Saved by a Kiss by Sylvia K.
Say That You Love Me by Lady Chakotay
A Second Gift by Dawn
Sharing Time by Maquis Leader
Shattered Control by Dawn
Shattered Illusions by Jade East
Sick Day by Yael
Spirit of Solitude by Katane
Storm by Melissa B.
That Shade of Blue by Lady Chakotay
Touchstone by Diane
Until Death Do by KJ
Visions or Dreams by Dakota
Voyager Conspiracy: The Movie by Anne Rose
The Weaver's Hands by Mizvoy
With Her Shield or On It by E.M. Bonner

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