Bargains Kept

by Spiletta42

Bargains Kept by Spiletta42


Rating: ST-17™©


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Warnings: Explicit sexual content.

Content Disclosure: This fic contains playful bondage games between two clearly consenting adults.

Categories: Ship, Het, PWP, Established Relationship

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: none

A/N: It's smut folks, what else must I say? Written as a potential entry in the next Voyager Blue Alert contest.

Credits: Thank you to Squirrelly for the exhaustive beta and to Maquis Leader for the helpful advice.

Disclaimer: Paramount doesn't want this, which is good, 'cause they can't have it. Thanks to God for the invention of sex. We appreciate it.

Bargains Kept

Kathryn rushed around the quarters she had shared with Chakotay for the past two months. A senior staff meeting loomed on the morning's schedule, and she had somehow lost a pip. Chakotay had probably swallowed it; it wouldn't be the first time.

Perhaps she had lost it the evening before, when they -- the memory brought a flush to her cheeks and she bent over to dig behind the cushion on the couch. A hand landed on her posterior; Chakotay had finished his shower. "I never get tired of this sight."

The recovered pip in hand, she turned and kissed him. "I swear you never get tired, love. Ever."

"Just making up for lost time." His hands went to work on her clothing.

Arousal coursed through her. Her eyes drifted shut and she arched into his touch. Then she remembered the imminent meeting. His lips found her throat. It wasn't like the meeting could start without her; they would wait. But no, this must never interfere with her command. Reluctantly, she pushed him away. "Chakotay, not now. We're going to be late."

"Tonight then, Kathryn, don't you be late." He nipped at her ear and teased her breast through the thick fabric of her uniform. "And no interruptions, even if I have to tie you to the bed."

"That could be fun." She grinned, enjoying the look on his face, and backed out the door.


The morning was uneventful, possibly even boring. Sensors picked up a small asteroid, but it didn't contain any long-lost ships from Earth or computer-run nomadic civilizations, so they left it alone. Time and again, Kathryn found her thoughts turning to later. Since she and Chakotay had finally come together as a couple, she looked forward to her nights. He was an exciting and imaginative lover: thoughtful, considerate, and loving, and the honeymoon stage showed no signs of ending. The memory of his lips closing around a strawberry placed between her breasts sent a tremor through her.

They each spent most of the day on the bridge, rather than at their desks, and Kathryn found herself jealously watching a PADD in Chakotay's hand. When he pressed his thumb to a report she had to stifle a sharp breath, and each time his fingers danced over the console between their seats it was almost painful to tear her eyes from the sight.

Lunch arrived, but her hopes for a few minutes alone with Chakotay disappeared when a minor personnel issue kept him delayed in Deflector Control. When he returned, his constant heated glances made concentration nearly impossible.


Chakotay's mind returned again to her response to his teasing that morning. That could be fun. Did she mean that? Seeing Kathryn helpless was no fantasy of his; after some of the things they had been through it was more like a nightmare. But Kathryn with her impatience in check for a few minutes was an intriguing thought. He loved her passion and enthusiasm in the bedroom as much as he loved everything else about her, but perhaps just once he could focus her attention on her physical response alone, and draw out the experience for them both.

The memory of his previous attempts to slow her down brought a smile to his lips. No matter how many times he had told her to keep her hands on the headboard, they always seemed to end up somewhere else, swiftly assuring that he was in no condition to object.

He laughed to himself. She wouldn't be his Kathryn if she was good at following orders.

The personnel issue in Deflector Control had taken about seven minutes to solve. Then he had tracked down B'Elanna and cashed in on a favor. His plan wouldn't work unless Kathryn was delayed at the end of the shift.

He watched her now, focused on a report from Astrometrics, and found himself once again amazed that she loved him. She actually loved him. Would that always be so amazing to him? He had always been awed by her. Brave, intelligent, capable of anything she set out to accomplish. All of that, and beautiful too.

His hand moved toward her of its own volition, and he barely managed to redirect it to the console between their seats. He imagined her silky skin beneath his dancing fingers as he called up readings that didn't need his attention. When he suspected she was watching, he let his fingertips caress the screen, circling as he lingered over the onscreen controls.

Their eyes met, and he felt himself harden as he recognized his own desire mirrored in her expression. His breath caught. Perhaps it might be wise to finish these reports in the ready room, before Tom Paris turned from the helm and got an eyeful.

"Coffee?" she asked, and he marvelled at the steadiness of her voice. He nodded, unable to speak himself, and followed her off the bridge.


The moment the ready room doors closed she turned and stepped into his arms. Her lips found his throat. "We promised we would never do this."

His hands crawled down her spine. "And we won't. We came in here for coffee."

"Yes." She ran her fingers through his hair. "Coffee."

He moved away first, and she watched as he stood at the replicator. Later, when he pumped into her welcoming heat, she'd be able to feel those muscles tense beneath her grasping fingers. Those big hands wouldn't be cradling coffee mugs later. They would cover her breasts and slide lovingly over her body.

Instead of handing her the cup, he placed it on her desk. Then he retreated to the couch with the PADD he had been reading. His message was clear. Not now. He would keep the promise they had both made, and she loved him for it.

As the end of the alpha shift neared, she counted the minutes and feared some emergency would require one or both of them on the bridge, delaying thier evening plans. Every time he looked at her, the heat in his eyes sent a spark through her, each one building upon the last, until she was sure her insides would crumble to ash in the wake of the inferno.

Five minutes before beta shift began, Kathryn's combadge chirped. She barely suppressed a curse. "Janeway."

"Could you come down to Engineering, Captain?"

"Can it wait, Lieutenant?"

B'Elanna didn't even have the sense to sound apologetic. "It really can't. I promise it won't take long."

With a glance at Chakotay, Kathryn headed for the turbolift.


The visit to Engineering dragged, each moment experienced a frame at a time, until Kathryn glanced at the chronometer and almost ordered a scan for temporal anomolies. This was the way time had moved during the hated cooking class she had suffered through as a child. She made good her escape and raced back to her quarters. If Chakotay expected to have dinner first, well, that was too bad. Food could wait.

The door slid open and she looked around in surprise. Wasn't he here? She couldn't bear the thought that he too had been delayed somehow. Unzipping her uniform jacket, she headed for the bedroom. She shed the confines of her clothing and began digging through her lingerie drawer for a silk teddy.

"I don't think you'll be needing that," he said. His arm snaked around her bare waist. "You're late." She could feel his erection poking her through the fabric of his trousers as he held her against his body. His hot breath feathered against her neck and one hand slid up her belly to palm her breast. "I warned you against being late."

"I'll make it up to you." She tried to turn in his arms, but his grip tightened. He kept one hand crawling over her body while the other arm prevented her escape. Not that she wanted to escape. The exploring hand had far more power to keep her immobile than the arm around her waist. That touch was what she had craved all day.

"It's not that easy, Kathryn. I require payment." His hand burrowed between her legs. "Oh yes, I know just the payment."

A river of need ran through her, and she melted into his hand, liquid in his grasp. He scooped her off her feet and deposited her on the bed. His weight pinned her down as he captured her hands and secured them to the headboard with a terrycloth belt. "Tonight you are mine."

"I'm always yours," she said, but her words drowned under his demanding, possessive kiss.

"If you don't want to play, just say the word." His hand pressed between her legs, coating his fingers with her juices. "But evidence suggests that you want to play."

"Always," she said. Of course she wanted to play. She arched into his wonderful touch, enjoying the sensations coursing through her as he explored her swollen flesh and teased her aching center. He stopped all too soon, and she cried out in protest.

"Oh no, you don't get to come yet." His hand slid down her leg and captured her ankle. With careful attention to detail, he positioned her leg and bound it to the bed, then turned and repeated the process. He leaned in and softly kissed her belly. "I don't want you to be uncomfortable. If you want me to let you loose, for any reason, just say red. That can be our code word."

Her eyes followed him as she lay helpless on the bed, her legs spread wide, her body displayed for his dark eyes. Still fully dressed, he stroked her thigh and bent to kiss the inside of her knee.

"You have such a beautiful body, Kathryn." His warm breath tickled her knee. "I never get tired of studying you." His fingers drew her lower lips apart. "Look at you. So beautiful. So swollen and wet, just for me."


The sight of her arousal moved him powerfully. Every inch of her was beautiful, and he cherished minutes like this one. After all the years of denial, she was his, just as he had always been hers. He loved making love to her.

Kathryn cried out when he touched her hard nub, but he gave her no release. Instead, he stood up and walked around the bed to sit beside her. "What should I do to you now?" His finger trailed down her arm, softly tickling her wrist, then the inside of her elbow, and finally down her side to stroke her breast.

He stretched out beside her, propped up on one elbow, eyes glued to her face as he explored her body. She whispered his name, and he leaned in to take her lips in a slow, sensuous kiss.

Her skin was like silk. He watched his hand move over her. The dip above her collarbone, the swell of her breast, the way her breathing sped up when he teased her. He savored every detail.

"Such lovely breasts." He bent and kissed a taut nipple. "So perfect."


She writhed under the torment, desperate to feel his touch where she needed it most, but her breasts occupied his full attention. His tongue circled her nipple, and he sucked first one and then the other in turn. "Chakotay, please."

"Oh no, my darling." His mouth never left her breast and his voice vibrated through her. "I won't be hurried, no matter how much you beg."

The attention he was paying to her breasts was divine, but the ache between her legs had nearly reached the point of pain. She squirmed against her bonds, aware that she could probably free herself, but unwilling to spoil the game. Always before, when he asked her not to move, she managed to obey only briefly. This time she'd play along.

His hand rested on her belly, his fingers scant inches from where she wanted them. She squirmed, begging silently for his touch.

"You made me wait earlier," he said. "Now try to be patient, my dear."

He lowered his head to her breast once again. She wanted to run her fingers through his soft hair and down his muscular back, but the bonds on her wrists prevented movement. Kathryn could do nothing but concentrate on the tugging of his mouth on her breast, and the desperate ache between her thighs.

He sat up and she felt the heat of his gaze on her face. "Look at me, Kathryn."

She opened her eyes and witnessed the love and wonder in his. She had never thought of herself as beautiful until she saw the way she affected him. To him, she was as beautiful as he was to her. In his eyes she could be a sex object and still be his friend, his partner, his equal.

"Do you know how many sleepless nights I spent trying to imagine this body?" His eyes slid over her again. "I've always known your soul, Kathryn. I've always loved you. I've always known you were beautiful, and yet my mind never did you justice. You are a work of art."

His hand stroked her belly, teased around her navel, and reached down to tickle the inside of her knee before coming to rest against her thigh. She tried to press herself into his gentle touch.

He ignored her movements and stood. "Art should be preserved, don't you agree?"

Alarm shot through her. If he reached for a holo-imager...but she knew he would stop if she asked. He stood at the dresser with his back to her. When he turned back around she saw that he had a sketchpad. He circled the bed, his eyes raking over her exposed body. "So where shall I start? Hmm?"

Those dark eyes considered every inch of her again. He seated himself at the foot of the bed, between her widely spread legs. "This is a view to remember."

It was as if there was a spotlight aimed at her aching sex; she could almost imagine the heat of it. She felt every stroke of his pencil against the paper, and when he blew a bit of dust from the page she could almost imagine the air puffing against her skin. Every few minutes he leaned forward to study his subject more thoroughly, spreading her lips gently and carefully avoiding her throbbing center as he smoothed her moisture over her hot flesh.

"Chakotay, please."

"Not yet, love. I want to draw you like this, aroused and swollen, with your little jewel stiff and aching for my touch." The soft velvet of his voice caressed her. "I love to see you like this."

The only sounds in the room were the rubbing of his pencil against the paper and her labored breathing as she waited for the divine torture of each soft touch. Just when she thought she couldn't bear the waiting another moment, he held up the drawing. "See how beautiful you are, my Kathryn."

He stood and began to slowly undress beside the bed. "I want to draw you again, but right now I'm so hard from looking at you that it hurts."

She watched hungrily as he lowered his shorts to reveal his swollen penis, long and thick, moisture glistening at the tip. She wanted that length encased within her, filling her. She could almost feel it, sliding in and out of her moist heat, stroking her intimately.

It drove her wild, not to be able to reach for him. She watched with envy when he reached down and began to stroke himself. "Please, I need you."

He climbed back onto the bed and hovered over her. "Tell me what you want, Kathryn."

"You," she answered. "Inside me."

He ran the tip of his penis through her slick folds, barely brushing against her throbbing center.

"Oh yes, please love." She pulled against the bonds, trying to lift her hips up off the mattress. Her head rolled against the pillow.

He nudged at her opening. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes, please. Please don't stop. I need you."

He entered her partially, then withdrew.

Cruel man. "Please."

A small orgasmic tremor shot through her as his penis rubbed over her sex again, and although she gasped in pleasure, it wasn't enough. Completion eluded her. "More, please. Don't stop."

He plunged into her and she cried out in satisfaction. Finally. Finally. Too much time had passed since she had last felt him within her. He paused to kiss her and trail a series of soft bites down her throat. His breath was hot against her ear. "You feel so good."

"So do you." She deliberately clenched her inner muscles around him and he finally began to thrust, hard and fast, as she urged him on with body and voice. She strained up against him, wanting to wrap her legs around him, reaching for her peak, desperate for completion.

With a groan, he buried himself deeper within her and she felt the warmth as he emptied himself against her womb. He slid out of her, leaving her unfulfilled. He kissed her painfully erect nipples, slid his tongue into her navel, and moved lower.

"I should draw you like this," he whispered. "With my seed trickling out of you."

His finger traced around her hard nub, and she begged pitifully. "Please don't stop, please."

"You want to come now, Kathryn?" He laughed. "Would this qualify as payment if I let you come?" Despite his words, he lowered his mouth to her and flicked her center with his tongue, then sucked gently and sent her flying over the edge.

The force of her long delayed orgasm sent shudders throughout her entire body, and as his mouth continued to move against her she thought she'd black out from the waves of pleasure.

While he untied the bonds from her arms and legs, she lay panting on the bed. The possibility of moving didn't exist quite yet.


He watched her recover, marvelling again at his luck. He loved the way she looked after their lovemaking. Relaxed. Satisfied. Beautiful. He stroked the hair away from her face and kissed her gently. She didn't reach for the back of his neck as she usually did, and for a moment he worried that he had gone too far. "Was that okay?"

"Okay? Oh yes, love, that was okay." She chuckled throatily. "Just wait until tomorrow night."

He kissed her again. "I'm already looking forward to it."


Kathryn left the bridge an hour early the next day, passed through Engineering to ensure that she wouldn't be needed, and headed for her quarters. When Chakotay arrived she was waiting in the bedroom, clad in a silk teddy, her own sketchbook and pencils on the nightstand. She stood and set about unfastening his pants without preamble.

His hands slid around her waist, but she pushed them away. "Oh no, mister. Tonight it's payback. On the bed."

He complied, groaning as her mouth closed around his half-hard penis. She fastened the terrycloth bonds and checked to make sure they weren't too tight. Then she went to work, tracing wet lines across his chest and around his nipples with her tongue.

Beautiful was the only word that came close to describing his body, and it wasn't enough. Smooth skin, dark under her own pale hand; firm muscles; that magnificent cock, standing at attention, just asking for her to slide her tongue down its length.

She rested her head on his chest, listening to his breathing, and began to study the subject of her portrait. With an artist's eye, she took in every detail, every vein. The tip glistened as her thumb spread the drop of moisture she found there.

Some described the penis as ugly, utilitarian, not designed to be a thing of beauty. Looking at the sight before her, Kathryn had to disagree. Perhaps it was in part because she had thought she would never have the opportunity for intimacy with this man, perhaps it was because she loved him more than she had ever believed possible, but she knew she wasn't wrong; he was beautiful.

Her sketchbook rested against his stomach, and she sought to capture the essence of his beauty with her pencil. She pressed a kiss to Chakotay's belly and crawled across his body to study him from a slighly different angle. Her knee bumped his head, and she looked back to apologize. He was studying her silk clad body with feral eyes, his breathing labored. Her breath caught as she again realized the power she had to arouse him, and she turned back to her task.

The shading proved to be a particular challenge, especially where the blood vessels were just visible beneath the skin. When she stretched out a finger to trace a vein, he groaned. "What's wrong, love?" She tossed her sketchbook aside and slunk down the bed. "Shall I do something about this?"

She deliberately swept her hair across his stomach, a move that never failed to elicit a response, and kissed her way up his quivering length. Her own excitement grew as he moaned beneath her. It wouldn't be long now before she could impale herself upon him.

His hand crawled up the inside of her thigh, and she had already let him move her into reach of his tongue before she realized that he must have escaped his confinement. He lapped at her through the silk she still wore, distracting her from her task, and she had to fight the urge to rock back against his skilled tongue.

Taking as much of his length into her mouth as she could, she slid her lips up and down his shaft. The moans her actions drew from him vibrated through her as his mouth pressed against the damp fabric between her thighs, and she knew she couldn't wait much longer.

She pulled away from him and turned around. Her eyes locked with his as she straddled him and hovered teasingly, her thumbs hooked into the elastic of her panties.

"Take them off," he gasped.

Slowly, she lowered them, revealing a patch of auburn hair. He reached for her.

"Oh no, mister. I've let you get away with quite enough."

"You didn't seem to be complaining." He tore away the flimsy panties, reached between her legs, and thrust a finger up into her slick heat. His thumb rubbed her aching center. "You're still not complaining."

She had closed her eyes to savor the feelings he was causing, but now she grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away, although she wasn't entirely certain which of them that was meant to torment.

She shuffled backward and paused over his hard cock. "Promise to behave?"

"I promise." His voice was strained.

Inch by inch, she took him in slowly, and then rotated her hips before she began to rise and fall in slow motion. With one hand, she reached behind herself to play between his legs so she could feel the tightening that signaled his release. Her eyes never left his face. She loved to watch the mixture of arousal and joy in his expression.

Her own passion grew until she found restraint to be impossible. Pressure built within her, straining the dam of her self-control. It finally burst free. With a cry, she convulsed around him.

He came with a roar, thrusting up into her, her name on his lips. They collapsed together, and when his hand slid under her teddy to stroke her bare back, she laughed.

"What's so funny, Kathryn?"

"The lengths I have to go through to wear a nightgown for more than three minutes."

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