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For Stargate SG-1 Fic

For Never Say Die:

Spi, I don't know how you manage it. Your fics are always so wonderful, and this one is no exception. Great job. -- Q

Oooooooooh what a great story. I really enjoyed it. -- arrietty

Aww. That was really sweet. Just the happy little fic I needed. Thanks! -- and_you_lose

I like it. And a dose of happy fic was just what I was looking for tonight =) -- Ren the Random, aka Helicopter

I must say I enjoyed this fic! :) -- ravenclaw_devi

snicker. excellent -- Natters

Excellent! Great job! (-: -- SG-Fan

So ... is Daniel really smart enough? Good mixture of angst and despair and romance and humour. I like this! :o) -- stusue

Really had me going there for a minute. Good mixture of angst and romance. -- BettyHall223

Excellent. I wish TPTB would write this. -- Ilovesg1

Oh, how much better that was than what actually happened! Good! -- caligate

I like that. It was good. But knowing Daniel he won't take his time. -- Mage of Mist

It's still too short. And I don't care if you want more plot to prop up more fluff, I want more!


*sigh, goes off to find a nice mary sue to read until spiletta finishes more fic. sigh* -- Anne Rose

Sweet! Oh, and SQUEE-E-E! Great capture! -- 7 League Boots

I liked it!! But noooo, this wasn't a parody!! LOL -- sharp

Author's reply: Dang typos! Fixed.

Sweet! -- pain in the mikta

That...was adorable :D Poor Jack and then yey for Jack! -- Aria

Fantastic!! -- SJAuthor

Sigh. Very, very nice. Didn't give it an A+ simply because it wasn't long enough!! Don't get me wrong, in a way it was the perfect length - resolution was beautiful - I just wanted my fix to last a little longer, that's all!! -- Kelley2

I LOVED this!!!! Just read it again for the second time. Thanks so much! -- Tracy

Sweet i enjoyed it. -- mary

My little shipper heart just melted. -- sakai_yukari

You had me worried for a moment! Angst, Romance, and the promise of more for Sam and Jack! Short and sweet! Loved it! -- nell

cute, and fluffy and sneeze worthy. thanks for brightening up my day. -- admiralkat

Ace! loved it! -- lealea

For Badfic!Pete and the Temple of Doom:

This was great! You could dominate the Kill/Squash/Eviscerate/idiot/Pete genre! As a woman currently extricating herself from a long-term abusive marriage- I was in no way offended. If Sam is guilty of anything- it's putting her feelings last, settling for too little, and having Cool-Whip for emotional boundaries. Talk about bending over backwards to be understanding! Hard to believe, but I know a guy who is not so far from the Pete character. Anyway- what a funny story. I loved the whole zombie thing- especially N-Zombie. Well written, great spelling, grammar, and structure...and well-ZOMBIES!!!! -- ChristinaS

Loved this story from beginning to end. Fantastic writing. This was one story I was glad to see Pete get what he deserved. I still don't understand Amanda's support of Pete and Sam's relationship in the show when he was so obviously a stalker. I guess maybe she thought that Sam could never be with Jack so why not get on with her life and just settle. Who knows what she meant, I don't understand it. How anyone would give up Jack O'Neill for Pete is beyond my comprehension. Anyway, loved the story and look forward to more from you. -- BettyHall223

Great story. You did a wonderful job and I truly enjoyed it. Glad he is gone and they are together. -- April

I hadn't read this one at first, because Pete was in it, and I'd just as soon avoid all of that. But I'd just reread you Xanadu, and loved it so much and recced it to a new fan (who wrote back that she loved it, too), so after reading your note, here, I decided to go ahead and read it. And despite all the Pete stuff, I really did love the team and shippiness of what you wrote. So thanks for writing it, and I hope you'll feel it was worth your hard work on it. -- Melissa M

I am so glad to see another work of yours. You do so well with getting the characters right. So many writers come close but I can see and hear them in my head when I read your stories. The only thing I might have suggested would be to use other names for Pete to call Sam instead of just Honey. On the show he called her Babe (which I hate and anyone who has Jack calling her that doesn't know jack!) and I could see him calling her Sammie too, which she only tolerated from her Dad. Anyway, I love your writing and look forward to more. -- kathystr

Wow. This is probably the best fic I have ever read. The interaction between the team is very well writen. You capture their personalities wonderfully. I love the way you deal with Pete. This fic is wonderfully satirical. Keep up the good writing. -- bibbilster

Great zombies! -- Jemima

"If you are seeking accurate and useful information on the subject of domestic violence, I'd like to suggest looking somewhere other than in a sci-fi comedy featuring zombies." Truer words have never been spoken.
For me, this has got to be the best piece of satirical black comedy I've ever read in the SG fandom and something this particular area of it has been needing for a long time.
I humbly submit that anyone who has issues with this piece of fic is taking it far too seriously and desperately needs to lighten up. Unfortunately, this also leads me to the conclusion that the people in question must therefore have no sense of humour at all.
In which case, they would probably still manage to miss the entire point of your fic, if you pointed it out to them with the aid of a compass and map.
On behalf of those of us who don't take their fic too seriously, I offer you a hearty well done! -- Chezza

This story was great! -- SuperNova13

OMG - This was a great Adventure!Fic! Vampire prairie dogs?? I LOVED THIS FIC!!! -- Kelley2

I had to say that I absolutely loved your taking care of the Pete issue!!! I was ROTFLMAO sometimes. Of course the trouble to team got into was just like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon somewhat. Loved the Zombies and the loss of Pete's marbles...... I greatly enjoyed it! Thanks!!! -- V/R

Outstanding...I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish this. I howled at the many colorful names they came up with for Pete. As for the Sam/Pete situation, I think you handled it well. Since he had not shown his true colors before, a woman does wonder (I speak from my mothers experience..my stepfather was a sweetheart before they got married. That ended the day after the wedding, when he told he to shut up and not express her opinions to him. She went back several times and she felt it was her fault, because he kept pounding it into her. You don't know how you are going to handle such a situation, not matter how strong you think you are, until you find yourself in that situation. Thank you for a wonderful read and some very nice, if painful, ship. -- Ilovesg1

I enjoyed this story a lot. It was fun, exciting, all were in-character except Pete (which you warned us about), and there was lots of nice shippy moments. And I loved that Daniel had lots of murderous thoughts about Pete - that doesn't happen so often in Sam/Jack/Pete fics. Very good. -- Heather

I have to say, you once again wrote an amazing fic. Absolutely adored Xanadu and loving this one. You may not think so but I believe you described Shanahan pretty accurately. I've had dealings with his type and the type of person he was in Chimera is the direct opposite of the person he was in Threads at the end. He wasn't even consistent with his psych profile of during the ep. No-one can change that way, the Shanahan of Chimera wouldn't leave quietly nor peacefully (basing on personal experience of having a close friend go through it), and I think TPTB changed him in that 180 degree way cause of the outrage they'd sparked in fans by throwing Sam into a relationship with a future abuser. Ironic to think that Amanda vehemently supported that relationship. Matter of fact, she still supports it.
Anyway, I think you did great, and the end he suffered was pretty fitting. Too bad he didn't suffer more... - is physically stronger than her wannabe abuser Have to agree on that. Shanahan/the actor is not a physically strong person, he completely lacks upper body strength or any kind of muscles, his shoulders for example are the width of a kid's! Sam is a lot more physically stronger than he is, not to mention what kind of minced meat Jack would do out of him... I've noticed many times in several different fics that the authors make him physically strong or write how muscular he is. I don't understand where they get that from, the guy certainly has a prominent feature on his upper body and it definitely aren't muscles.
Anyway, wanted to say I loved the fic and fully agree with your physical description of Shanahan. -- VisualIDentificationZeta

Just one thing to say: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- stargazer

I don't know what other reviews you have received,but you need to know that this is fantastic. It't so funny and campy that I laughed out loud reading it. With all the disclaimers at the beginning no one should be reading it without knowing what to expect. So ignore those who read despite warnings and please write more. -- djeane2000(Donna)

loved the fic and no I didn't take it too seriously. I enjoyed all the S/J moments and loved the intricate detail medically and with the whole Fam thing. Great job. Wanted to ask if you were in the medical field because your detail with the injuries and such seemed pretty knowledgeable. Well now I am off to read some more of your fics have a great day. -- AT Fan

I loved this story. I might have a few issues with some of the plot points, and characterisation points too, but so what? I started reading, didn't want to stop. It had me gripped and LMAO very loudly at the same time. I enjoyed the action/adventure, the whump (Jeez you did a great job on the whole team), the superb writing and the humour. Not to mention the UST and ship! For the most part I thought the characterisations were excellent (Jack in particular), with some exceptions, which your intro makes clear you are well aware of. Worth it for a great story, IMHO. The fact Hammond actually agreed to send Pete Shanahan off world with the team is very unlikely, but it makes cracking good read nonetheless . . . Excellent job . . . It's a damned fine story that I for one am saving to my hard drive and would recommend without hesitation to the more discerning readers I know . . . -- Su

I absolutely loved it and it's one of the best stories I've read in a while (I definitely stayed up *WAY* too late just to finish it because I didn't want to stop reading) . . . I say, keep up the *great* work and I look forward to reading more soon!!! -- SGater926

Read it, what a hoot! Blow off people with no sense of humor--I needed a laugh and you gave me one! LOL -- sharp

This was a great story. I laughed out loud and also cringed at their pain. And Pete - ah sweet revenge for that revolting character. He was truly not worthy of Carter. And best yet how can you go wrong with Zombies. Even with the Zombies, crazied Pete, incredible amount of whumping the voice of the characters rang true. Thanks for the most enjoyable read. -- Zoser

The story was rather long for a Badfic!, and I think it was a little too good for a badfic, even though it had some of the typical markers. -- Seetha

How much time to think up all those names for Pete? It was funny! And everyone (even Teal'c) got whumped! And Jack got the "girl", and Daniel was good snarky! I loved this! Thank you! -- Laura M.

Excellent story. Really enjoyed it. I hate Pete. -- Irma

You did it, girl. Of course I would have like to have more kissyface, but I think that Xanadu had more than its share. I didn't find any typos or misspellings. How did zombie Pete get out of the three story well? That is my only question. Not a really important one, but a question just the same. :-) Congrats on finishing. -- Jadie

I found it funny, very well written and with nice, intense moments of insight into the characters I love... Pete not being one of them, of course *snicker*! --Anny

I liked it! I thought it was campy and fun. Is it the War and Peace of Stargate fanfic? Maybe not, but it's exactly what you labeled it as: comedic adventure fun . . . You obviously worked hard on this fic . . . keep on writing! -brandifer

I read it, I loved it, I shared it with gate fans at work... :) -- Trindajae

Yes, Pete was not Canon, but hey, this is fiction. I felt that the other characters were written VERY well, although the situation was so... bizarre! All in all, a very enjoyable read. And cute ending (the remote control) as well. Thanks! -- Sheree

I dont care what anybody else says that was a great story! brilliant in fact! I look forward to reading more of your stories! -- monstermunch3435

liked it very different but well written You should be proud. -- lill

Ah, I just love this story. As you well know. I'm glad you got a chance to justify another chunk of shelf space in your personal library. And yes, I still think Daniel's babbling about Sanskrit and such is just great, and not too much! I loved how one of the other readers got the "honey" thing, but I'm not sure she knows it was intentionally grating.

Heh, too funny.

Speaking of funny, your long disclaimer at the end is funny in that I can't believe it's needed. But I do love the last line. "If you are seeking accurate and useful information on the subject of domestic violence, I'd like to suggest looking somewhere other than in a sci-fi comedy featuring zombies."

*snicker* Really, ya think?

Bwahahahaha -- Anne Rose

You're right, that is a fabulous icon - and an equally entertaining story to go with it! I laughed, held my breath, and wished for more...until 0400 this morning!!! (Once I started reading, I couldn't stop.) Realizing that this is purely an AU story (emphasis on the word story), I did not have an issue with the domestic violence aspects or Pete's demise in general. The world is full of wackoes and war can be hell...sad, but true. This was a rousing good read from start to finish and I thank you for sharing! I'll definitely be looking for more of your work. -- colej55

I loved this story!!! Just read the whole lot, and I loved it. I'm not going to go into what others probably have with the comments on abuse, other then to say you handled it well. This story was so good. I loved the zombies. They cracked me up, even if they were a little disturbing. You really do nail these characters on the end, and Jack's perception of heaven really made me laugh, especially his comments about it not involving spooning with Daniel. Utterly hilarious stuff, with some fantastic one liners. This was the first story I read of yours, saw the link posted on lj's sj_everyday, and I will be reading more of your stories! Well done! Very well done!! -- Silver Angel

WOW!!! I LOVED this. I started reading this afternoon and couldn't stop until I was done!!!! It was really funny at times. You nailed the way some of the discussions/dialogue would go with the team. I had really great picture in my mind of how things looked and what they were doing ( great imagery )I love longer stories, this would have made a great film. The Sam/Jack relationship was great and I like it when it is acknowledged that Daniel and Teal'c are aware of it and that they are in Sam and Jack's corner ( so to speak ). Again, I really enjoyed your story!!!! -- Lana (gatewatcher)

That story is awesome. I love it, and I love you! *Hugs* Keep writing more awesome stuff like that. :D -- tokoya

Well that was fun! It was a very fast-paced and entertaining story with lots of shippy goodness mixed in. Excellent. And yeah, all of Pete's badfic cliche's were wrapped all up in one big package there, but hey, if you're gonna do it, do it big. ;)

Interesting that a few people were upset with the domestic violence thing. I thought it was pretty obvious that you weren't trying to tackle domestic violence as a serious issue or even that it necessarily qualified. Hmm.

As long as I've got you here, I'll tell you how much I enjoyed A Four Letter Word for Untimely. I re-read that one again and again. -- surrealphantast

An absolutely fantastic story! Very well done. As for the domestic violence issue, it takes all kinds. I thought you captured it rather well. Very believable. :) -- femaleapophis

Awesome... could the team possibly get more hurt?? lol... Seriously, just when I thought they were through being injured, another scenario came walloping along. I laughed, giggled and had a froliking great time reading this! Thank you for a great piece of writing. -- Shirl

I loved it. It was fantastic... Pete's over-use of 'Honey' made me laugh for some reason. It seemed to really make his character more pathetic. Ooh. Another thing. Loved Jack in this. You really captured his Jack-ness. "M." He rested his cheek against her skin. "The promised land." The line still cracks me up and I've read this story four times over. Anyway, fantastic story. Keep up the good work. -- Kirariara

For a fanfic this long, I'm amazed I got through it. I usually stop reading fics after the first few paragraphs, but this one was just too awesome!

My fav bit was the part about Pete's hand on Sam. How Daniel tried to stop Jack from seeing it was really sweet and funny. As was Jack throwing a rock at Pete to get his hands off her.

This fic was really well paced and interesting. Really well written. Good job!


Oh God that was hilariously good. I stayed up past 3am reading it and subsequently got just over 3 hours sleep. Not a smart move but oh so worth it. I've always loved that icon. This fic just makes it all the better. :D I'll be sure to check out your other stuff after work. -- Nikki Darling

Hahahahaha! That was awesomely hilarious. Though if I had to read him saying "honey!" one more time I was going to beat somebody over the head with a statue. Well done!

I can't believe that some reviewers took issue with you over "domestic violence". Did they not read "Badfic!Pete" in the title of the story?! Sheesh. Thanks, a very fun read! -- Katie

Great story! It's honestly one of the best I've read thus far! -- atlantis sg1

*Smiles happily to you and waves quickly*

I just wanted to tell a second to say a short WOW and THANK YOU!!!!!!! Your story is a real treat for me and I really have enjoyed what you've done and please write more soon, it's very nice for me to read along and I love it.

Thank you and happy day, -- Melissa aka Missy

hahahahahahahaha, freaking hilarious! And at least the team was mostly canon. ANd the pete whumping was fun! although I prob should have been doing my arabic homework but whatever...great job!!!!!!! -- lindsay

I love it.

I'd originally deleted it from my mail because the title reminded me a bit too much of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a movie I strongly disliked. (It had it moments, but not enough to watch it again.) After all the contraversy and glowing fb, I opened it up.

I think petey boy's characterization was hysterical. My only quibble was how long Sam was on her feet with an internal bleed with the size bruise described, and no medical care. But it was great, and I'd recommend it to someone else. Cheers -- Kris

author's response: That's why I chose the spleen. It can bleed a bit, and then stop, and then bleed some more later, all with the patient walking around, however uncomfortably. Also, the direct blow to her ribs would have caused plenty of bruising in its own right, causing it to look much worse, as Sam told Jack twice. I agree that had something other than the spleen started bleeding following the initial kick, nothing that happened from that point on would be plausible. I considered allowing Janet some dialogue on this whole issue, but it didn't fit smoothly, so I relied on Sam's brief comments on the topic. I'll give it further thought.

This was honestly one of the most funniest fics ive ever read. Great job! -- Hulabaloo

Loved this fic! I wouldn't change a thing and the issues you mention in your note at the end never even occurred to me. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for another one. -- Batari

Wow ... I absolutely adored this fic! It was so funny, but with so much action, drama and angst. It was really weird, reading a really dramatic scene where their lives were in danger, only to have some funny lines in the middle; I thought that juxtaposition was inspired. There were also so many great one-liners; I had a few really good belly laughs as I read this fic. My favourite sort of comedy, whether the written or the spoken word, is a serious situation with dry, comedic comments, rather than a funny situation. This fic has plenty of that. And all the great names you had for Pete... I also love fics with Amazing Super Sam, and she certainly was that in this fic.

But I certainly didn't see any domestic violence issues ... I was sorry that Pete had to die but Sam was certainly no victim and stood up for herself as soon as she perceived that there was a problem. I was surprised when I read your AN at the end. And it was a comedy involving zombies, after all.

I'm just sorry I've finished reading it **pout**. I shall certainly be reading this one again! :o) -- Sue

I loved it. It was hystarical and rocked my socks. I think you got the dialog and characters (except for the obviously caracaturized Pete) pretty darn close to right. It had humor, a zombie moose (what is funnier than a decapitated zombie moose?), some Jack/Sam 'ship, and a joke about Jack/Daniel slash. Some passages were a little difficult to understand and required re-reading, but then again some scenes were chaotic. Over all this fan fic was snazztastic. -- Nyssa

really enjoyed this story, and it was well written, also read your bit at the end. can see where someone would be concerned but it is fiction and therefore should be taken as that. not that I am not concerned with what Pete and Sam indicted but come on it was a brilliant story thanks.. -- sg1star

I believe this was a beautifully written piece, and that the note is unneccessary. If one cannot read and understand the title, then one should not read the piece. This was a wonderful interpretations of the SG-1 members, among the best I've read. It is among my favorites listing, with a big smiley face next to it. Do not beat yourself over over dramatic whiners (I'm not a fan of Pete Shannahan myself), it is a fan fic-- not something set in stone, and my god, it was superbly written... -- Denara Jinn

For Years Ago:

You do Sam and Jack better than everything I think Spi, this one is great with the gentle build but to the inevitable so natural, and warm and real. -- cath

Excellent use of point-of-view, swapping back and forth. This piece made me proud to be a shipper cause it was so well done. -- blvdgirl

It's wonderful. In everyway. You really have alot of talent. *hugs and gives freeze-dried peas* -- QFan

That was really good! I smiled throughout the whole thing... Great job! -- SG-Fan

Wow, this was great. I was acutally writing a Mobeius tag today and it pales in comparison to this. Excellent. "I'm sorry." "I hope you're not." "Nope. Not even a little bit." "Good." Awesome! Well done. Hope to see more like this. -- Samisim

o, this is a good 'un! I must say I really like your style. It's spare, which I find I prefer. Some writers are far too wordy making it difficult to read. This flowed very nicely from one character to the other. My one complaint? I never imagine the scene at the cabin with Daniel and Teal'c present!! -- STC

ya see! this is how it should have ended...but no... now if they had made it a two hour episode...:D -- Skwerels

Sweet! So wonderful, so perfect; I loved it. Great job! -- Keegan Paige

Ridiculously predictable. Well done. ;) -- Windrider

this was great! thanks for sharing. -- ascifigirl

That was very sweet - I enjoyed it tremendously! Thanks for writing!! -- janissima

sweet! the interruption from daniel was just so typical ;) -- Natters

Oh, how sappy, but oh, how good! Well done. -- caligate

I happen to be a "Threads" fic junkie, and this was fantastic! -- waterfall

Is this the perfect ending or what! This has become one of my favorites. Not contrite, very real and adult. You wrote a beautiful story. -- LadyJeep

Makes you wish they had done this in the show, perhaps they might in S10 -- tdadobber

love it! -- voodoolizzy

Excellent! Thanks for writing it. -- LJEvans

I really enjoyed it. Now I need to poke around and see what else you've written. -- Melissa Middleswart

I loved,loved, loved this! Perfect, just perfect for them! I especially liked Jack saying he wasn't one bit sorry Sam had broken up with Pete. That was DEFINITELY Jack! Thanks so much! -- Tracy

LOVED IT! And I would so So SO love to read a sequel! I'm just sayin' ;) *hugs* -- LCTC

Wonderful story. -- Irma

beautiful story well written and the characters are respected congratulations from a french fan. -- nefertiri

See, Stories like this are why I like fanfic, great job! -- O. Rose

Wonderful! Love the fact that you recognize the trip to MN takes HOURS and HOURS instead of just being a little day trip, like most authors! Great characterization -- really wish we'd seen THIS in the ep! Awesome! -- Laura/momm2five

I love it! -- unsigned

Fantastic, really enjoyed it. The perfect ending. I'm off to search for more of your stories. -- trisha

Aw! Sweet! -- Anakin David

I very much enjoyed your story. It was refreshing to read. It was not like a lot of the other stories that have the same type of format. Keep it coming! -- Disneynut

Such great writing and I love the ship. They're just so good together! -- BettyHall223

Very sweet and touching! *shuddery sigh* Can almost see this happen! -- pain in the mikta

Absolutely Fantastic! I loved it...the best Threads yet! -- danr

Beautiful and believable. What else matters? -- Josephine

It was very nice. Truly, I believe its wrong that they ended the series without Sam and Jack getting together. This was a very nice way of doing it and it fit in with the series very well. -- Samantha O'Neill

Such a sweet, romantic story! Just as it should have been. -- Gen Varel

wow... how did I miss this... sweet and wonderful... sniff.. -- Dreaming of Jack

For Xanadu:

Thank you so much for the perfectly romantic, mushy, kissyface fic! It was funny and so in character. I heard the voices and it was just like watching the show. May SG!'s PTB take a hint from this and give us some S/J in season 10. -- Jade

This... was amazing. Simply freakin' amazing. LOVED this line: "That's a lot of wedding gifts," Jack said. "Bet they have plenty of woks." HAHA! Great! I love all the detail you wrote for the Xanutes and "Xanadu" (awesome movie, btw!) was just a perfect touch. Excellence. Pure, adulterated (yes!) excellence. This got me all hot and bothered! ;) :) :) -- TLWROX

Excellent from start to finish. -- dp

This was a wonderful story. It was so well-written and just so much fun to read! -- melora30

Any kids on the horizon- such as the sequel horizon? Loved the story. I'm glad you kept Sam and Jack in their characters, though the alien influence made it difficult. But I have to ask again- any possibility of a sequel? -- Rose Stetson

This was good! I am glad Daniel found a way to get them married. It was funny in parts! Thank you for this! Good Job! -- scottiedog

This is one of THE best fics I have ever read. And I have read ALOT of fics in the last few years. It was truly worth every hour spent reading it. Thank you very much for writing it and posting it in one part. Keep up the amazing job! -- Virago500

Loved it, loved it, loved it! My only complaint is that Sam and Jack have waaay too much willpower for my taste! :O) -- Tracy

That is an Amazing story! --LuSo

Awesome story!!! Loved it!!!thanks so much for sharing! -- sammie77

I already read this story this morning on your website and I have to say: great work, as usually, hon. 8) Keep up the great work! -- Nimue47

very kewl..best S/J I've read yet! do a sequel!! :) -- A

I loved it! :D Great job! -- Breanne

That was really great! Very romantic and yet full of angst. I loved it. Wonderful!! -- getcarter

Wow. Just wow. I'm speechless. That was so great! I've had a story with a similar premise in mind (and partly on paper) for a while now but yours is SOOOOOO much better. The complexity of your plot is amazing! I'm especially impressed with the touching thing. Who'd have thought that Daniel's touch would have been the catalyst for Sam getting sick. And the way you brought it to light with the girl on the planet? Brilliant! I love how you conveyed all the emotion and desire without the sex. I really appreciate that. It's good to read something where two people can be in love and want each other terribly but still have self-control. The emotion and latent sadness amidst the happiness was really palpable. I love how you resolved it, too. The minute I read that Daniel went to Washington I knew it! Go Danny! I knew he'd find a way around the rules. I've read stories where Sam and Jack have been married while out of the chain of command for a short period of time, but this was creative genius! I never would have thought of that. Great job and keep it up please! God bless and have a great one! -- Sarah

I like it. Course I like happy ending, so I'm easy to please. :) But I think you did well on the chararcterization. Daniel and Jack cracked me up. And it is so nice to read a story that has a real plot. One that is thought out and makes sense. -- Lorcan

I really want to read this but not if it's gonna give me a headache! put it into chps and it will be alot easier to read. -- nogigglingmajor

So awesome! It was a joy to beta. As to being in chapters, I think that would be detremental to the quality. DON'T DO IT! -- Q

This was so incredibly shippy! I loved it! -- gater62

This fic sucks because:
It's too short - you must write more.
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There's not enough romance - you must write more.
You left out Teal'c, or anyone, mentioning undomesticated equines - you must write more.
Kinsey is still alive - you must write more.
CowBoy is still alive - you must write more.
*goes off to sulk*
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A fic consisting of Sam and Jack making out almost every second or third paragraph...


and the ANGST! and RESTRAINT! and Brave!Sam...

Did I mention all the smooching??


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Author's response: Actually it's 'doughnuts', but in a crossword puzzle 'donuts' is more likely. ;)

lol...you're too hard on yourself. I love it. Would actually love to read more if it, should you ever continue. *pointed wink* - Silver

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Still, I have to wonder how things would have gone down once they got to the hotel. Jack just goes off to share a room w/ Kerry, and Sam with Pete? That could get...hm...something. Ever thought about a sequel? -- silver

author's comment: yeah, that's rather why it stops where it does! There's just no graceful way to get out of that one.

hahah loved it! Crinkle, crinkle, must crinkle lol great work!--Jess O'Neill-SGC

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For Lost Saints Restored:

You get an A minus because I had to highlight the font to hid the background heart but it sounds so much like SG-1, you still get an A. -- Jadie

Hi Spiletta! Let me know honestly how I did with these characters, on or off list. You did brilliantly! There was Jack, there was Daniel, all in my head from your story...This was Jack most definitely: "Heard? Yes. Understood? No." This was SO part of the SG-1 universe...and gave me a giggle :) Nice metaphor here: Carter didn't answer, but the ground did. It jumped a bit and shook itself like a wet dog. *shippery sigh* Lovely! And your first SG1 fic! Great! And the next one will be posted...? -- Aud

That was good. - Sci Fi Fan Gillian

Very nice! I loved it! ~The Twilight Writer

I think this is my favorite line: ...Archeologists had the survival skills of lemmings...Of course, the clever foreshadowing was amusing too. -AnneRose

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lol...loved the "heard? yes. Understood? no." line, and also the bit about archaeologists having the survival skills of lemmings. *G* Funny stuff, and very Jack. -- Silver

Liked it a lot. -- Zoser

Short and sweet. Was this really your first Jack pov? Cause it's very good. -- Waiting for Pete

For Jaunt to Paradise:

How funny...never thought there could be anything good about leeches. Guess I was wrong. -- Alanesian

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Aw, this was great. Just the right amount of lovely Jack/Sam moments combined with adventure! Very well written also. Loved the scene in the well, and some of Jack's lines in here were brilliant, classic Jack:) -- Kayla

Just love it. Want more of this kind of story. The flirting, the wanting, the backing off, all while seriously in danger, and then FINALLY ... :-) -- hedwiggins

For Passion's Course:

Very simply and nicely said. Thanks. -- spacegypsy1

For Against All Odds:

That was wonderful. Very good. -- Shinki

Very nicely done! -- SJAuthor

For Buffyverse fic.

For Blindsided:

Hey, pretty darn good. If you have more to say about this, I'd be happy to read it. - J

This is nice. I think you've well-captured Robin's personality, and you've also shown a softer side of Faith. This could be the start to a fantastic relationship, and you've portrayed it well; it's almost as though Wood brings out the alternative personality in Faith. I love it. Keep writing; you've got some talent here. -- slayerfest

I know nothing about any of these characters or the series, but this was another excellent fic. Why don't you write something you can sell!-- Kim

This Is great, simply great -- Davide

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Wow, that was fabulous! I am a Faith/Robin fan, so this was a nice treat. I loved the respect that your Robin shows for Faith, and his understanding of her fragile self esteem. I think they're good together. -- midnightsjane

For Kite String:

I really like it. You explain things very well. Keep going! -- SweetChaos

Awesome Spiletta. You've reminded me how much I miss and like Willow. Your characterization was spot on, esp. with the Willow speak. Andrew was funny. Nice peek in to Kennedy's POV -- Saffron

I think it's great. Well worth the wait. -- Q

Wow! Very well done. I love the way you weaved your story around the dialogue of season 7. The characters were real and things flowed naturally. Nice work and I hope to read more from you soon! -- willowfan

Very nice! I like the brat, I just wish they'd had the time to show more about Kennedy, just like you did. Unfortunatly we know so little about her. 'The Killer in Me' was a nice episode, but what i feel is missing is a 'potential' episode so that we'd get to know them better - Vi, Rona, Shannon and such..(and of course Kennedy) to know where they came from and how they got to Sunnydale - anyway just my humble opinon. But no... Spike and his uninteresting problems got far more screen time. Also like the pictures and such inside the story... that has a nice touch to it. -- Janice

Wow. Just... I've been reading fanfic for a while, very, very few tend to make the impression that *this* did. I'm trying to think of stuff I can say that would make sense but none of it seems adequate. I'll try, anyway, and if this review seems incoherent blame the fact that I'm still soaking in the afterglow. This has got to be one of the most beautifully written, well thought out, amazingly articulated, descriptive stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading. The way you managed to tie the various inbetweens into the real action of the show, all from Kennedy's very in-character view, and use real quotes was just fantastic. Kennedy on the show was interesting - in this fanfic she was *real*. Does that make sense or do I just sound crazy? What I'm trying to get across is that you took a fun, but kind of flat character (if the series had continued I think she would have gotten a lot more development) and managed to give her sides - she had quirks, and flaws, and feelings and...

If I had half your talent I would die happy.

I like angst as much as the next person, but the way you wrote the W/K thing - without going through a long arduous I'll-never-be-good-enough-for-Willow/I'll-never-really-be-able-to-love-Kennedy thing was nice. The Dawn/Kennedy "Welcome to the family" thing was great. One thing in this I really admired was your ability to balance light-hearted almost comic relief scenes with serious dramatic events is great. But, as far as I'm concerned the real beauty in this thing lies in the details. That's what keeps a good story from being a great hunk of fiction. You really managed to make this entire thing come to life with everything you managed to slip in there. The little things do add up - very quickly. And here especially it shows.

I'd really, really love to see a follow-up to this. Post-series, or something. But, honestly, I'd gladly read anything you decide to post. If this is it for you, then... well, it will be kind of disapointing, but you still ought to know how much I appreciated such a good read. Elastically Yours, O -- Elastic O

Hey, nice work! I really appreciate how closely you stuck to canon. Your writing was great and everything flowed very well. No weird bumps that I had to stop and re-read to understand. You did a great job of keeping the character's own voices too. Cheers! -- missmadb

wow i love what you did with this fic i wish more people could see kennedy like we do because there was so much more to her then what people saw -- lele angel03

I read this one today and I encourage everyone to do the same. Great fic! It'll make you want to bust out your Season 7 DVD's and watch them with the blanks filled in. -- Aodnait

This story was a very good rehash of the end of the season from Kennedy's point of view. I think you got her thought patterns and actions down pat. I'd love to see some more of your work posted here. Keep up the good work. -- Buckster

Great fic. I love how you took episodes we have seen but made them unique and added to them, scenes between the characters we didn't see. Very good read. Thanks -- Destiny

So...that was long. And pretty good, welcome to the site. -- Dark_Witch

Terrific Story -- Melissa

For Ever After:

I liked this, I really do. Very nice of slice of life. This is how I like to think of them. Good Job -- Cmmelendez

For Music:

I think this is possibly the best Will/Ken sex story I've read, because its not so much about the sex but the love behind it. This is how I want think of my girls. -- Cmmelendez

For In From The Cold:

&heart;&heart;&heart; This is so good; the sex is sexy and Buffy is Buffy and it's so good to see her at this point, warming up, and finding she can still feel. And they're both broken but adults and friends and... oh, this is great. &heart; -- Wisdomeagle

This is so good! Very hot and completely makes sense for the characters. Buffy and Xander getting together after the end of the show is a secret dream of mine and you have captured it perfectly. -- Cashewdani

This is really nice -- great drunk!Buffy voice, and perfect depiction of the connection between them. Oh, and it's hot. too. :) -- Azephirin

This is absolutely fantastic! You've really caught Buffy's inner voice, the whole sense of a horrific aftermath. Loved it. -- Oxoniensis

Buffy is a very cute drunk - and then you managed to put some meaningful stuff in with there. *impressed* -- Leyna55

I love what you did with this. It even reads Jossy. :D -- All_You_Wanted

Yay for Buffy/Xander, there isn't enough Buffy/Xander in this world. Wonderfully done and very hot. -- secondalto

You know, I was perhaps more terrified of reading this than you were that you had written it. At least as startled, definitely. Xander/Buffy is not my preferred 'ship, though unlike several others, I can see where it could easily have been canon (discounting for a moment that canon UST is canon). But this was actually believable -- in character. I can see both of them reacting to the initial aftermath of Chosen in this way, even if the relationship didn't last past it. I especially liked the line about how it might screw up their friendship, but they both cared enough to fix it. -- Trindajae

Buffy's thoughts and her and Xander's actions and words are expertly interwoven. The story has a very easy to follow flow. Cuteness was definitely accomplished. Thanks for sharing your story. -- nester

Oh god yes, Buffy/Xander. I've been searching endlessly for fic, and this was just perfect. I especially loved the description of Xander's mouth... -- proofpudding

Thank goodness I read that! I was still kinda iffy on the B/X pairing (I hadn't liked it until I rewatched the show & now I kinda do but I had been a little iffy at reading fanfiction for them). ANYWAY, I loved this! Great job! -- flareonfury

Perfect combination of angst and humor, so very Jossian. You managed to convey so much emotion in less than 4300 characters. *impressed* -- romanyg

What a nice hurt/comfort piece! I especially like how you wrote Buffy. -- weirdofromafar

Oh, that last line is a killer. -- kuwdora

For Want:

Wow, this is such a great look at season 6 Buffy and her relationship with Spike. -- weirdofromafar

Ouch. Wonderful story, I love the way you've distilled Buffy's state of mind in season six down to this powerful little bit. Nicely done! -- sulien77

Oh, *Buffy*. I wish she could go for it, but I so see why she can't. This is a wonderful story, and the phrase "unmixy things" is splendiferous. -- rubynye

OMG, that was so very very good. *impressed* -- bewize

Awesome exploration of the Buffy/Spike via the prompt. I love your description! Great job at capturing Buffy's motivations. -- Lacy

For A Chip, A Trigger, A Soul . . . And My Heart:

Great dialogue, especially Buffy's. Even the non-dialogue was full of Buffy-isms. I wish the show went like that. Your Giles was way better than what Joss did with him. Grrr he's a poop head, Giles, not Joss. ;) -- SinisterChic

I like it! Very nice job with the dialog...got the voices down well. I can't wait for the long one. -- Alanesian

I really loved it. :) I thought you captured their characters perfectly. I'm only sorry that it was as short as it was. I would have loved to see more of Spike and Buffy working things out. -- Sylvia

I really loved this. You 'fixed' so much of season 7. More overt Spuffyiness of course, but also no betrayal by Giles and a long awaited much longer scene from when Buffy rescued Spike from the cave. Was that the most builtup and left mostly hanging scene in canon or not? And also no everyone kicking Buffy out of her own house in a shocking backstab from all she loved and/or protected. Thanks much. If you should decide to continue on into the season end and beyond, I would be there and surely love it. -- twotoe

Wow-- it was different, but not too different. I liked it a lot. :) The part where Buffy and Spike got together again was very sweet, and the kiss... was hot! -- Devin

I loved this fix up of season 7! I hope you decide to continue and fix the whole Spike kind of dying part too! Awesome write and you managed to keep all the characters in their realistic character. I vote for a SEQUEL! -- angon

This is the first story of yours I've read. I hope it's far from the last. I really enjoyed the emotional honesty theme. -- Dreylin

For The Almost Slayer:

ouch! -- Lizzyshoe

hey loved the short little fic. it was very intresting. good job! my pen name is Magickslayer if you want to read any of my fics and i'll be sure to read more of your stories. -- Magickslayer

This is such an interesting premise! I'd love to see more on the adventures of the nearly slayer, and how she copes and interacts with the gang without letting on. -- AmyK

So much worse than getting picked last for the softball team... -- TiaRat

For Roswell, Marvel, X-Files, and other fandoms.

For Bad Wolf Bay:

Beautiful and heartbreaking. -- Luke2

*sniffs* That was lovely! -- Jadekirk

awww, yay Rose. :) -- Sageness

I love this. Especially: He was her Doctor, and without him, a part of her died. She had more than most people. She had her parents and Mickey and Torchwood, and more fantastic memories than anyone on any Earth, but her heart was lost in another universe, orbiting a dying star. -- brimac13

Awesome, Spi! You captured the mood of that season's finale perfectly! Although I have a slight problem with that pairing, I can easily imagine Rose entertaining those thoughts. Hell, who wouldn't with these brown eyes... You made me feel her pain at being left behind with such an ordinary life after all she'd seen. Thank you so much for sharing! -- Kate

Aww, poor Rose. This was beautiful. I'm glad she realizes she's got a lot in her mom and Pete and Mickey. -- sinecure

For Boiling Over:

Your Mal voice is absolutely excellent. -- Taskir

Reading it put a smile on my face. It was a great way to start my morning. -- hoperules

You've captured Mal's voice perfectly. Well done. -- All_You_Wanted

I LOVE THIS!! And it's actually a very possible way of how they get together =) The way you portrayed Mal's thoughts was incredible... And the ending was really 'Mal-ish' *lol* Wonderful story!!! -- Kim

I loved this! Well done. -- charlieBZ

Oh, gorgeous story *hearts Mal/Inara* You made me miss Firefly!! Lovely thoughts and feelings from Mal - you've really captured him well :) -- Jo.R/driftingatdusk

Whoa... Good fic ;) -- B.

well that's darned lovely. spot on firefly. man, i miss that show and now you've made me miss it more. in a good way. -- la tante

Good gravy but that's hot, and what a spot-on Mal voice you have! *applauds* -- Rubynye

Your Mal voice is so right on, entirely wonderful. As is the rest of this (and it's extra wonderful since this was one of my prompts). -- greenapricot

GOOD LORD! This was outstanding. -- Kiera

Oh, wow, I loved that. :) Your internal voice for Mal is just amazingly good -- the vocabulary and shifts... And it was also very hot! Excellent little piece! -- htbthomas

I really liked this. The imagery was more than a bit hot. I'd love to see what happens back in Inara's shuttle. -- fireflyfaninnc

That was awesome. In addition to being ridiculously hot, it was also ridiculously in character and, even better, ridiculously in voice. I loved it! So many people miss the tone of Firefly and you, from the opening paragraph (which was AWESOME and a perfect call out to the "You left some things" conversation), completely nailed it.
Well done!
*cough*what happens next*cough* -- grav_ity

Such a perfect Mal voice here! This feels really appropriate for both Mal and Inara, it's wonderful. -- miss_universe93

Very lovely. -- jenab

Awesome fic. You capture Mal so perfectly here. Great use of the prompt! -- Lacy

Gah, this is awesome - just what should happen between those two... -- shirasade

That was shinier than a shiny, shiny thing! In fact I think you just killed me with your brain! You've got Mal down to a tee! Fabulous! -- KatetheGater

For The Final Leap:

This was a fun story. And it explained a lot. I disliked QL and ENT but I loved this fic. -- J

Exactly. -- Kim

Excellent, love the way your mind works. Also just found out I could get your updates on My Yahoo, cool. -- Lennie

For some reason this one story caught my eye tonight. ROFL Spiletta it is very funny. Not quite the ending I would have thought of but.... ROFL on the taking away Sam's intellect on his final jump! -- monstermoof4me

Just found this Spi, I loved it. At first ir reminded me of that programme where all the dead people meet in the diner to get their assigments, then I twigged on. Loved you Swiss cheese tagline too. -- Cath

Damn that was lovely, very well done! Very nice touch, I've recced to several folks already! -- GF

I never read this one. I didn't like Quantum Leap, but I love your ending. Good job. I love your explanation for ENT. It does explain alot. -- Jadie

*snerk* This is amusing. - sil

For Badfic!Pete Meets the FBI:

Oh now that was positively priceless! You must post this in as many places as you can so more readers can enjoy it as much as I did. So get on that please. ;-) -- M

I am amused. The Belgium reference just made my day. -- Q

I love BadFic! Pete in a I can't hate to see him get his kind of way. I look forward to the next installment. -- Jadie

lol, that was funny. -- Nerca Beyul

Nicely done. I heartily approve. Though since you put the crossover idea in my head... I'm now wondering what the dynamics would be if (in the spirit of BadFic! not serious) for some unknown plot-required reason Scully & Carter switched places during both an X-File & a standard SG-1 mission... The possibilities for Scully to piss off O'Neill and for Mulder to confuse Carter... heheeheheeeeeeeeee.......... -- Trindajae

That was fun! -- Devi

You really are wonderful, this story had me laughing so damn hard!! LOL. Well done!! Yay for Badfic!Pete, he really is a lot of fun, isn't he? ;-) Well done!! Except now I'm picturing him somehow on Voyager, and it's killing me. Oh, the amusement! -- ladysilverangel

"Really?" Jackson scrunched his eyebrows together. "Well that's troubling."

That is probably the most likely reaction to ever come from Daniel when confronted with Mulder. LMAO!!! -- MF Luder aka Lucy

I think "Badfic Pete Meets the FBI" is hilarious. I love Stargate SG-1 and The X-Files and this cross-over is terrific. I love Badfic Pete. I think you should make this into a series. Seriously. -- wendelah1

Well done, I must say :) I usually stick to the purely SG-1 stories, but this was too cute to pass up! -- SJAuthor

Ok, I have no idea who this Pete is (never watched SG1) but I really love this fic. Poor Scully being on a blind date with such a jerk. *Laughing* The whole part with Taco Bell had me in stitches. Great fic, Spiletta and I'm looking forward to reading 'BadficPete and the Temple of Doom'. -- Sira

Funny. Perhaps if you had set Scully up with Daniel Jackson there would have been sparks... -- TiaRat

For Redemption:

I haven't read any fanfiction this good in months. Seroiusly, well done. *applause* -- riehyanna

Aw nice job =) Reminds me of the show alot =) -- JRose

For Explanations:

Pen portrait of a psychopath, Shame about the baby though. --Cath

that was really good i hate how people always portray tess as the bad one keep it up welldone -- harmonyarmenia

Interesting, continue. -- Sarah

That was good. I'd like to read more, but with a different outcome than 4AB -- Victoria

I liked it! Nice to hear Tess's troubled point of view once in a while =) -- JRose

For The Rat:

Very good tag. I hadn't ever put the whole Shakespearean twist into the mix. How important Romeo and Juliet has been to their relationship- one of the excuses for the Vegas wedding, her trumped-up reason to break things off, and now Liz's near fatal Romeo jaunt. Very thought provoking- good job. -- ParkerEvanss

For Causality:

Very enjoyable fic. Very enjoyable, VERY well-written fic. Are you considering continuing with this? It could make for really good reading. -- ParkerEvanss

For Fellowship of the Crime Scene:

CSI: Middle Earth - Dude, not cool. But funny name. -- Dani

how true. sick and twisted, but true. -- me

For Voyager fic:

For Badfic!Pete's Outer Space Adventure:

*Why* do I read crackfic when the whole doubled over laughing & clutching my ribs thing causes me such pain? -- Trindajae

Very funny! I enjoyed this a lot. Seven's date with Pete had me laughing out lout ... at work. :) Thanks for sharing! -- Sira

rofl, I SO love you badfic pete stories... please more? -- fly

For Eclipsed:

Oooh, nice "what if". I really enjoyed this story. The only bit I didn't like is that it ended :) I usually enjoy longer stories too - I find them meatier and more satisfying and this one sure was. Congratulations! -- Aud

Terrific story Spiletta. I really enjoyed it. -- elem

That was very creative of you. I enjoyed the story very much The last part was very funny, and seeing J and C get together twice was great. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the other stories. -- Rosa

Most votable story I read Spiletta absolutely wonderful -- cath

Spiletta, this is an amazing story. Very creative, and very, very thorough. Truly impressive. -- Brianna

So clever! I'm not usually a fan of A/U stories, Spiletta, but this one was so intriguing, it kept me engrossed all the way through, especially the on-going J/C which was superb. Bravo! -- Gilly

Great story, Spiletta. Your story was captivating right from the start, an original story. Thank you for sharing. -- Hubble

Great story, Spiletta!! I've always been wondering what would have happened... Thanks for sharing it! -- Kate

This is a great story, with a really great story line - a wonderful point of view! I found it really sad that the second lot home, the 'transwarp' group had pretty much lost their places in other people's lives, but it worked out for most of them. But it was really, really scary imagining a double wedding between those 4 people. Brrr! 2 Docs, 2 7s - ugh! Very, very excellant story - thank you -- mandy

This is delightful, and the end is a hoot! -- Blue Heron

Honestly, I was bored. It took too long to get to the point. Better luck next time. -- janeway27

Hi, I can't believe you only got one review. That story surpasses brilliant! I mean, it wld make a brilliant VOY movie... wow! --KayB

Whoa! What a great idea and very well put together in this story. I enjoyed it enormously - thanks! -- PaulaRidgeway

What a fantastic story! I love the happy ending- so many stories start out promisingly and then turn out tragic, but you resolved this in such a lovely ending. The story was so good, and I have a special place in my heart for duplicate character stories, so I really enjoyed this one! -- borgprincess

You claim you want real feedback and cc, so here it is. If you can't handle it that isn't my problem, so don't bother to email a reply. The problem with your stories is that you don't give the readers any reason to keep reading. You don't provide what I want in fic. Your characters focus on such boring stuff. You really need to give them more intimacy. I want to see more of Kathryn interacting with the members of her crew. If you did that, I would be more satisfied. This fic is just plain boring. -- trek fan

Weird may be part of the job, but *this* was off the charts!!! grade = A -- Brian

Very nicely done, you somehow managed to get all the characters paired off rather nicely lol. I'm writing this because I find that tons of people read fanfic lately but don't respond to the authors. So I liked it very much and do hope you write some more. -- AW

I know that "weird is part of the job", but this story goes off the weird Richter scale! I like the happy ending, though. -- b

That was clever...I liked it...I also liked the way you dealt with the doubles without getting bogged down in it all. :) -- Arya

It's too short! I want to know...well, you know which plot points I want expanded. :-) *Anne thinks she needs that statement in a script. Find Spiletta42 fic, whine about it being too short, nag Spiletta42 for more fic, repeat.* ;-) -- AnneRose

Absolutely an A+ for this one! Of course, your characters are flawless as are tidbits from episodes. I liked the little angst with the court martial as well as the way you resolved it. I would have loved a real in depth story on this, but it would have been mammoth and I would probably never have had time to read it. As it is, your covered it all and very nicely. That said, I will add that this is the undeniable best line from the whole story: "Transwarp conduit or wormhole?" the usher asked. Don't know how I missed this story before (probably the time to read it issue), but I am glad to have found it now. Great story! -- Molly (wormhole, side, please)

I love this story. It got a bit confusing in which Voyager was which near the end but other then that it was ace. -- Weezle13

This is a great story... I absolutely loved the part when Admiral Janeway taked to the Captain. -- Laura

Great story! It's nice to see the duplicates have a more heartwarming end than they did in "Course:Oblivion". You managed to get the characters down well. While the "real" Voyager encountering the same situations and getting home the same way even with the "duplicate" one's getting home 2 year's sooner is a bit convenient, it still works. The story seems a bit pat near the end though, with both sets being accepted too readily and going a bit over the top with the aim to neatly tie everything in a bow. With two sets of crew, maybe relationships would have worked differently with two extra years? I thought the lack of technobabble was a plus, and while I would have liked more explanation to the doctor's solution to stabilize molecular cohesion, it did serve its role as a plot device.

Again, I commend you on a well-written story. Though some of the situations were a bit hard to believe (ie: Libby's waiting for Harry, Nicolletti and Neelix??) the characterizations were very well done, and save for Tuvok, most of the characters had a role. I also enjoyed Vorik's logical approach to Lyssa. -- George

I'm gonna give u an A++++++++++++ This story totally rocked. -- aleja21

Loved it. The concept was amazing! More! More! -- Cindy

wow. that was bloody amazing. I love it. -- Silent Cobra

awesome concept -- Amanda47

For Filling the Void:

Sadly, it was over all too fast. If only it were really this easy to get Captain and First Officer together! -The Away Team.

Your story was...astonishingly wonderful!! I am so very very impressed. The writing, from the more serious moments to the light ones, was fantastic. I congratulate you on a fantastic story. -Kaitz

...I stayed up to 4 am, and yes, read it on a screen. But anyway, I appreciated how carefully you developed the characters...especially Janeway and her struggle to adhere to what she thought was right vs. emotions. Thanks for your work! -Alex

Congratulations on your win in Blue Alert. ...Good story. You did a good job... -KJ

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed this. Enough that I spent the entire afternoon yesterday reading it when I had a lot of other things I should have been doing. Very, very nice. I must admit 'ancestral gemstones' got me chuckling, but it did seem a bit jarring. You obviously spent a lot of time and effort on this and it shows. I thought you kept the characters pretty well in canon, which is not easy to do, as I know. -Mary S

I have been reading your story for the last two days, as I find time, and have been enjoying it *immensely*!!! I think it is very unlikely that any other story will win my vote in the Blue Alert contest, in fact. Thanks for writing such a terrific story! -Shelley

Thank you! - What a great romp - great sap but not sticky - and what a wonderful touch you have with humor - made me LOL not just from the humor, the references, but because of the subtlety - no heavy hand to get your point across!! You Star Trek expertise obviously goes far beyond Voyager. -Molly

It may be long, but it is really wonderful. I read it for the Blue Alert contest, and it took me a few days, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially loved the interplay between the two clueless groups, which everyone here will have to read in order to understand. -Shelley

Wow. I am at a loss of words, just wow. I spent a lot of hours reading this, unable to tear myself away. Wow. I even skipped uni because I couldn't stop reading, not to mention breakfast and lunch. An amazing story that certainly is among my all-time-favs. Thank you so much for sharing!!! ~Katie *still in awe*

You owe me some hours of sleep! I kept reading it although I was really tired. I just couldn't put it away. THANK YOU for writing it. I really loved it, loved the plot, loved the writing and everything about it. It certainly was a huge amount of work you put into this story. And for that I say THANK YOU AGAIN. I really appreciate it. -AnneJoy

...I loved it! It's beautifully written - and it's going into my 'keeper' water-proof wallet, or as my husband calls it, "Gill's Thrills n Spills Folder" ;)... -Gilly

If nobody's looking at your bulletin board, then I hope that someone's at least reading your excellent fanfiction. Scratch that, excellent *fiction*, period; one would not have to be a Voyager fan to appreciate the depth and complexity of your novel. I say this as someone who was an English major in college and is currently a fulltime journalist...I must confess that I have read "Filling the Void" twice within the last week; the first time, I read it in one marathon sitting that lasted all night. In fact, when my husband got out of bed to get ready for work, he found me in our office clicking away at your story. Anyway, I just want you to know how highly I value the effort you put into the writing of this novel: it really shows in the final product. Also, I have to give you props for the respect you've given to the characters; they are true to themselves, and behave in a realistic manner...keep writing: you're doing a fabulous job. -Squirrelly

Filling In The Void by Spiletta42 is a wonderful tale of two star-crossed lovers and the undying devotion of their comical and good hearted crew. For hours I occupied myself with nothing but this fantastic tale and can truly say that this is one of the best pieces of J/C fanfiction that I have ever read! I will also be entering this review on my website; Visit us to hear more reviews on your favorite works of art at www.fanfictionweekly.com -Arielle Pelot

Spiletta42, I'm usually shy about posting on boards like this because English is not my mother tongue. But I feel very strongly about your fanfic, especially your novel Filling The Void, and I really wanted to thank you for it. It was without exaggeration the best J/C fanfic I've ever read. Your thorough examination of the characters impressed me, and the emotions expressed in it affected me very deeply. Before I had read it, I was ready to end reading fanfic at all, because I had encountered so many bad examples of it. So I'd like to encourage you to write much more of your stories. You are a very talented writer, you have the ability to affect your audience emotionally, and most of all it's great fun to read what you've written. Please go on writing! -A fan from Germany

Taking advise to read this late in the evening, I spent a whole night giggling not being able to put it down. Very entertaining indeed! -LadyBugDate

Okay, I admit it... I haven't read "Freedom of Choice." I got distracted with the "Filling the Void" link. I've only read a small portion of it so far, but DANG. Drink warning next time, please. I nearly ruined this mostly-functional keyboard my boss has seen fit to leave me alone near... - Trindajae

I couldn't stop reading....I was late for work today because I couldn't put it down. -Spring

Very in-depth character study of the lead characters. Extremely well-written with a satisfying conclusion. -mj

I really LOVED Spiletta's "Void." I was laughing so hard at some points that I had tears in my eyes and I forwarded the link to a few friends. Spi, give your muse a hug for me. S/he/it deserves one. -Angie

Excellent story. The characters were true to their tv counter-parts and your style is excellent. One problem though. I found the whole "lets contact the Romulans" a bit hard to believe. If they could simply just open a conduit anytime they wanted for messages, don't you think they would have done it before then. And what about the Midas-Array (however that is spelt). Your story lost part of its credibility there. But otherwise, I thought it was great. -- Mia

Hello, I usually do not write authors of stories, but I couldn't just not say something about this one. I have only recently been reading J/C stories (about 2 months). I have become quite obsessed about it. I have probably read 400 stories so far, need I say I spent way to much time on the internet. I am rambling. The story "Filling the Void" was great, I loved it. It took me four hours to read it, but it held my attention the whole time. I like the way you used the books as part of the background (I've read the books too). The characterizations were right on the mark. I've read several of your stories, and this is the best by far, better than ANY story I have ever read. Anyway, great work, thanks. -- Amye

An amazing story filled with great writing. It has all the components of great literature; it has humor, drama and the kind of love that is meant to span the ages. Fantastic work and one of the best Janeway/Chakotay fics I've ever read. Throw my hat off to you Spiletta and bow in front of your creative genius. -- Aleja

Highly enjoyable, quite believable (even if in an "If only!" kinda way). I loved the ties-in with Christie Golden's Dark Matters trilogy, and how suspicious Riker was about the message from the Romulans. I could believe he'd have a grudge against Janeway for being one of the few women to turn him down. Excellent fic, and one to be read over and over again, as I keep finding new gems. -- Aussie73

That was really good. Now when my teachers ask why my homework is not done, I can say I just read one of the best JetC fanfics :D -- Charlie Brown

To be perfectly honest, I am one of those bad fans who reads stories a lot, but never bothers to review. I have to break tradition for this story, though, as it was without a doubt the best VOY fic I have ever read. I am a J/C fan, but I hate the stories where they break character/jump straight into bed/somehow realize in the space of two or three minutes (or a short-lived near-death experience) that they love each other. This story actually made a relationship plausible, because it wasn't overly sudden. This story was also hilarious.

I thought that the characters were all very well-developed, as was the plot line. At the end it perhaps got a little bit too far-fetched, but it didn't matter, because by that time the reader was hooked. I could almost pretend that it was canon - it was not nearly as far-fetched as some of the stupid things that TPTB have made the characters do. Also, it was funny without demeaning any of the characters. Frankly, it was just damn good. -- Katelyn

I absolutely loved your story. You were able to remain true to each of the characters personalities which made it a fascinating read for a true Voyager fan. I found it humourous, touching, and insigtful. Thanks for writing a story that captured my imagination as well as a story that is as it should be! -- S. C.

I love this story! I have read it over and over many times this summer. Xanadu is another story that I really enjoy and read many times as well. Are you going to write more Voyager or SG-1? -- Heather

Wow! Its taken me ages to read it! But well worth every late night! lol Absolutely fantastic! :D Thank you! -- Nix

For Misconception:

Ah, Married Quarters is one of my all time favorites. I liked your take on it, except for the end, darn it! No, no possibilities!!! Carpe Diem and all that! *sigh* Janeway is quite the stick in the mud sometimes. Anyway I had to laugh at the line about her heart hitting the level 10 force field that is protocol. ;-) -Anne Rose

The first story on your list that I read was Misconception. I have to say that I am so glad I did...I could see this story play out before my eyes. Chakotay and Kathryn were exactly right. It was angsty but not without hope. You have such a wonderful way with a phrase. This one is my favorite. It's so descriptive and it's so appropriate. WOW! I'm still enjoying it....I look forward to reading more of your stories. -Jadie

This was a beautiful rendition of a familiar theme. You have made this plausible and gentle and touching and loving. Thank you -Roses

I love, love love this. Married Quarters is one of my all time favorite so this was certainly a welcomed surprise. More would be nice please- can't you tell I'm greedy. -Dakota

Ah, the Married Quarters story! *g* I enjoyed your take on my story (and thank you, btw, for the courtesy of asking my permission beforehand) -- interesting to see how a similar plot changes in another's hands. A very enjoyable read. -Shayenne

This is so beautifully balanced. She never loses her commitment to being the Captain and all it entails. He, in the end respects that. ....and in the middle...oh my...angsty but lucious, sensual and loving...from both. Thank you -Roses

I really liked both of yours, especially 'Misconception'. Shayenne's story has always been one of my favourites, but I like your version just as well. You gave it just the right amount of angst. -Mary S.

A great twist to the story. I could feel Kathryn's pain as she had to pretend to be married to the guy that wished she was married to. How sad. I just don't understand why Paramount or the braintrust of Berman/Braga couldn't give them a happy ending. -Jenn

...it was like reading a story I've written in my head a million times... -MsBeast

::wipes away tears in eyes:: This story is wonderful! I don't really know what else to say besides that I'm adding it to my favorite stories list! -Diosa Alexia

Marvelous! I loved it! Five gold stars and a smiley face sticker for this one. I really like your style. -Doec

I really liked it. :) Thanks. -Deltame

Excellent! Hope you're planning on writing more. -DiddyCriddy

It was cute - although I thought the ending was a little abrupt. -Palaixa

Great, great, great! Yes I know you got the idea from Shayenne's, but it is a very good idea, so who can blame you? -- Quadrantje

Beautiful. I especially love the ending, bittersweet and hopeful... nicely done. -- TheOpportuneMoment

aww come on - so close :( -- Ayjah

a wonderful story -- aleja21

I love it! -- happychica

For Not Even Memories:

Read this one in blue alert-- nice story. Interesting idea. Chak needs to hold on to something this is perfect! Good job -KJ

...very nice; I found the prose getting a little purple, particularly the 'splendid posterior' and 'glorious chest', but what the hell! You kept it mostly in check. -Mary S.

Ooooohhh! Wonderful! Just came across this particular J/C website, and your story. Well, thanks! -Ms. Inspired

I love this story, Spi. I think it's my favourite of your stuff. -Shayenne

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. -- Quadrantje

I loved it! It's so passionate, and sweet and tender, all at the same time. Keep up the great writing! -- Kathy (Your #1 Fan)

It's a beautifull fic!!! I cry when I read it. I read almost all your fics... and I think those are great. I'm from Chile (so I not write very well in english, but my reading skills are very good)and I'm a huge fan of Voyager and J/C. reading your fics (and other I found in internet) I learn a lot of the series finale (in my country still are in the 5 season and then return to the 1... so, I haven't see the final episode, yet). Keep writing. -- lesley

For Greencard:

Ok, I loved this fic...BTW, what are Janeway's favorite color, book and Beatles tune? -Kim

Bwahahahahaha! I certainly hope they filled Chakotay and Janeway in on the joke. >8) Very funny stuff. - Anne Rose

Cute story. *So* true of Tom, & *so* true of Chakotay! -Shannon O'Donnell

This was a very acceptable alternative to Filling The Void. I never saw the movie [Greencard], but I did see the Taxi version with Latka and Simka. Cute concept, excellent characterization, except -- Would Janeway actually answer questions like this over an open comm while she was on duty? No, my fault, that would have made the story longer and more complex. So, good job, Master! -Mrs McCoy

I like the ending :) -- Marie

For Assimilation:

Another winner! So beautiful and that's all he sees when he looks at her-- love it! Good luck. - KJ

Very touching -- Marie

For Ode to the Alleged Bathtub in Cargo Bay One:

I've never seen an ode to a bathtub. :-) Good work. -Jadie

First, I think I'm on record as not liking poetry. However, I did enjoy this...Janeway would have been a lot happier, and more mentally stable if she'd taken them both out of 'storage'. IMHO - Anne Rose

It was great. -- Carly

your poem is great and real -- marie-lise

For Time Heals All:

Normally I don't like dead Chakotay stories, but this one was done so well. Thanks. -Karen

This fic answered well the questions I had about why the Admiral went back. You pulled on my emotions the whole time. It is hard to say good job, but it is a well written fic. I was very sad, but not horribly so. -Jadie

>>I did it. I wrote a dead Chakotay fic. I did not enjoy it. But I did it. -Spiletta42

I'm glad you did it. I'm already on record as saying that I don't mind sad stories. It's not that I like them, necessarily. I certainly wouldn't say that I prefer them. But I appreciate them. Some of us read to escape life. Some to celebrate it -- in all its forms. Life is sad sometimes. So I guess stories should be, too. As far as capturing the poignancy of life, I think you've done an excellent job, Spiletta42. Thanks for posting. -janezy

For Ithaca:

Whoa! You wrote that since your last email? I loved the crack about not being able to look at blue cheese the same way again, LOL! To say I'm impressed would be an understatement! Thanks, -Gilly :)

LOL, never seen "insecticide" used in smut before! Next time I'll have to come up with an even more impossible answer when you ask for a word! Nicely steamy. -Shayenne

Good one! Very hard choosing who to vote for in this. Love when they get together. Good luck in the contest. -KJ

Hello, I loved the story Ithaca! :) And I liked the comparisation with Odysseus. It's very creative, and it reminds me, somehow, of Chakotay's warrior legend. First an angry warrior and then Odysseus, sounds pretty much like stories Chakotay'll tell. This story does make me wonder about how they found the couple on that planet... Was it (naked) in each other's arms or grinning at each other but fully dressed? I guess I'll leave it up to my imagination... ;) Thanks for the nice story! -- Dominique Janssen

it was good...but more!!! -- mysteriousmage

very nice...the more I read your fics the more I love them... you are a truly gifted writer. -- aleja21

For Brief, Precious Seconds:

Aw... that's so cute =P I wanna know what happens next! As usual, you capture "them" perfectly. -- Liz

A bit short, and what was that final line he didn't tell her before? -- Quadrantje

Aww! That was short and sweet. Very cute, Spi! -- Lizzyshoe

ooh I like the angry warrior story... those two have such potential. -- aleja21

I love those stereotype stories, thanks! It's just a pity that it is so short... -- Alias

For Needs:

Lovely friendship story. Very caring from both of them. -Brianna

I have often wondered what happened at Lake George. I'm sure people have written about it before, but I really liked reading a fic where the friendship was stressed. Such good emotion in such a short fic. Good job! -Jadie

Very sweet-- so happy you acknowledged they both needed this! nice story -KJ

For An Unlikely Cure:

Prudish wuss! We need details. Do it again. -ScaryMoments75

I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit - this is a great little story, plausible, well-written and fun to read. Can't ask for more than that, so pat yourself on the back cuz it's a good one. -Mary S.

AIIIIEEEEAAAA!!!!!! I've been reading J/C fic all day, and that was JUST what I needed to round off the evening! I can go to bed a happy girl now! -- dante_reaver

For The Discussion:

It made me feel much better about "Endgame". -- yume

I like this ending for the show. -- aleja21

For The Peace Rose:

I thought it was light and very sweet. I had thought about writing something like that, but I'm glad I didn't because your's turned out better. -Katie O'Clare

simple and nice -- Katinka

This was very sweet but far too short. Nicely written but could definitely do with a sequel. -- Rachel

For Slumber:

With dreams like this, why would one want to be awake? -Sylvia K

For Laughter:

Cute story. -KJ

fabulous!!!!!!!!! like all the fics on this page! -- roxy

For The Watch:

I like this story and the fact that after Year Of Hell we get to she her accept the watch and see the results unfold. - Jade

Sweet. I don't know why, but that last paragraph just touched me. Great fic, love it. -- Quadrantje

For Goodbye:

Oh my gosh. Spi wrote a happy ending. -Sylvia

I love it!! A perfect way of Paris pushing them together and getting Janeway's arrogance taken down a peg of two. -Matt

Good one! Paris could definately sink that 'low'. Just, how could he know that line about 'not waiting for a future that may never happen'? I don't think Chakotay would tell anyone about that. -- Quadrantje

oooooo sneaky Tom I like and I think in the case the end result may very well justify the means. -- aleja21

For Dear Chakotay:

omg I loved that book, I always wondered what she wrote to him -- Scarlet

That was great! It rang true to "canon" such as it is, and yet it was J/C. Very nice. Thanks! -- AnitaLife

For Mistletoe:

You didn't tell what Chakotay's gift was! Again! And I would have loved to see a bit more of the crew's reaction, but it was awesome anyway. Loved the promise she made to herself and the mistletoe stuff. -- Quadrantje

For Gift From The Heart:

And again you leave an open spot! You never wrote what Kathryn had gotten for Chakotay. Not that that's a crime, it just gets me curious. I liked the story. -- Quadrantje

I really liked this cute Christmas tale, nicely written and a pleasure to read. -- Rachel

Oh my what a wonderful Christmas. -- aleja21

Ohhh... that was love. <3
Loved Tom thinking it was his doing! And Chakotay and Kathryn were sweeter than belief. Even though it isn't Christmas, it's always nice to here a good mistletoe tale! -- Curly Fry

For Do Something:

I just read your story on the Purple Comet site and wanted to let you know that I liked it! That´s the way I like seeing Chakotay, doing something ;-) - Emily

LOL Spi! This is really funny. -Jadie

I think I liked it. -Sylvia

I wasn't too fond of the episodes with this holodeck story, but you made it very interesting. Thanks for sharing. -Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Great! Kind of almost makes you wish for a sequel... -- misty_fur

Hey Spiletta, I really liked that one. Anything to do with The Captain Proton theme is ok by me. You handled it very well, and I loved that ending. - Joanie

For Masquerade:

I think it is magnificent. Pure brilliance on your part. It is original for this particular series and amazing. Please keep up the good work. -- Holly

For Tank Top Temptation:

Woohoo! Very in-character. A bit short, but who needs page after page of technobabble and plot twists? Short and sweet, very sweet! -Doec

Cool! I thought you had a real grasp for their characters. - Hermione

Dear God, you do the best J/C fanfic! I love the light tone to it and the affection displayed. And I understand the attraction of tank tops and drinking coffee (she DOES look kickass in a crisis, doesn't she?) and leaning back in the arms of a man. Yep, good fic! :D --Nenya Culariel

u r a nerd who needs a girlfriend -- u-suck

Author's comment: I'm definitely a nerd and I quite possibly suck, but I think I'll pass on the "girlfriend" if it's all the same to you. -- Spiletta42

cool, i really liked it! Chakotay has such a dirty mind hidden beneath his sweet personality. i love j/c fics like this. and i read the other reviews- do not listen to them. You DO NOT write badly at all, and this is a very good story. but just think how dysfunctional a starship would be if the enviornmental controls were always off line! lol :) -- Linwe Ringeril

aw! How cute and 'hot' (2 meanings of hot there, that is...heehe...) was that?! i LOVED it! Shame it wasn't any longer ;) oh well..let's just say it was short and powerful!! :D -- Heleen (aka insanity-on-demand)

Great story.. I love the internal dialogue. -- Ayjah

He-he. So great. -- G.S.1307

This was fantastic! ;D I thoroughly enjoyed, lovely lovely writing... and well, hot! lol Do you write anything longer though? One-shots are great, but I love to lose myself in a thoroughly lengthy fanfiction, I do hope you write some longer pieces... at least consider it maybe? :D Either way, this was fabulous. -- Aleia McKingston

For Plenty of Time:

It was great, Short and sweet -Jo

For Shared Experiences:

Very interesting...We need more D/7. apurate, ya! -EnsignAbby

Wow! nice story! I love the way you deftly inserted comments and it sounded real!!! -- Talitha

For Bodily Experiences:

Good story...You wove so many of the different crew members into it, while still preserving the J/C relationship. I think you did a great job. -Brianna

great!!! -Art

Whoooo.... hot! LOL Not so fond of the J/C moments and all that, but eh, whatever floats your boat, right? I liked Seven's reactions to the Doctor being in her body and making love to her. *g* That was cool. And steamy. And... yeah. I'm sure you get the picture. *g* Poor Harren! LOL I loved that! As soon as Kathryn said there was empty space between Seven and Tuvok, I *knew* Seven was going to be screaming! LOL All in all, very good! -Nicole

awesome fic um this maybe a weird question but do you know Olivia Spallitta um anyway great fic. -- Rich Pitoniak

This is just super. Go read it, people. I'll never look at Chell in the same way again, and I loved the relationship between 7 and the Doctor. -- Mandy

And it was so believeable and not gory at all - enjoyed the story - thanks. -- Susie

For The Power of Words:

erm,well.. yes,I think I'll go and take a cold shower now. yes. good idea. cough... thank you - marion

i like your writing styl, it's not exactly original, but its not exactly not original...lol. anywho, just figured that i'd let you know that i like your stories. -- Munki

Some how I think the bridge crew would still know he got some. Hell I'm sure when she comes out with mused hair they'll know. Great piece. -- aleja21

For Denial:

I read it. It's awful. -Cress

Sad, very very sad. -Fingers

This is a pretty good story but it is just not right. Seven really did love him and this story makes it seem like this is a phase not real and it makes her seem like a slut. and beside that Chakotay could have hooked up with the captian long ago. Over all its good but it just doesnt stick to storyline that has been created over the years. -- tater salad

Author's comment: Years or hours? That's okay, it's a difference of opinion that makes a horse race. -- Spiletta42

Very good, and not as depressing as I expected. I haven't seen too many fics that touch on the timeline the Admiral lived through, and this covered the thoughts and feelings of all the parties well. It also reminded me of Renaissance Man when the Doctor said that he would like to spend more free time with Janeway. I can also see why J and C didn't get together after Seven's death. P.S. I am patiently anticipating the C/Sveta fic. Take your time, though. - Jessica

Oy. Well, that was... depressing. LOL Slightly gag-worthy (in the C/7 part. Not even J/C is gag-worthy) and quite upsetting. My fave line, tho: "I loved her, too, Doctor. I loved her too." *g* Of course I'm taking it to mean something completely different then what I'm sure you meant, but whatever. *g* Anyway, very well written. I liked it. Not *like* liked it, but I liked it. *g* -NIC

For Without Guilt:

One of the only f/f stories I have read, and I actually liked it. -Jessica

Being a sexually unsatisfied wife of many years, I can say that your words gave me more pleasure than my entire married sex life has given me. Thank You! It was just what I needed, for it took my breath away. -- (name removed)

Author's comment: I'm not too sure what to say to that last review, except to perhaps suggest marriage counselling? Or maybe hubby would like to read the fic? I hope things get better for you. --Spiletta42

wow, it was so hot i wanted to be in it for real. -- Caiti

For Kinky Secrets of the Starship Voyager:

*keels over laughing* I love it! I can even stomach the J/C parts of it, 'cuz it's so dang funny! LOL - Nicole

Funny beyond belief!! -- Lena

Spiletta, this one is great! Unfortunately, I read it after I tucked my 3-year old in for the night and have had to use a pillow to muffle my laughter as so to not wake him up. Absolutely hillarious! Loved it! -- Greetings From Dany

very interesting and the ending brought a smile to my face -- aleja21

For Devil in the Dark:

Were can I find a man like Chakotay (sigh) -- aleja21

For Definition of Compensation:

This is a lovely sequel sqeee -- aleja21

And its sequel . . .

This fantasy captivates the true harmony of pleasuring and pleasing each other immensely. It is an emotional, spiritual and very physical connection of souls and genitals. -- unsigned

OMG that was nice and steamy and a great addition to the other stories. -- aleja21

For Advice From the Lovelorn:

I read your story "Advice from the Lovelorn" and wanted to you let you know how much I liked it. Just the thought of Q having romantic difficulties and coming to Janeway is hilarious!

Nicely done and thanks for sharing with us! Best regards, -Cait

This was great, but I wouldn't have minded if there had been a longer J/C scene at the end. But hey, I guess that's what my imagination is for. -- aleja21

Very nice, now be a good girl and write whats going on with Picard and Crusher! Come on you know you want to, ok maybe its just me that wants you too, but isn't that enough! - Phancy

Very nice story. Q gave me a couple of chuckles. :) - Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Always loved Q stories. They're the best. Even if this one doesn't have that much Q-ishness in it, I still like that he just shows up, makes everything work out (at least in Kathryn's mind) and pops out to go "help" someone else. Well done =) -- Yael

hey i really like this fic, short but sweet and i love it when Q gets involved. -- freya

Great fic!! Love Q, its nice how you've managed to keep him in character and a goodie! Only down side - too short!! -- Cookie

I like this story. It has a good premise, realism, plot. The only thing I think I would change is the transition from Q's lovelife to Kathryn's. I know it is kinda supposed to, but it seemed to move really fast. I would imagine that Q wouldn't start out talking about how Q looks at him, but would start more philosophically, more drawn out. I would put that bit in right after he asks "Kathy" for advice, something about what kind of difficulties he is having, what her not looking like that at him entails. Do you understand what I mean? You did a very good job of capturing the characters' voices, as usual, but I think they would have more to say. Nice work. -- Kajee
This is the sort of feedback I especially enjoy. She called me on the rushed nature of the fic, which reminds me of the very true saying: There are no great writers, only great rewriters. I didn't put this fic through a tough beta process, and it shows. Thanks for the excellent feedback, Kajee!

ok I liked it until the ending was too loose. It is good but a few more sentences would finish it beautifuly. -- Frost

For Family:

I love that comment from Kathryn, or rather, how Tom feels about that. Very sweet. I wouldn't have minded if it was longer though. -- Quadrantje

For Thirteen Seconds:

I liked this little fic a lot. I like the decision-making process you outlined and the outcome of that process. I think that would be exactly what Kathryn would think and do. I only gave it an A- , because I like longer stories and hope to give you a reason for writing a sequel to this. ;) What happens in the NC-17 part? ;) Hugs, Kayjay

Great, love the twist at the end. Maybe it could have started a bit earlier, like when Q appeared, but I like it this way too. -- Quadrantje

For Gossip in the Sand:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH That was cute!!!!!!!!!! Made my work morning go by faster to be reading some of your fics. -- Chancie

This was lovely, and I wouldn't mind trading spaces with Janeway and spending that shore leave with Chakotay on a beach. -- aleja21

For Absolution:

I liked it, the dialogue is crisp and fits well with the characters on the show. It finishes the episode well. In most of the TV episodes I felt a desire to know what happened next and I felt that there were a lot of missing bits that I would like filled in. Your piece and others you have written fill in the emotional bits well. -Cath

A very sweet little fic! Made me smile :) -Sam

Repetition of "But at what cost?" is unecessary; it doesn't help with emphasis. Otherwise very nice! Keep up the good work! -Squirrelly

It's good; a tad too short. Why is it pg13? it's more like G or PG -Calhoun

Short, sweet, and to the point. This would have made a very nice last scene in canon. It is how the two would have reacted. -Susan C.

I doubt the Chakotay would have been that forgiving of Janeway for using his feelings to the advantage of the ship. To me, true absolution would have to be an out and out conflict where Janeway would have to face up to what she did and why. However, given that cannon normally doesn't follow the lines of reason and true human interaction, this could, in theory, fit in fairly well with the actual ep. -Matt

I think this fic is wonderful... no mushyness and simply well written. I'm not saying that romance is bad or anything like that, but I'm just not so keen on those. So far, more or less all your fics are great, superb! Keep writing -Alex

I like this addition. Too often we are left hanging without a resolution that really ties things up. I really like this ep, but I didn't think to write anything to fix it. I love the way that they both think they need to apologize too. Good work. -Jadie

For Resolved:

Lovely! Simple, subtle and so effective. This is a lovely piece, sparing with the prose but lyrical and deft. My favourite passage illustrates this perfectly: "Small liberties were taken..." More is implied than said, but it's powerfully erotic, and like the rest of the story, beautifully effective. Well done! -Mia Cooper

Maybe it was short but it said so much. I can picture the scene and from now on that is my version of Hunters. - Freya

Ooh, I really loved this story-- it was just pure romance, and really well-done, at that. The narrative is serious, but playful, as in this line: "A date. He didn't want to read too much into her word selection. Oh, who was he fooling. He very much wanted to read too much into that choice of word. " I really loved that. Also, when they're dancing, the way they touch each other and talk totally gave me goosebumps. I especially liked the phrase "small liberties were taken." I also loved it when Chakotay called her "My Kathryn". And it has a lovely title and ending to tie it all in together. Finally (and this is kind of silly), I like how you say "Love has no end" instead of "The End". Call it goofy, but I thought it ended the whole thing on the right note. This little fic was pure sweetness. Great job! : ) - Squirrelly

This is another good j/c fic - Dave Freestone

Interesting to say the least. It was sweet but short. Very nice. -Abby M.

*sigh* This is a great story and ep addition. I love the honesty of this part: "A date..." -Jadie

I enjoyed your story very much. I liked the way you handled the situation slowly, rather than a big kiss and all is well. I can see Chakotay saying something like the "As long as I live..." line (if this were not an alternate universe). I also think the end works nicely, the promise of the future without the big dramatic ending. I would have also liked to see the story drawn out more, but with the same touch. An enjoyable story. -Molly

A good story. I especially like the line: "There were times..." -Cait N.

.I LOVED your economy of words in this piece.Saying so much with so few words. Simply elegant. Very well done....and no spelling/grammar errors. I always like that in a story.....thanks for writing this wonderful piece. I truly enjoyed it. -Myla Jane

Big sigh What a beautiful scene! The last one - the date. I can just picture it all thanks to your lovely description. And the last sentence... "When they finally parted, foreheads still touching, they each knew that whatever the future held, they would face it together." ...just wonderful! I love the gentle way Chakotay pushes back her barriers, probably without even knowing that she was thinking about erecting them. And then her decision to ask him to dance was the icing on the cake - she indulged her feelings and threw protocol out the airlock. Thanks for writing this... it made me smile. :-) -Dawn

Now there is a picture painted from the heart. if only things had gone that way. I am a sucker for romance and this has it in plenty. - fiona barnes

"As long as I live, you will never be alone." Yes, that was much better than you have lots of time, or whatever stupid thing he said on the show. Would that shift be the creation of an AU? ;-) -Anne Rose

AWWWWWWWWW!!! *feels all warm and fuzzy and pro-J/C* You do write a good story, Spiletta! :D - Ensign Nenya Gabriel

It's sweet, but it doesn't really seem like something that could happen on the show; too sudden. That 'love has no end', great. That's a good one. But as a stand alone (AU) story, it would be great. -- Quadrantje

One word -- SEQUEL!!!!!!!!! -- Brian

For Three Million Light Years Into Deep Space:

Are you channelling Douglas Adams? This is great! Surreal and quirky and witty in all the right places. Case in point: Once inside, she met a pungent man with a bad toupee who offered, rather confusingly, to rent her a mechanical sheep, unless he could meet her needs personally, of course, in which case there would be no charge. Cute use of the backstory from Mosaic, and nice poke at Enterprise as well. And excellent use of the word 'smegging'. I've always loved that word. The part where Kathryn becomes obsessed with fixing Holly while Chakotay gets homey is just like New Earth ... except the holodoc never popped up there like holo-Rimmer, thank God. I also liked the parallel with Admiral Janeway when Kathryn starts tampering with temporal travel. You've done really well bringing in elements of the show along with insider backstory while being true to the Red Dwarf universe. And a language in smells. So lateral, yet so logical. Great work! [too bad that bit's not mine; it's from the novel]...I've been delighted by your stories before. You have a deft touch and you're the master of the subtle twist. I remember your work long after I've read it. - Mia Cooper

This is a funny story. Although I don't know anything about Red Dwarf or Rob Grant and Doug Naylor so I'm sure I lost out on some jokes. Although I felt it was a bit too much Red Dwarf and not even Voyager, it was still nice. - Jadie

This was one of the strangest J/C fics I have ever read, but it made me laugh so hard I spilled my coffee so I have to vote for it. The cat civilization was great. - Freya

This was a really funny story, very reminiscent of Douglas Adams for me. The only problem was that I wasn't sure what was an original joke from the author and what was a reference to a running gag on Red Dwarf. Regardless, I thought it was really hysterical, with good narration and, from what I can tell, a good merging of the two storylines. I really loved the part about the grey paint chips, and the cats' legend with the "savoury doughnuts". That was pure comedy. : ) - Squirrelly

Ah, loved the cats. Loved the holographic idiot roommate. I was quite happy that Kathryn was not alone. Nice job stranding Chakotay with her. "One thing's for certain. I can't imagine any universe where I wouldn't be in love with you." *sniffle* I love that. -Anne Rose

Bizarre and unlikely, yet wonderfully well written and something I've been hoping for since I began reading fan fiction. The ending was a bit abrupt, however (that means write a sequel!) -Abby

For Webs:

Interesting premise. Good writing. The Doctor's character was great! I could just hear his voice in my head while I was reading this. - Cait N.

Yes,it was at least as plausible as Threshold. - Donna

I found this a funny story. Should have been in the Comedy Category. I can imagine you wrote this tongue in cheek. As I read it, I feel like I'm watching a black and white action series from the 50s (a la Captain Proton). It's good that you did not try to explain how certain things happen (or didn't happen). Your story doesn't demand such details. The Chartreuse Troll failed to plunge to his death, and pursued them once again. - Joanna

I have to say that I don't think this belongs in Drama, unless you add Melo to Drama. But i liked it anyway. "But the Chartreuse Troll hadn't counted on meeting the Amazing Spider-Captain." I think this is kind of the way many of the other alien bad guys felt after coming into contact with the captain of Voyager. :-) - Jadie

What in the world is this story doing in the drama category? It's hysterical!!! Of course, I say this as a huge fan of Spider-Man. Still, though, it's hilarious, especially how you worked in the Brooklyn Bridge with an *almost* straight face. Great job!!! - Squirrelly

The Amazing Spider-Captain... and Chakotay as the Damsel-in-Distress... Clever and *very* a/u. I felt like I was reading a comic book - good thing Janeway already wears black and red. Dawn

This whole thing made me chuckle. I loved seeing Chakotay as the damsel in distress and Janeway really reminded me of Macrocasm in her gun-ho and rather crazed rescue. -Anne Rose

Interesting view, form Queen Arachnia to Spider Captain Janeway -Christel

You made Spider-Janeway almost plausible. Good effort! - Mia Cooper

It was funny. I'd have liked to see her play around more learning what she could do and maybe a few more spider tricks after she rescued Chakotay - maybe play up on the Arachnia connection. Actually, I'm surprised you didn't have Chakotay call her that. - Dakota

This was hilarious. Although, had I'd been in a less... giggly mood (for lack of a better word), I would have said it was plain silly and a fair bit stupid. I think you can guess the part where I say it's unrealistic. On the other hand, the fourth paragraph was very funny; dry humor! Love that. -- Quadrantje

Cool! Please write a sequel! -- PhantomoftheOpera

Author's comment: Every now and then I feel silly. I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed this.

For Through the Looking Glass:

An unusual twist on the Q-as-matchmaker tale. He didn't even have to do any work! I'm not a huge fan of the emasculated Q, though. Well written if a little light on tension. - Mia Cooper

This fic is clever. I like clever. The curtains are a nice touch of difference. - Jadie

It was all about the curtains? You are insane. - Freya

This was a very clever way of getting KJ to have a conversation with herself about her interest in Chakotay. I really enjoyed it. I would have liked to see the look on Chakotay's face when she told him. ;-) -Dawn

This was a great story; I thought the twist at the end was hilarious, and the dialogue between Janeway and her other self was really interesting. The best part about the story, though, was how you took a classic plot and turned it on its head. Great job, and keep up the good work!!! -Squirrelly

Actually, I loved the whole conversation between the two Janeways. Lovely humor throughout. - Brianna Thomas

Q now there is a charecter to make a great story. He miss deeds and so no have me loving him when ever I read a story with him in. When he trys to help J/C all the better. - fiona barnes

I really thought she was in the same universe and that Q had tricked her. This was a subtle plan for Q. I liked it. Let Kathryn talk herself into acknowledging her feelings. :-) And Q still has rotten timing. -Anne Rose

I enjoyed this. Short, sweet, and fun. Nice way to get J/C together. -Khylaren

For Burning:

Nice twist on the episode. I'm glad you resisted the temptation to let Tuvok interrupt them or rescue them too soon. - Dakota

So hot it shorted out my computer monitor! I love the premise and the writing was great. - Cait N.

WoW! This is really good. Great way to get them together. Loved the way you adapted the episode. - Donna

OK, so the idea's not original, but the sex scenes made up for it! - Mia Cooper

Good job-- this was very well done. I appreciate that it wasn't totally a PWP, and that there was consideration for the effects it would have on their friendship. Also, though, it was very sexy stuff, well depicted, and not in a trite or hackneyed way, either. Good dialogue, too. Keep up the good work! - Squirrelly

"Remind me to thank Vorik." oh man, just have to love that! Him of all people to be responsible! lol Good Job. - sheri

Something I had wondered about before - what would have happened if Vorik had decided he wanted to mate with the Alpha female on Voyager? You did a good job incorporating that idea into the general events of the episode. - Brianna Thomas

Far better than the version with B'Elanna. Such a satisfing end. - fiona barnes

Very interesting way to get them together. It is fun to see Kathryn out of control. I could almost feel her humiliation when he suggested she take care of herself and he turned her back. He must be made of stone(no pun intended) to believe that he could stand there and listen to that and not react. - Anne T. M.

great! - boncpc

Much nicer than the fight at the end of the actual ep. I loved how caring and concerned Chakotay was. That was one of the things that also made me a P/T fan in the actual ep, seeing a really different side of Tom. And poor Vorik. LOL "I do love you, Chakotay," she said. "We'll find a way to make everything work out." I liked that. She needed to borrow some of her deterimination from dealing with the Borg, Kazon, etc... and bring it into her personal life. -Anne Rose

That story did more than just translate the episode to J/C...I liked the way Janeway's confusion was written. -Jessica

I enjoyed it. I would have like it to continue into the morning after. -Mary

I really enjoyed it, considering that was a great episode and all. If only Paramount would have done a few more J/C eps and a few less...everyone else. :) - Wijida

Wonderful:) -- SevenJetC

Fantastic.... loved it. -- aleja21

Wow, that was hot, great! -- Hanna

Spiletta, you write very well. Just started reading your work. Nice! -- Susan H.

I thought this fic was fantastic! One of your best stories and I'm glad that you won first place in the Ripples 2003 contest with this story, it was well deserved. (I some how must of missed that contest at the time and just read this fic for the first time today) Well I'm going to add this one to my favorites list so I can now enjoy it whenever I want. Thanks for a great read -- Joanie

For The Littlest Hitchhiker:

Oh my God! This made me cry, because it's so touching. -- Anon

This was lovely and I'm sure any children adopted or their own would be lucky to have them, that is if they ever hook up. -- aleja21

For Planet of the Smurfs:

Have I mentioned lately that you are totally nuts??? They smurfed smurfily ever after, because protocol wasn't smurfy. ROFL! -Anne Rose

Spiletta, you rule. That was the smurfiest story I have ever smurfed. And the NC-17 ending cracked me up. -Squirrelly

I smurfed my cola all over this smurfboard, no thanks to you! That was one smurfin' fic! LOL - Gloria

ROTFL! -- LauraBF

Cute!! And funny! Thanks :oD -- Carley

I think, that you have to small foto but i like Smurf's :* -- Ewcia

messed up, very messed up. i gave it an a+ for laughter. -- Treklover

For Bargains Kept:

Excellent !!! No other words to describe it. Well, none that my brain will spit out after reading that. :) -D-Kat

Sigh. That was very nice. -Mriana

I loved it. I thought it was really good! grade - DarkShadow

Very nice and man I would of loved to have been in her shoes. wonderfully written. -- aleja21

Great fic, I loved it -- Phoenix

Wow, that was so hot... [edited for adult content]... Though I think the teasing could've dragged on a bit longer, that was [bleep] incredible. -- Liz

Author's Comment: Wow, Liz, I've never had to censor a review before! Glad you liked it. --Spiletta42

Wow mind blowing and very intimate loved it thank you -- mackemjono

loved it! It was a sweet and loving scene that did justice to the Janeway/Chakotay romance. -- Anonymous

awesome and a genius idea, i loved it. -- Treklover

My God!!!! What kind of person are you?!!! Getting people all hot and horny like this!!! You are a terrific author. You have my applause. Now I must change underwear. -- Brittany

so... (censored) ... hot. -- cbr

For Something to Celebrate:

Maybe a bit too short. I liked the contents though. I think you characterize the protagonists very well. The story could have been a little bit more complex. I always appreciate you fanfics - Japy

The kiss and the physical contact during the dance was described really well. It was romantic and tender. I liked the details put into it. Also, I liked Ayala's observations, and the way he brought his point across to Janeway. Thanks for the story! -Jessica

a very nice completion to a lovely tale. -- aleja21

Now you need a sequel to this one! -- AW

For Confidentiality:

Ha! Very sweet. I think I like this Campbell person. This is before she gets together with Harry, right? I like the fact that you refer to incidents from your other stories in here; it gives it more of a realistic flavour. Cool stuff.... - Nenya Culariel

I really enjoyed Confidentiality. It would be pretty hard to keep all those secrets safe on that ship. Think of all the devious ways people would use, to get her to blab.... My favorite part was... "Freddy Bristow had recently been more than appreciative of her discretion after he had awakened in the hydroponics bay dressed, as he said, for a Betazoid wedding." That was great. Thanks for a very pleasurable read. -Joanie

Great story. I love how you showed Chakotay's compassion for Janeway, and the lines below. I almost laughed. :) - Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Very original! I'd always just assumed those site-to-site transports were handled by the computer. I like this one, good job! -- Quadrantje

OOOhhhhh I never thought about the perks of that job...mmm can I be a transporter Chief? -- aleja21

For Ceremony:

I thought this story was really good. I thought you had Harry down very well, I could just see him pacing. -Joanie

Very cute. I particularly liked the Dr. in a Tuxedo. I bet he could run interfernce around any linebacker in the NFL. This was a lovely start to my day. -Roses

I thought it was very interesting and I enjoyed it. -Mriana

Thought the story was very cute, Would love to read more. -BCM

Just wonderfull, great story, at least 'arry gets a girl at last - tdadobber

What a predicament Chakotay and Campbell got themselves into. At least it all worked out in the end. And I have to say, I liked the Doctor in this story, best of all of them! :-) -- Cait

What a great story! It was original and thought out and it was funny and I nearly cried at the end. It's hard to make me cry. -Diosa Alexia

Great! "Translate twice. Marry once." lol, so true! I thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks. -The CoffeeCaptain

*Claps* very well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it. -Makura Koneko

Great Job! You really captured them well! :) -Katie

Oh, man, that was hilarious! Don't be insulted, I mean that in a very good way! It sounds like just the sort of inter-cultural dilemma Voyager would get into--rather like a good show episode, actually. I loved the bit with Chakotay and Ensign Campbell playing cards and teasing each other about being husband and wife.

Hurray for Harry for getting a girlfriend! *turns into Ensign Campbell and kisses Harry* And you actually went and married Janeway and Chakotay! I actually honestly do think that the crew would be fine with that. Janeway and Chakotay's relationship isn't really the typical CO/first officer relationship; he was a captain of his own ship before he became her first officer. If they did get married it would probably be yet another tie between the Maquis and Starfleet crews. Of course all the arguments for why a captain shouldn't get involved with someone in the chain of command still hold (and she IS over him in command 'till they get back home) but, meh, that doesn' t make this story any less cool. Gorgeous, funny, sweet story, which is going on my Favourites list! --Nenya Culariel

very well writtien...well done. -- Verlita

Even though I've red this many times before, it always makes me smile. Love ya Spi. -- Captain_Crystal

LOL I love the final line. Excellent story! -- Ayjah

"Bet we'll be the only couple in the building playing gin rummy." ....my favorite line so far. "Translate twice. Marry once." and this was my second favorite line, they've both made me laugh. -- aleja21

For Better Off Guilty:

Damn, honey, you're good. -Admiral Kat

Ouch! Broken leg! Eeep. :) Other than that, I really enjoyed this fic. Very well done! I can't stand seeing people suffer, but you *do* make a good case for J/C, so I shall have to forgive you. Good idea, transporting people out of the way just before they get vaporized by a phaser! "Make sure she knows" is a good line, too. - Nenya Culariel

Normally I don't care for hurt/comfort fiction, but this is very well done. C and J are so caring in how they care for each other and the violence is understandable. It had a nice quality. - SusanC

Good story, although maybe a bit too similar to KJ's. And, if they'd been beaming prisoners from that platform for a while, why wouldn't the guards try to prevent it? Why keep going? Otherwise it's nice. -- Quadrantje

Oh, I loved this...you totally had me going thinking they may actually by the farm before voyager rescues them. I'm so glad their was a happy ending -- aleja21

I really enjoyed this. Very funny too. Thanks! :) -- Loveletters

For Glacier:

I am truly impressed, Spi. That was terrific. So well done, and very deserving of the first place win. I loved the way you brought Tom into it, and that even when KJ functioned on emotion, she still was doing the right thing. Well done. -Brianna

Congratulations on your win, Spiletta. I've just read all of the other entries, and I think yours captured the picture best. I especially appreciated the part of the story where Tom Paris told Janeway what would have happened had she not panicked. It's as though some good finally came out of that horrible accident on Tau Ceti. -Florence

Spi....what a fabulous story! I enjoyed it from the very beginning to the very end. The descriptions made me feel like I was in that hole with them (I turned off the fan *lol*) and I read avidly to make sure everything was going to be okay. You sure didn't disappoint. DAMN. This one deserves the win! Congratulations! -Jin

Very nicely done. Accurate characterizations. Good use of prior canon info. -sfcmdhq

Fabby work -LinZE

A great story. The characterizations are very good. To bring Kathryn into a situation similiar to the accident in which her father and Justin were killed is an interesting idea. I like the thought that she panicked and looses control, because it reminds us that Captain Janeway is human, too. -Katharina-B

I always wanted these two to get together. Nice way to do it. -jani

The story was a good one and well illustrated the idea that "panicking" is not necessarily a bad thing. --Daybreaq

"I had to explain a frostbit stomach to Tom Paris, and I wouldn't want it to be for nothing." Now that, that is classic Kathryn Janeway. :-) I liked this story--good job with writing an action/adventure sequence that relates to romance. Having her panic like that seems realistic, especially given a) the similarity to when she lost her dad and b) her friendship (and more?) with Chakotay. Liked the scenes with Tom, too. But I still think the line about the frostbitten stomach is the best of the whole thing! :-) Live long & prosper! -- Nenya Culariel

Oh, I loved this so much! It's beautifully written and beautifuuly characterised. I especially loved that Kathryn Janeway could panic like that :) I do like that she's a strong character on the show, but if we're not allowed to explore her weaknesses (ie: her humanity) like this, then what is the point in fanfic? -Gilly

That story was perfectly done and the characters were flawless. Kathryn Janeway is human you know. She does panic and she certainly does fall in love. -Becci

This is really good. I've been looking for a good J/C and this was it. -Raven Sage

Loved Glacier. Great story. And I thought you did your usual great job of keeping them in character while expanding the plot beyond what the myopic PTB could manage. ;-) - Anne Rose

I enjoyed it but it didn't ring as true as some of your others. Perhaps because it was shorter and there just wasn't enough time for plot development. -Minerva28

They really ought to stop letting Chakotay pilot the shuttles. Seriously, though, this is great. I like how you've set up Tom as a sort of foil to Janeway here, and working together, they save Chakotay and Baxter. Very well planned-out and written. -JadziaKathryn

It's the second or third time I've read this fic Spiletta, and again I loved it, keep up the good work! -- CaptainCoug

It had to happen some time! Although she never really panics on the show, I could easily imagine her doing so in this situation. Very good! -- Quadrantje

wow... this could have been an episode...lol OMG well done...keep writing -- Verlita

Nice one shot ... Your ending was very sweet. -- Ayjah

There it is! A relevant and believable resolution to Janeway's trauma on Tau Ceti Prime. Well done! Very well done. -- Magical M

Loved it, Loved it, LOVED IT!!!!! (Did I mention that I loved it?) -- Brian

Oh I love the drama, and how facing her fear brought her to move forward. Great stuff. -- aleja21

For Zephyr:

Smashing story, good dialogue between J and C, thanks yet again for the entertainment. -Cath

For Joined By Fate:

"Ensign McKenzie Jenkins swallowed hard and tried not to stare at Lieutenant Michael Ayala's backside. In truth, she didn't try all that hard, but she did put forth a noble effort to be discreet." Okay, that line was hilarious. On the other hand, this was kinda weird, if not a little squicky: "Chakotay, maybe. Or Tom Paris. But I don't see any women lining up to date me." But I loved the line about Aeschylus. Very funny stuff. In fact, this story overall was funny, and sweet, and very well-written. Good job! -Squirrelly

Great idea to have J/C trap someone else in a lift! -Dakota

The character McKenzie Jenkins is well-written and believable. Plus, Ayala really needed someone. It seems like this story easily could have been made longer. Perhaps in a sequel...? And, as if Ayala/Jenkins wasn't enough, there's J/C, too! -VG

I love it and can't wait to go and read the sequel....so off I go.-- aleja21

For Three Anniversaries:

Woo hoo! I love this story! Finally, a fic that doesn't treat Wildman and Carey like space sluts! -Squirrelly

I have to say that I usually don't like to read stories without having J/C as part of the main plot, but once I started reading this, it captured my attention. So thank you for writing such a sweet story. -Nicole

Honestly, at first I didn't think you'd pull it of to write about a Wildman/Carey affair. But, I stand corrected. This story has explanations for everything, so I can't really pick on something. Their feelings are described in a good way, and the guilt they must feel isn't left out. And, it's good that the story spans over the years, and is still kept somewhat canon. -VG

Oh, cool, Samantha Wildman story! I seem to recall you (or was it someone else?) talking about how you didn't think Sam and Joe Carey were a believable couple, especially since they were never onscreen together. Which made sense to me. But you've made a good story out of this--it's very believable that they might end up "together" like this after both missing their spouses and talking and becoming friends. I don't know if Sarah and Greskredtregk would actually be OK with it--and I'm glad you do show that they're hurt by the relationship--but I really liked your POV of Samantha, and how she talked about being a single mom on Voyager. I always wished for more screentime for her. Also, I wanted to say that in general, I really like your stories! I recently discovered your website, and have been browsing happily all this week. :-) --Nenya Culariel

Engaging plot, great development of characters over time... Excellent incorporation of events from various episodes over the seasons. A wonderful read-- thanks Spiletta! :) -Kaitz

I've read this story once before and just reviewed it again; I must admit that I enjoyed this story... mainly (but not only) because this story shows that everyone on Voyager -even in the lower ranks- were not perfect. It also shows that both Joe and Sam still love their respectable mates, despite the fact that they'd spent time in someone else's arms. -- peacejaw

Beautiful story. Very loving and real. -- Fingers

That was beautiful. It will be hard to watch the series now without putting that secret romance in the background. Well done. --TrekkieGirl

Oh, oh. Wow. This is really, really good. Not just because it explores consequences, not just because you showed their torment, not just because Sam waited until she was married (which Paramount would have us believe nobody does), and not just because you traced their relationship from beginning to end. There's something beautiful about this piece that is hard to describe, but I think it's because you've taken such a human approach to it. It's not all good or bad, it just is. -JadziaKathryn

Author's comment: Thank you JadziaKathryn for one of my all-time favorite reviews!

it's so rare to find Carey/Wildman fics but yours is fantastic! very heartbreaking at the end, but neat that Gres (i honestly can't spell his name to save my life!) forgave Sam! hope to see more in the future -- Cheile

Wow .... Very believable and heartbreaking ... well done. -- voyfan

I really enjoyed this story. I always felt Sam was overshadowed by Naomi, and I enjoyed the fact that she got some attention! I liked her portrayal in your story. I also enjoyed your portrayal of Joe, and knowing he would die in the show made it all the more poignant. This was an affair that I could understand; you did a great job at demonstrating their conflicting emotions. I loved the final conversation between the women. You did a wonderful job of portraying their guilt and love, in such a way that I felt sorry for both of them! Nicely done. -- CF

For Mix and Match:

"We lack interlocking genitals." *snort* Also, I love this line: "E'elnats smiled. "Now was that so hard?" I've always asked myself the same question... Good job! -Squirrelly

Now, this is one strange story! And still, it's actually believable. The last scene, where J/C admits that they are in love, seems to come a little quick. Though, the last line, where the alien says; "Now was that so hard?", is terrific! Isn't that what every J/Cer wanted to say to TPTB during the entire show? That was a really good point. -VG

You certainly had me laughing! -Dakota

Very very nice!!! I really liked this one. - Crystal

Great tag line! "Now, was that so hard?" LOL I love the 'powerful alien wants to know about the crew's mating habits' stories and this one was fun to read. Loved Seven's line about not having interlocking genitles. Were you tempted to take this story in a different direction? Fun story. -Molly

Great story, but the ending was just so-so. It was a great story concept though :D -- Lily

The point of every Star Trek episode is that there is some moral or ethical dilemma to sort out. I don't see one here. The writing is above average, though, and keeps the reader involved. B-. -- Damien

For Yesterday:

Wow! This was a very dramatic drabble! I enjoyed the parallelism of all the "yesterdays", and I thought it was neat how you used the same word to hint at a happy ending. Well done! -Squirrelly

This story makes people think about what you (the author) mean. Reading between the lines... That's refreshing, and it's a good choice. And, the choice of making this a drabble was the best you could have done. It's exactly the right length. - VG

For Freedom of Choice:

Spiletta, this was terrific. A well deserved placing for sure. So much warmth, honesty, and such a lovely easy feel to it. Nothing contrived. Beautifully done. Nice to see both of them behaving like intelligent, mature, caring adults. Super job, Spi.- bt

Lovey. Perfect scene between them. -- seleney_x

very nice and sweet. -- aleja21

For Quiche and Real Men:

Okay...so I didn't wait for you to tell me you changed your mind and didn't want me to read it. As I expected, it was wonderful! - Alanesian

I loved it. Great use of ice cream in an erotic way. :) -- Listersmate

Great Story! Of all the J/C's I've read this is the best! - MiniJaneway

wonderfully yummy -- aleja21

FOR Education:

I'm glad you wrote this fic. It was wonderful. Chakotay had to learn his skills somewhere. I'm glad it was Sveta and not Seska *shiver, that cold hearted woman*. - Jessica

The Rocking Horse??? lolol, you stole that from Bri, and she invented it! You're sprung! Nice fic, I like the ending best - when he says I love you and she disagrees. *puts on beta hat* Lot of he and she sentences in it, but even so, it's wonderfully hot and a very clever idea. - Shayenne

Great story. I think your right, Janeway would like her. - Donna

Author's comment: Yes, I took the Rocking Horse from Brianna. It's one of the most memorable, and recognizable, sex scenes in fanon and I think the reference to it was one of the things that made my fic work. I did tell Bri I took it, of course. --Spiletta42

I thought it was really good and I always enjoy ones based whilst the charecters were at the academey since there isn't many about. -- Anonymous

For Secret Lives of Super Heroes:

DOOM WARS I: THE DOCTER OF EVIL! Doctor Doom is sadder becase of the FANTASTIC 4 doom he todoom the city! "I hate the Fantastic FOUR!!!" But Doom have a gave to who? "The Force with you! Force like STAR WARS but whiteout Star I call this wars DOOM WARS!" (DEATH VADER them play) AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! A-plus -- Joshua

Yours is the only fic of its kind I have found on the entire internet. Thank you. It is very nice. -- littleredhat

Cool fic i wish i could do that. it really makes me want to be a mutant lol. -- Lou

For Vigil's End:

Sweet. very sweet. pity it's a drabble. you should build on it. take it further, I smell a deep and meaningful fic here. - Admiral Kat

Very nice... simply stated, nothing complicated about it. You are loved. Makes me sigh a happy sigh. - Dawn

I remember the good feeling this drabble gave me. Warmth and contentment are among them. I'm looking forward to your next fic, Spi. - Jadie

Lovely, just lovely. Sigh. I can see it happening just this way, too. Sigh. I do admire those who can pack so much feeling into just 100 words. Sigh. - Karen B.

It's nice but so untrue! I wish they did get together but she would never admit her feelings for Chakotay (unless she is suffering from Oxygen Deprivation like B'Elanna was! ;-) ) -- Me

For Yours Now And Always:

Wonderful! This one gave me a couple laughs even. :) -- Mriana

Excellent story. I liked the fact that Chokotay never gave up. Perfect for Valentine's Day. -- Jan

The mouseover is diabolically clever! -- Anne Rose

Just what I needed for Valentines Day, A wonderful sweet fic. Great story, -- Joanie

I totally loved that mouseover!! 'Twas ingenious... I wish I was that computer literate *grins*!!! I can't tell you how much I loved that story... great characterisation and it just totally made my day! I love it!! So thanks heaps for a wonderful, wonderful story!! *^_^* Ellen *^_^*

Spiletta42: Oh my -- you've really presented a 'rosy' picture here with the way Neelix has, in his usual fashion, totally overdone the Valentine theme --- I can picture all of this so clearly. And I liked the idea of Chakotay having a 'secret' place where he stored his letters and poems. (How about another story -- where KJ discovers all of these? *bg* Or had she in this story, and that's why she met him like she did in his cabin?) Now... off to the recycler with all these streamers and balloons... ha, ha! -Delta Story

That was sooooooo cute!!! I love mushy stuff. Keep them coming and CC will be one happy little J/C Camper. --Captain_Crystal

Very sweet! And thanks for the ability to change the red to gray. -- Mia

Author's comment: Yeah, I liked the mouseover better than the fic too! -- Spiletta42

For Those Who Wait:

All I can say is WOW! Absolutely wonderful, just... perfect. Keep up the great work! -- Heather

For Angles:

I absolutely love the last line!!!!!!!! Wonderful little story (but i think she should give him that child that he wants... yup, that's what I think). And a very clever way to incorporate angles. Did you notice that you were the only one to do so? Smart Spi. - Dawniewanie

I thought it was scary, it reminded me of maths. Hehehe. No, I really thought it was a very good fic, Spi. I really enjoyed reading it. I didn't even mind being reminded of maths, so there you go. -- Bluegothygirl

I loved it, very funny and the interaction with Naomi was really sweet. -- Quadrantje

IT IS GREAT!!! continue it though I want to know what happens at dinner if they get together, you said somthing about children?? PLEASE go on! please e-mail me if you decide to update it! -- LJ

I love it and yes i have read it at least at dozen times but i still love it as much as when i first read it. please dont have a go at me for only giving you feedback now. LOL. i love your work and it is funny. -- Kat (Mini B THE Killer Queen)

It was really sweet. I really like Naomi, and this seemed just like her character. -- Marie

You may have lost the contest with this but it one a place in my heart. I loved all of the characters interaction and man do I wish I had the command duo as my math teachers maybe geometry would of made sense and I wold of passed it with something higher than a C average ;) -- aleja21

For House Call:

Hey I happen to like fluff! And I love the banter back and forth and of course the subtle romance. I enjoy reading your stories and always look forward to when a new one is posted. -- Chrissie

A+ for the dialogue AND the fluff! And it wasn't completely without plot as you described. They get together... that's enough plot for me! The dialogue really is wonderful. It flowed very well and I never got confused who was saying what (sometimes that happens in heavy dialogue). Put a smile on my face! :o) -- Dawn

Very good!! I love fluff. Atleast tasteful fluff, like this one! -- Rose Vaughn

OH MY GOD! WHO CARES ABOUT FLUFF? THIS WAS SO ROMANTIC! Ahem. Anyway, it touched me...reminded me of how my love and I got together...yes we had a fluffy get-together. I liked this too much I think...I want a sequel with Seven and the Doctor. -- crusherjaneway

Fluff; but with a suprising, subtle depth below the surface. You took some fanfic cliches and made them fresh and new. Very well done! -- Daybreaq()

Great story, Spi! Really loved it. -- Donna

What a great piece! It's fun to see that StarFleet officers are human and do get struck by the ordinary things in life, like a cold. Wish I had an EMH that could make me feel better within a matter of seconds. The story was true to the characters and went well with cannon.
"I want to do dirty things with you," she said. - I enjoyed the fact that our captain is more aggressive and somewhat focused on the sex, whereas Chakotay is more the romantic. A role reversal and it fits.
"Kathryn." She grinned. "Is that all you can say?" "That is the most beautiful word that I know." - I love this line. It's one of those lines that makes you sigh at the pure romantic factor of it.
And there was humor too. Which I always like to see in a story. My favorite - when she sneezes after their first kiss. "Phenomenal," he promised. "I've got a few old Maquis tricks I've been saving." - Another great line.
The page itself is very pleasing to the eye as well. Great job! And I love this feedback form - what an awesome idea. -- SuzieQ2

Excellent! Who would want to flame you anyway? Except maybe non J/C fans, and then you did warn them so why would they even be reading? Great story, had me laughing all of the way through, what are you talking about there was no plot? There was a great plot! Keep it up :) -- allie34

Ah, the lengths Kathryn will go to for her crew. :-) Cute, and I can imagine Necheyev's reaction to it all. - Anne Rose

Love it! Absolutely wonderful! I especially love that response from Chakotay 'It's the most beautiful word that I know'. Great! -- Quadrantje

When I read this...I must confess that I have a cold too. So well done...I wish you could write more. -- Verlita

Ahh so sweet! What a lovely story! It soothed my hopeless romantic soul:) PLease should continue it! -- Mareterna

This is definately one of my favorite J/C stories on Yes, it's a bit short, but at the same time it shows a side of Janeway and Chakotay that the show didn't get into much, but at the same time remains totally believeable and authentic. It's a wonderfull story, beautifully written, and, although definately a fluff story, not extremely mushy. A very hard feat to come by... Excellent work! -- Bill Green

Adorable! I especially like the line about Tuvok coming all the way to earth to interrupt them... -- MadgeM

LOL a rather silly love story :) -- Ayjah

Oh my this is so nice and fluffy that I absolutely love it. -- aleja21

For Vulcans Don't Blush:

I read the story last night, and I really enjoyed it. Vorik is an underused character, and never seems to get the girl until now. Thanks for writing it. -- Elorie

I think it [Vulcans Don't Blush] is one of your best ever. Your characterization is spot on. You capture them how I imagined them true to the series but with the freedom of being home. I am so glad Vorik finally got something to do -- other than Pon Farr I mean, I thought he was a great character and underused in the series. The only little quibble I had was that...people who had not read your other stuff or the Homecoming books would not know of Harry's involvement with Campbell or more importantly, the incident at the Academy with the cadet and Icheb, so would not understand the motivation behind him being the messenger. A very small niggle I know but the story is so good. Thank you. -- Cath

That was brilliant! I loved the 'you're positively green' comment! More, pleaase? -- GitaMerah

Excellent adventure story with enough good character interaction to make it interesting. Great dialogue also. Very, very nice! -- Daybreaq

Loved the story. Well done, and good luck in the contest. -- The Libran Iniquity

I got hooked on this! Great fic. -- Keanna

Very enjoyable. You kept all of the stories going very well and the result was better than any of them separately. -- CAM

You know, the one criticism of this fic I have is that it's too darn short. -- Kim

I am amazed that you could take so many pairing and weave them together into a coherent entertaining adventure story. You made me wish this was much longer...a novel even....I wanted to explore each relationship more. But if you had, the tight and flowing action of the story would have been compromised. Well done, all around.

I must also congratulate you on the handling of the Vulcan psyche. You have given a far more compassionate view of them than the current 'Enterprise' has done. They have all the studied wisdom, the deep (for lack of a better term) humanity, the sense of inate justice....in short...all the virtues that made us love Vulcans in the first place.

Also wonderful was the Vulcan/Human humor, that subtle tongue in very logical cheek humor. Such a light touch. Brava!

Thanks for a grand story. -- Roses

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. :) I loved the interaction between the EMH and 7. I also liked the joke Janeway attempted to make when she discribed her crew as chicks. lol That was good. The best was about Vulcans blushing. :) Good job! :) -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

LOVED IT! Perfect. Wouldn't change a thing. grade -- Lizzyshoe

Very well done; I really enjoyed it. Vorik is one of my favourite characters, by the way! -- Poison Rose

Great Story, I loved the way you combined so many aspects together with an exciting plot. -- GI Janeway

I liked it. I really liked it! I enjoyed the way you worked in "canon" from the series and books. My only critic is that the villians seemed a bit too hmm... convienient? plastic? I can't find the right word... sorry... But overall and enjoyable read. -- Mia

Very good story, Spiletta. I liked the bits with Vorik himself the best. Good job getting into the Vulcan mind. I loved Vorik and his father's conversation. I would like to see what dad says now. I wonder if Lyssa can corrupt him? ;-) - Anne Rose

Yeah; I absolutly adore Vorik! So please, any more stories about him would be perfectly fine with me. :) -- Smiley

I like this story. -- Sonar

Spi, I read this story before, loved it then, loved it again. Very, very well done! -- Brianna

Hey, just read this the other night, and wanted to say that I really enjoyed it. Vorik rocks! As do the others. I liked the scenes with Tuvok's daughter, for some reason, and I *loved* the parts with Sam and Lyssa and Naomi. So sweet and cool and fun! Keep on writing! :D --Nenya

Great story. Loved the way many themes come together to create an exciting plot. -- GI Janeway

Very well written - where can I find more of your work? -- CatC

I really enjoyed this... -- don

Whoa, this story is like Tom Clancy does Star Trek Fanfic, lol. By that I mean, very well-written and interesting, but way too many names and things going on at once for me to be able to know what the heck is going on, because I'm bad for that sort of thing. But Vorik and Lyssa got together at the end so I'm very happy. M, Vorik. -- Mallory20

Funny, sweet, action-filled, and just great. I really loved this story and enjoyed it very much. The only things I can think of to comment on are that it has a bit to much scemes, which makes it a bit difficult to follow some times and that Tuvok played a relatively small roll in here, considering that his capture led to all this. I was impressed with how you portrayed Vorik and his family, very interesting. -- Quadrantje

Great story!!! Both accurate in terms of character and plot. Its a great read, well done! -- Cookie

WOW! What a story Spiletta. -- Mriana

I really enjoyed this the first time around that I read it Spiletta, and I enjoyed it just as much the second (and third...) Can't wait for the sequel! I'll be watching! ~ Dwyer

"Are chickens a particularly reckless species?" Quite the funniest thing I have read for a while and so Tuvok. Well done Spiletta this is an excellent story and I am really looking forward to reading the sequel. - Cath

Very funny, I really like it!! This is the first time I read it, and I'm looking forward to the sequel. Thanks! -- Rosa

Looking forward to the sequel to this story, Spiletta. Thanks for sharing. -- Hubble

Really nice, I would love to see some more like it. Maybe the lost hope of Paris when Janeway falls for Chakotay or something. The way this was written it seems that Janeway was a little to oblivious to Tom, but hey, she isn't exactly hopeless. If any of this makes any sense to you, I hope it helps in whatever your future writing might entail. -- Marie

Author's comment: I'm confused, Marie. This fic is set well after Paris marries Torres, they have a child together, and are together in the fic. His crush on Janeway has been over for years. I meant to convey a very close and special friendship between the two, not something romantic. If this is a request of J/P fic, there's a ton of it at Jupiter Station. I might consider showing more of Paris's crush when I write fic set in the earlier seasons. -- Spiletta42

nice a pleasure to read -- maggie

ok that was a really good fic . i liked the vorik parts of the story . and the ending was cute . good job. -- RoMuLaNcHiC

Interesting Vorik part. I must confess that I only scanned through the others. But keep on writing! -- passionfruit1982

I love stories with Vulcans in it. This was a great one. Thanks. -- Epilachna

Excellent! I found the subplot about Vorik the most interesting personally, but the rest was very entertaining as well. I love your portrayal of the group dynamic! -- bloodredcherry

Loved it!!! Not sure how long ago this was posted but it was funny, touching, and just the right amount of action! A great follow up on Christe Golden's book, if that means much. :) Keep up the good work! -- Catherine

I loved it, low on angst but not completely fluffy, a good length too, all round good job. -- Moo Chapman

nicly done, can we get a sequil soon? I would love to find out what happenes to Vorik . .I am a Vorik fan what can I say more? -- Garden Mary

For Summer Squall:

Summer Squall is a very good drabble! - Dawn

For Kessel Run:

I liked the mixing of the two shows. And you didn't just go word for word for either. Good job and it was funny. I loved the line "If you kill us both I want a divorce," :-) so B'Elanna. -- Jadie

"If you kill us both I want a divorce," B'Elanna said. Wonderfully illogical statement! Great descriptions, loved the crossover with Star Wars and the surprise ending. -- Alanesian

This was good! I suspected a holodeck program when Han Solo appeared (surely Tom would have known who Han Solo was?!) but I still though that it was really funny. So was Janeway his match then? Good stuff. And I love the banter between Tom and B'Elanna: "We need to stay downwind of that thing." "There is no wind." "Are you going to argue with everything I say?" "I won't argue with that." -- Keanna

Creative. Very creative. And now I know what Kessle Run means, too. However, I was all ready for Janeway to negotiate with Darth for the release of her officers. Would Darth stand a chance against Janeway??????? --Dawn

I enjoyed writing it, and I enjoyed reading it. -Spiletta42

This was great. The blending of Trek and Star Wars was so funny. --Donna

Oops - I understood this crossover. Next time, let's see Tom and Han go head to head. -Dakota

I really like seeing Tom get what he deserves. Thank you for writing such funny story. And for making B'elanna keep a straight face through it all. Tom getting being the subject of a joke? I'm always for that. -- Intala

I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but you have B'Elanna and Tom fitting in very well. :) Good job. -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Loved this story - where can I find more of your writing? -- CatC

I really enjoyed this one, poor Tom! -- Keanna

think it's a really good story. I almost feel sorry for Tom. Almost.... Peace -- Eos

big evil grin -- Natters

Love it! Very funny, very interesting twist at the end. Although, I'd expected a comment about Tom's love for the 20th century. -- Quadrantje

Hello, Spiletta,
I am Kriszta from Hungary, and I am a fan of Star Trek: Voyager. I like reading fanfictions in English (there aren't much in Hungarian, unfortunately), although it is not my first language. I even have my own Star Trek: Voyager Hungarian fanfic page, full of my translations from English into Hungarian. I would like to publish your story "Kessel Run" - which I read with great delight and translated into Hungarian - on my page, of course with your name attached as author, and link to your e-mail address and other stories at ff.net. But I need your permission.
Please, give me an answer!
Best wishes: Kriszta

Author's comment: Permisson granted. Find her site here.

lol, I love this, its very original. my favorite line was, "If you kill us both I want a divorce," lol, genious, and kudos for doing such a good job. -- Simple Enigma

Fantastic! I only wish there was more interaction between Paris and Han Solo - two cocky pilots... yumm :) -- yannik

Fun! I enjoyed the witty banter between all the characters. -- LadyMaquis

Love it. I love combining Star Wars and Star Trek Voyager. I also love how jealous Tom got of Han Solo flirting with B'Elanna. -- supernaturallylost

For Ripple Effect:

Too absurd for words. I loved it. -- Molly

Nice twist to 'try to take over the whoooolled' --Intala

A brilliant essay depicting the lives of two lab rats in outer space. -Dawn

Disturbing - Dawn

LOL! Pinky and the Brain, I remember that! This is so funny, certainly original! . . . together they floated towards the ready room door. "there's something i've always wanted to try in zero gravity," she said. Oh yeah?! ;o) --- Keanna

Why wasn't this in humor? It was funny! -Dakota

I pulled something laughing. I hope that means this is funny, and not that I'm insane. I love this even if it turns out I'm the only one. -Spiletta42

So cute. So very Amusing. -- Admiral Kat

I had to laugh when I read this one. I wondered why you didn't use this one in the humor category. I love Pinky and Brain and you did it well. -- Jadie

Okay, this story is just plain old kooky. I love it. And the redundant metaphors at the beginnings of some of the paragraphs cracked me up. -- Squirrelly

*Mriana is still dancing to the Disco music.* OK I'll stop, but only to give you feedback. :) I love Pinky and Brain, but I wonder when a cat is going to come a long and.... Never mind. lol Great little story. :) Do you have any more like these? If you do, I'd love to read more about Pinky and the Brain on Voyager. It's really cute. -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

This was really funny! -- Keanna

LOL Very funny, I'd like to see Janeway come into contact with these two!! -- Red

its great :) -- din diddy dums

The story is quite funny and very well written and I will look forward to other story written by you but I didn't get the ending and why brain gave up. -- Liberty Paige

This story was certainly interesting. Maybe it's just because I'm tired or something, but I didn't quite get the ending. -- Jesse Shearer

Author's comment: The ending was too subtle, and I've actually gone back and ammended it. Brain gave up because while everything went according to plan, the crew didn't panic. Several episodes of the cartoon had this sort of ending, and they are a bit ambigious too. --Spiletta42

Very nicely written. I am not generally a cross-over fan, nor do I care so much for Voyager, but I adore Pinky And The Brain. Your episode was totally in the true spirit of P&TB, and I could imagine it vividly as I read it. Your Beta did a great job. Two thumbs up! -- Rayna16

This is the best fanfic I've read for Pinky and the Brain! It seemed like it could be an actual episode! Very funny, clever storyline, and Pinky and the Brain were very in character! Great job! (Sniffs) I wish that show still came on . . . -- Faye Spiegel

OMG, this is the best crossover EVER. Pinky and the Brain was the best cartoon I ever watched, and Voyager! It was hilarious! You should write more of these about the mice trying to take over the ship. You should have them reprogram the replicators to produce shiny pants or something every time someone wants to eat!^^ well done!! -- Linwe Ringeril

That was freaking awesome! It's about time those leola roots were good for something. -- fmapreshwab

Hi I read your story. This is totally like the Pinky and The Brain that I used to watch. I like at the end how you implied that the Captain and the First Mate have sex while the gravity is off. Well I'm done. TTFN Ta Ta For Now. -- P.M.Hall

For Institutionalized:

WOW. I'd be going mad if I was stuck like that as well. Very good story kept me reading through every frustrating moment Janeway had *vbg* -- Gynji

You had me crying after the first page... great drama, very realistic. -- Intala

Holy edge of my seat! I was getting just as frustrated reading it as the characters were portrayed to have been. I would have like a more in depth explanation at the end, but that's mostly 'cause I'm nosy and sometimes too detail-oriented. This story has a pretty high 'suck-you-in' factor....I hope you write more -- Arya

Engaging plot, great deep characterization, well written, generally awesome and lots of good stuff. --Spiletta42

Scary, very scary - it all happened so easily ... -- Amanda47

I can't believe how incredibly cruel you can be to Janeway. What makes it so cruel to me is that it's absolutely believable. Great job done on that! I'm a sucker for the comfort afterwards part in stories though... so I would have liked to have seen that part worked out a bit more. But I can imagine that after writing that whole thing you wanted to finish it. It's just my personal preference. --Intala

Talk about scary! Loved the way you did this. --Donna

Love the wit, love the sarcasm, love the hurt... wish there was more comfort there at the end. But great plot and very original. I don't think I've read anything like it. And there was actual building of characters... quite nicely done too. We don't often create characters in J/C stories, but you did this well. Oh.... and in anonymous contests, perhaps you shouldn't be quoting Grandpa Henley. (raising a cyber eyebrow) --Dawn

Wonderful story. I am a sucker for post 'Endgame' stories that are J/C in nature. This idea was original and well thought out. The timing of the 'scenes' was well done. Nice amount of angst with a lovely ending. I also like that you wrote neither graphic mistreatment or sex and still portrayed the ideas well. Only a full length novel could have treated this storyline any better. -Molly

This is a really different homecoming story, and I really enjoyed reading it. -- Lisa

I loved this post Endgame twist. Reading it, I wondered if you had spent time in such a facility, worked in the profession, or just watch too many 'asylum' movies. You have a good feel for the characters, writing them in an extreme situation, but still 'true to character'. -- Molly

The storyline is great! Only the progress of is seems a little far-fetched at times... i haven't really figured out, why Starfleet was dreading that counselor so much. how come, she had that much power?! and how come adm. paris got her out that fast all of a sudden?! (i'd missed that part in the story.) why would they and have coffee out in public just after she got to walk out of the institute?! she didn't even have a brake-down of any kind. no ranting, no threatening the admiralty... and whatever happened to that "sweetie" nurse?! i think the ending seemed awfully fast. i loved little humorous things like "The nurse started making train noises. Janeway wondered who would crack first under such treatment: B'Elanna or Seven." bwuahaha! totally in character! the nurse ticked me off. awesome! -- tinker

This was a fabulous story; doubtless one of the best J/C fics I've ever read, and with a truly original plot line. Well done. -- Squirrelly

Verry good,thanks -- Vossi

I've worked in on a psych ward before and was burnt out in a few years, but your psych institution! Oh my! Remind me not to work there! lol Serious, you had me glued to this story wondering when the heck they were going to get KJ out of there. I have to be up at 6 am too and it's 2:30 now. Goes to show how good it was. :) My favourite line of the story: Janeway glared at her. "I've faced the Borg Queen. You're nothing but a schoolyard bully." She nodded at the two security guards. You made KJ rock with those lines! :) So, true those words are too. Good job! Now I'm going to get some sleep and catch up on the rest of your stories as soon as I can. :) -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Wow, that was incredible ^_^ The writing style was impeccible, the whole thing was just... at least the quality of a published novel. I hope you write more =) -- Stoko

Amazing story. I reviewed this earlier when someone else pretended it was theirs. This was so well written. -- Sandra

This is one of the best fics I have read and I've read a fair few! I am so glad that someone has actually written something longer than a couple of thousand words, it definately keeps ya interested!! :) -- Becka

I liked this one when I read it on Ripples Spi. Extremely well done. I think it's one of my all time favorites! -- Captain_Crystal

As it's now 3am, don't expect a coherent review.
This is insanely long and torturous, but absolutely wonderful! Dark and disturbing, certainly... but my word, the ending's worth it. Fantastic! -- T'eyla Minh

I enjoyed reading this. Even though the institution part was a little chilling at times, it was very well told and made a good story. -- Keanna

Poor Kathryn, I could kill the nurses myself Very well written and enjoyable Spiletta. -- Red

Sometimes I was chilled to the bones reading this story, but I liked it nonetheless. I'm glad there is a happy ending, though. Thanks. Peace -- Eos

Very clever, Spi! A very enjoyable read, SWEETIE!! LOL. I wonder where you did the research for this story? LOLOL. Glad the evil councilor got her come-uppance in the end. She reminded me of someone.... *bats eyelashes innocently*. Thanks for writing. -- Shayenne

very thorough. and, may i add, a very interesting read. quite different from any j/c i've read, and quite quite enjoyable. many thanks! -- India

I just read this story like 2 days ago or something for the first time. I couldn't stop (Although I had to wake up 3 hours after I finished to go to work....ooops) I loved it. Great job:) -- Anna

Amazing! Kudos and cookies. -- LesserKnown

This was absolutely amazing. The characters were so well done, and the plot was great. And your portrayal of the treatment of mentaly ill people by others is so true - and incredibly terrible. I'm so glad everything worked out in the end :) This is going on my list of favourite stories. It's brilliant. -- Sarah

I can't put into words how powerful this story is. I'm absolutely blown away by the skill of your writing, both in your particular organisation of words and the psychological element. The plot is astonishing, so creative and frightening but brilliantly devised at the same time. And you have Kathryn and Chakotay down perfectly. I've bookmarked this page! :) Congratulations on the best J/C fic I've read in a very, very long time. And thanks! -- MaggieKJ

This was awesome! It was a brilliant story, the characterization was wonderful, and the plot was so good that I couldn't stop reading! Please continue writing, this is pure genius! -- PhantomoftheOpera

interesting. almost drove me crazy just reading it. that's a GOOD thing. really. the ending was a little sudden. i think it started to go downhill right after admiral paris got back from bajor. it would have been nice to see how the admiral got janeway out. i want to see whose butt he kicked to get his way! otherwise, great story. loved it. -- me

WOW..amázing storie!! keep writing! -- Marieke

It was really good, but I really did not think that there was enough adventure in Janeway escaping. It would have been better if she had to have escaped on her own and Chakotay was in the waiting room waiting to rush her home or something like that. I don't know, bu tI really liked it, though it was a little long. It took me about two hours to read and I consider myself to be a fairly fast reader. Anyways, thanks for the story, I really liked it. -- Marie

Author's comment: If you'd like adventure there's plenty in Thirty Six Hours and One and All. As for Janeway's escape, her victory comes not when she walks out, but when she walks back in and takes over.

Spiletta's J/C stories are excellent. "Institutionalized" reminds me of The Yellow Wallpaper--were you thinking of that when you wrote it, Spiletta? The crisp prose style is great. Just shows you don't need urple to be moving. --LoriP

Wow. That was pretty scary and disturbing. (But not in the badfic way.) You really made the reader feel what it was like to be held there, especially with the little details like Janeway's cold. The baby-talk was infuriating, as it was no doubt meant to be. I liked Tabitha and Emma and the others, and loved it when Janeway helped inspire them to start talking back. But the best part was when she stormed in as Admiral Janeway, and cleared the place out. The handyman who smuggled in her slippers was a hero, too. Best luck in future writing. Gotta say you were right--you *do* write better fic than the run-of-the-mill Suvian babyfic. But then I knew that already. Rock on, Spiletta! :D -- Nenya Kanadka

Very dark, but riveting. -- anna28

I loved it. -- CindaEdna

WOW! Such awesomeness! I am speechless! All I can say is WOO HOO! I loved it! -- Makenzi Lane

This story is fantastic and I've loved reading every minute of it. Once i started I couldn't stop. great job. -- aleja21

This story was amazing! Captain Janeway was completely in character! I love how she reacted to the nurses and how they treated her! Excellent job! Keep up the good work! -- Lise

Author's comment: I did extensive research for this fic, but that did not include getting myself locked in a padded room. I'm very glad to have made some of you wonder, though! I have several friends who work in the mental health field, and the antagonists in this story are amalgamations of every complaint they've ever made about a coworker. --Spiletta42

For Entertainment Value:

Ummm wish I had a Chakotay hologram to play with. Nice story.-- Joanie

Great story. I agree with Kathryn, though. Would much rather have the real thing. -Donna

Interesting idea and a really good story -- Gynji

A creative way of helping Kathryn realize that she can have the holo-romance of her dreams (literally). And even better that she decided that she would probably be more in control if she just acted on it in real life. All that second-guessing his every action and non-action on the bridge was no doubt more distracting than if she made out with him in the ready room on occassion. Oh... and nice job with the basking stuff. Lovely literary comparision stuff. And that first sex scene... Empty, yet fulfilling. And the second scene... sweaty, yet extremely fulfilling. :D -- Dawn

Alright Chakotay! What a great story! -- Amanda47

A good way to deal with Fair Haven/Micheal and a different way to get them together. -- Lauren

Most realistic holosex ever with excellent characterization. -- Spiletta42

Great story, good character portrayal. I thought you got Kathryn's guilt complex to a T as well as Chakotay's almost unconditional love. -- Cath

I loved that you had KJ delete the character rather than have her lie with him in the afterglow. I could see her getting to this point and doing just that. -- Molly

Definately one of my favourites. I can appreciate a steamy encounter... even if it's with a hologram. -- Intala

"If she could give him this, then what exactly was stopping her from all the rest?" Great way of expressing the turning point. "They tumbled onto the bed and were briefly interrupted by a short yet decisive battle with the tangled sheets. " Nice bit of comic relief in a steamy scene. -- Alanesian

This is good! I like the way that Kathryn appreciates the things that Chakotay has the the hologram didn't (like his scent) and, of course, the way that she chose him over the hologram! -- Keanna

brilliant story. Great slant how Chakotay deals with his jealosy with love -- Cath

Reading this fic made me decide to go back to the Official J/C Story index...and I have to thank you for this, because it was absolutely wonderful. :) I miss Voyager, and the fanfic is great to read. You did a terrific job on this one! Can't wait for more. At the moment, I'm reading 'Quiche and Real Men', from the Index. :) It's great! ~Manda

WOW! That was a great little story! I was so happy when KJ finally visited the real Chakotay and not the holodeck one. :) This one was better than the last one. Thanks for sharing. -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Great story Spiletta, very sweet. I enjoyed it a lot. -- Red

I liked how the Holodeck sex was hollow and Janeway realized that. -- Anne Rose

Impressive depth in this one. You showed so much of Janeway with just a few scenes, adding to the character, but never changing her. Well done. -- a fan

Whew, good title, I was entertained. :D Great story. I'm in favor of J/C! -- Artemis

very nice. -- aleja21

Author's comment: Looking back, I'm very pleased with how this one turned out. My goal was to write sex scenes that illuminated characterization and moved the plot, and couldn't simply be replaced with 'They made love til dawn.' I think this one managed it. --Spiletta42

For Closure:

Not sure on eppy add on, cause it's been years since I've seen it. But as a stand alone piece it's great. -- aleja21

For Shattered Rules:

lol Love the use of the eumphemism about the "corners." Good story. -- Mizvoy

Hi Spiletta, I love the timing of them getting together... but I don't really like the 'mitered corner' metaphor... I think it's been used a bit too much. But hey, that's me... Love, Intala

Wonderful, Spiletta. :) I like this one the best so far. -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

short. sweet. perfect. -- Lilly

For The Klingon Sex Manual:

OMG! ROTF! You captured the doc so perfectly! And it was even better for me because I just finished taping Someone to Watch Over Me for a friend. The doc's slideshow to Seven on dating and procreation... I loved the way your humor was understated throughout the story - Twelve? Twelve? Twelve? Tom didn't know if he could write one. and Not helpful. He needed something romantic. Khamlet was not romantic. He continued to skim. and Just when she thought she'd run out of ways to be inventive, the fates chose to bless her. She grinned. Maybe she'd even manage to eclipse the night with the handcuffs and the feather. When she finished with Dalby he wouldn't be able to walk for a week. ~ LOL! I'm glad Dalby's finally happy! :D
I do find it hard to believe that Tom would forget about the PADD and go to the holodeck with Harry, though. Tom skimmed over the details on the musculature of the tongue, which included comparative anatomy from five different Alpha Quadrant humanoid species. He'd never look at Bolians the same way again. ~ giggling madly! Oh, Chell.... and I hear he can cook, too. The perfect man! and the crowning glory - He made a mental note to not mention that memory to B'Elanna. ~ if he knows what's good for him, he'd better not mention ANY memories to B'Elanna! A fun read, thank you. I was just whining to a friend of mine that I needed new P/T smut :D I think this story is going into 'canon in my universe' as the Klingon Sex Manual so often mentioned, but never confirmed by the official Trek writers. (I consider them fanfic writers who get paid). -- Birca.

Outstanding! Loved the way you portrayed Tom and his possible concerns about not being able to satify a Klingon Woman. Very creative.....and very hot! Well done!!! -- capt31

I loved that - what a hoot and I don't even like P/T much. The more episodes I watch on video, the more I think B'Elanna belongs with Harry. Thanks for an enjoyable couple of hours. -- Mandy

Wonderful-- I laughed out loud at Tom's reactions to the Doctor's words-- that was great! He learned his lessons well too! and of course the ending to feed my little J/C heart-- Great read! -- KJ

I had a good laugh reading this one. Thanks. Peace, Eos

Oh, this was sooo funny! My husband kept asking why I was laughing so much Great job, Spiletta -- MzDaniela

This is really good and so funny! And, of course, I love the J/C part at the end! -- Keanna

lol great story, so funny!!! Keep up the great writing! ~*~ Venixa ~*~

Hysterical. Have you pitched it to Paramount? - a fan

Its crap and didnt involve details of klingon gang rape name --Freddy KRugeR

Well, Freddy, that's because Klingons consider rape to be dishonorable, as you would see had you actually read the fic. --Spiletta42

Oh my , I am a female klingonian and I found this to be soooo stimulating . . . [censored for adult content] . . . I wish I could find myself an available klingon warrior to break my clavicle. -- bellana torres

I think I shall have to remember some of that for my boyfriend and I. We're huge Klingon enthusiasts, if that gives you a detailed enough picture. -- Draygon

This is great. I really enjoyed reading and learning. -- Kes'tarah K'Mara

I found this to be rather entertaining. As a matter of fact I thought it damn funny, you sir or madame do good work. -- Rear Admiral James R. Martin

came across your article - actually funny & high spirited. -- Richie

wow -- me

Wow. You must have an incredibly active sex life :). [edited for personal revelations and adult content] How do you do it? How did you find a partner willing and able to "polish your betleH"? Send me some tips, will you? I'd be eternally grateful. tIhIngan maH! -- Cool Yankee

It's fiction. Carefully researched fiction. Please, people, you're going to hurt yourselves! -- Spiletta42

I'm glad you posted this, Spi. I was really hoping you would. I call it recommended reading. It's very interesting and not just good, it catches your attention. :) -- Mriana

LOL, I loved it! -- Tricia/S'Belle

This still brings a smile to my face no matter how many times I read it. -- Mandy

Oh my! Thorough, great use of the canon, all my faves were very in character and yet the sex was hot and the humor funny. ***** Artemis

From a technical standpoint your observations and spectulations about Klingon anatomy and culture were excellent, at no point did I find it unbelievable. The asides from Paris' POV were witty and knitted the piece together well. ...And I'm sure I'm I'm not the only one who called him a 'lucky son of a bitch'. -- Brunnen G

Totaly fun very much SM. Yet just enough down to earth. Also eroticly in true Klingon stile. Like to see Klingon Caroma Suitura. May be bad spell but sure you get point. -- Deazon

awesome possum! -- betty bops

tlhLgan maH ! Like Gagh it is always better live. Qapla you have done very well. -- David / garaghQ

Alright,sorry, but I read this and just could not stop laughing. This was clearly, very spectacular. Two thumbs up.... and on another note.. OUCH! =) -- Johnny

I thought this was both informative and extremely funny pity there isn't a wedding guide just as informative. one that goes thru the process step by step in greater detail. -- martok

Well documented and so true! I salute you in the Klingon way. -- alevans51

That is the funniest thing I have read all day. All week. All year. All star date or whatever it's called. -- Anonymous

You know, I didn't turn out perfect, but if I show stuff like this to my parents and they start to think how I could have turned out? It gives them a warm feeling. -- Chasie

Absolutely bloody hilarious! Thanks for a great read. -- R

ZOMG I have never laughed so hard reading an erotic fic. And yet the characterization is really good too! Thank you for writing this. -- Tesseractive

Far f-ckin' out! Two corrections, though . . . [bomDI' IwwIj qaqaw = 'Iwwij] Klingon syllables always begin with a consonant, in this case the glottal stop, written with an apostrophe . . .
-- Dr. Whom, Consulting Linguist, Grammarian, Orthoëpist, and Philological Busybody
tlhIngan veQbeq marqem la'Hom -- Heghbej ghIHmoHwI'pu'! Subcommander Markemm, Klingon Sanitation Corps
Death to Litterbugs!

Thank you for a really fun read! -- BTW, I started with ST:TOS... in its original run. And your Klingon is excellent, much better than the shows' writers usually produce! Your grammar and vocabulary are impeccable, with only that one typo. -- Subcommander Markemm

Oh, ROFL! OK, this was great. Good job with the funny bits, not too much of the sex, and the last few scenes with the manual circulating among the crew, and then the reveal with Janeway and Chakotay, was a great wrap. :D -- AngiePen

For Ideals:

Just finished this one--very nice. heartbreaking when she started to read the padd and a bit scary that first morning when he (and me too) thought she might pull back again-- and of course as always hot sex! Yes!--emmm slipping back into dignified grandma mode....lovely story dear -- KJ

I really liked it, loved the way they were clumsy with each other, very original. Good luck with this and you other entries in comp. -- Maul Mistress

Pretty Nifty fic you got there. I don't think I read it in Blue Alert - didn't get around to many of those stories. Miss you! -- Dawn

This was my favorite. It seemed very realistic for me, with just the right amount of tension. - a fan

Very Very nice. I think its time for me to have a cold sonic shower. -- aleja21

For Questions:

I have just finished reading this. This is a really great, well written, thoroughly researched story. I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy reading a minor character tale as I tend to mostly stick to C/P. I would urge others to give it a go. There was only little thing - what is Ayala's name? I thought it was either Miguel or Gregor. Anyway, I went on and read two other stories 'Entertainment Value' and 'Klingon Sex Manual' - I loved that - what a hoot and I don't even like P/T much. The more episodes I watch on video, the more I think B'Elanna belongs with Harry. Thanks for an enjoyable couple of hours. -- Mandy

I've just read your story 'Questions' and like Mandy at the Chakotay Forever group I wasn't sure if I would take to it. But I did and enjoyed it tremendously. Not only was it well written but you amazed me with the technology. I'm interested in how you came about writing about these pairings. Are they actually mentioned in Trek or are they of your own making? -- Susie

I enjoyed this story very much, Spiletta. I remember, when I read "Pathways", that Jeri Taylor only touched on Noah and Brad, so it's nice to see a background story on them. Very nicely done!!! -- MzDaniela

This is exactly the sort of trash that comes from narrow-minded bigots. Anyone with any sense knows that by the twenty-fourth century homosexuals will be embraced, and they won't have to worry what others will think. In such an advanced and enlightened society, people will eagerly seek out casual sex with members of both sexes, and they won't be made to feel shame afterwards. I was highly offended by view you took of these characters. You took Star Trek back to the dark ages with this, and you should know better. -- [name removed]

Author's comment: The above reviewer asked that I not share the review. After much thought, I posted it anyway, but with the name removed. I happen to think that sex is a serious thing, and that it will always have emotional consequences, regardless of the century. It is clear from Star Trek canon that people in the twenty-fourth century still have emotions, and protocols regarding fraternization make it clear that sex hasn't 'evolved' into a meaningless sport. -- Spiletta42

You were robbed. There is no way this story should have gone without an award. It had more depth than anything else in the contest, or, for that matter, more than anything else in the Voyager fandom of late. All four characters were real, and realistically portrayed, and you managed to make the reader feel deeply for all four, something I didn't think possible, especially with such minor canon characters. Work of this quality should be rewarded, and I think there is something very wrong with the fact that this story was beaten . . . all of your entries showed hard work, attention to detail, and thoughtful characterization. The same cannot be said for the so-called 'winners' of the categories. This is not the first time I have noticed this trend with contests, but it is certainly one of the most glaring. -- a fan

An interesting character study. -- Alanesian

Nice little story, with original characters and faithful to canon. If it weren't for the same sex/explicit sex angle, it would be acceptable in any of those Star Trek fanfic compilations put out by Pocketbooks, which we all know is a subsidiary of Paramount Studios et al. Oh well, at least we get to enjoy it here! -- Slasherfem, who loves original characters (being one herself)

For Face Value:

Not a bit of drek here. Not at all. Very mushy gushy romance. :o) And you're right, the premise is a bit too close to mine. I'm glad I didn't read this before I finished mine.-- Dawn

This was wonderful. Truly. Clear, concise, and it flows in a slow, steady, sultry way that echoes the building emotions of the fic, too, carrying a reader "just so" from one sentence to the next. :-) I love it, thank you! -- LA :)

I loved it! It's short but it contained so much! I wonder what book it was she loaned him... Great idea about the coupons though. Makes me want to do something like that, not hugs or kisses, maybe messages of hope and blessings, put it in my books and send it out into the world. I'm a member of Bookcrossing.com and I have a couple of Voyager books which I'm going to put out somewhere, I think I might even print this story and slip it in with the books! -- Joanna

Awwwww. Nice. *g* -- Bratling

A nice bit of fluff--well written. -- CAM

As always spi, I am insanely jealous of your writing. I love your in jokes, no one does it better. Loved the Hallmark reference. The story was so sweet i needed an insulin shot, but a sugar overload story was exactly what i needed. Valentine's Day is evil... ;) Janeway shivers a lot. -- Admiral Kat

Spiletta, thank you for the lovely story. Having just endured a day at the office that was overrun with red hearts and goofy grins while being a "not-together," the way your story started almost had me in tears. That Chakotay was one that TIIC could never see but it's obviously the real one or there wouldn't be as many Voy fanfic writers as there are. He would protect not only Kathryn, but everyone else too. Thanks and I hope you had a great day -- Maimun

What a sweet story. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Very nice. -- Joanie

It was such an adorable story. How sweet! Thanks for the great story. I hope to read your new ones soon:-) -- yume

A great story. Not too long, yet long enough to give the reader that warm fuzzy feeling. I really enjoyed the emotions it was able to produce, such as the hateful feeling for the holiday, when you are alone. Everyone can relate to that even if they are in a relationship now. The coupon idea was genius and believable. I liked the fact that the crew had nothing to do with them finally getting together, it was "fate". Don't stop writing - we love the stories! love the feedback form too! -- SuzieQ2

Very Smooth ;) -- Arya

mmmmm...this is a nice take on how valentines day should go and I like it. -- aleja21

For Zero Gravity:

That's cute. And your sarcastic wit definitely shows through! -- Dawn

I liked it, thanks for the interesting humor of it. I think it should be a new episode, but unfortunately they aren't making anymore. If they decide to, I think you should submit this one as a suggestion. -- Marie

I like this one. I think the last time I've seen such nonchelant humour was when I re-read my Harry Potter books for the umpteenth time - only the English ones. Very funny. -- Quadrantje

very funny! -- Rosa

Funny little piece, Spiletta! Thanks for lighting up my day! -- Kate

Hello Spletta, I enjoyed reading this story, it's full of warmth. All the charecter's acted true to their charecter. I also liked the underlining humour. The way you brought them together was smooth, and belivable. Thank you for sharing. -- Hubble

Loved that Spiletta. Sounds a bit like my cooking Neelix's does. -- Cath

For The Quiet Type:

This is a wonderful story! Your sense of humor definitely comes through in Mortimer's thoughts. This was such a fabulous discussion of religion. I absolutely loved Mortimer being so sure that he could disprove God in an afternoon. That had me in stitches. Lots of things in this story had me in stitches. *Dawn applauds* -- Dawn

Spiletta? *gets down on one knee* I love you. Will you marry me? Yes, it was that good. -- Silmelas

As an open minded former Southern Baptist Christian this story was really fun to read. Your theology was right on. My daughter is about to begin her freshman year at Princeton. You reminded me of Joseph Campbell book as one I would like her to read. Thanks. -- Ellen Massey

This was quite enjoyable to read. Refreshing to read fanfic that isn't afraid to address Christianity. I have Rick Warren's book. It is awesome. -- Lila, the real one, not the copycat

That was a pretty amazing story (Quiet Type), and some very high sounding scientific words. Very impressive. I was also very impressed by your handling of the issue of faith/Christianity. It was wonderful to see a very fair presentaiton of things. More power to ya, kiddo. -- B

I really enjoyed this Spiletta. The dialogue was fabulous. Witty and intelligent. You must have done some extensive research for this. It flowed beautifully. I'm in awe of anyone that has any understanding of quantum physics. I thought you struck a perfect balance with the science/religion aspect of the story and you captured Harren so well. I imagine that was exactly what he was thinking of Janeway in Good Shepard. A great read. cheers -- elem

I really enjoyed this too Spiletta, I always thought not enough of the lower decks characters were explored especially the Maquis their back stories would have been so interesting. -- Cath

WOW!!! I love a "belowdecks" romance, and I like the way you brought the Command Couple *g* together! -- Brian

Me, I think you deserve credit for far more than simply putting the Mayan calendar and particle physics in the same story. Great characterizations, by the way. -- Blue Heron

I have just one word to give you here. OK, maybe two: SEQUEL!!!! Please???? -- Brian

I really did enjoy The Quiet Type. It was well done and brought forth some wonderful views and was extremely refreshing to see a new take on an old subject with out the preachness...

Thanks for posting this.... -- skyspirit

I loved it too Spiletta. -- monstermoof4me

very intriguing idea! nicely done. -- Cheile

though I'll admit I did get lost a couple times! You definitely have a flair for storytelling. I liked the effect on J/C too! I read several of your stories today ... maybe I'm the reason the site was down for 26 minutes! Thanks! -- CF

For Thirty Six Hours:

That's just all sorts of great. A bit implausible, but great. I love hurt/comfort stories and this one is a doozy. Very Macgyver-ish too. -- Dawn

This story is great, you'd better win something with it. Your use of technobabble is just the best, it was very believable and fit the story. I loved the adventure, it held my attention and I couldn't stop reading until the end. This is real science fiction adventure. It is well paced, and the action rings true. Thanks for writing this. -- Elorie

What a great story, Spiletta!! Think I need a dermal regenerator on my lower lip. I tend to bite it when reading or watching something thrilling. It's almost bleeding now... Thanks so much for sharing it! -- Kate

Great story Spiletta! I enjoyed it very much Thanks for sharing -- Rosa

Great story ... loved the dialogue! -- voyfan

Another great story - this was a fabulous read! Thanks again, and keep it up! -- mandy

A ripping yarn Spiletta, with some deft dialogue touches. I really enjoyed it - thanks! -- Audabee

Nice action! A good read! ~Saffron

I read it leaning forward in my seat, annoyed when anyone at home interrupted my reading. -- Brianna

Yawn. Same old stuff again. You never deliver a payoff. -- trekfan

I think I missed the part where Janeway and Chakotay were assimilated. They were drones, right? That is the only way to explain their utter lack of emotional depth. --reader

You're kidding, right? This failed to win an award? It was miles the best. Get out of this brainless fandom. What's the point of writing for an audience that couldn't recognize quality if it poked them in the eye? -- sevf2

You write...the best J/C stories. :) Honestly, they're sooo cute, and just what I needed to read today! :) -- Manda

Spiletta this is my kinda story. Pacy and exciting. Those Hirogen make great villains don't they? Thanks! -- PaulaRidgeway

interesting... -- chumozi

Great action, keeps the reader interested enjoyed your work -- lilblt

LOL the ending line is very cute - interesting chase and use of alien being :) -- Ayjah

Awesome story. great idea, well written. 'nuff said. -- smileatme

Hey. i thought this was a great story and exceedingly well written. thanx for sharing your work with us. -- Andrea

I know it's an older story, and you've probably had all the feedback you care to read, but please humor me. Thirty Six Hours represents one of the better pieces of fanfic I have come across to date. They are true thinking characters, errors in judgement having a distinct cause. Sadly, this does not happen nearly enough in the fanfic community. I don't have a website of my own at the moment (html gives me a worse headache than quantum theory!), so I can't link or archive, but I hope you won't mind if I print out a copy for myself. -- Nel

For Returning the Favor:

Awesome story, Spiletta. I like the way you weave so many little canon details into your fic. It gives it a real 'Voyager' feel. The way you did the romance between J/C here was real sweet, too. -- Magical M

What a wonderfully romantic story, Spiletta! -- Kate

A beautiful romantic story. Thanks Spiletta!! I enjoyed it very much -- Rosa

What a lovely, romantic story! I'm enjoying all of your new stories and amazed at how varied they are. 11 stories in such a short time must be some sort of record. Not that we hope that you go through the agony of losing your hard drive, etc again, but the results are stellar! Each story is unique and excellent. Hopefully I'll have time to comment about the others I've read, but life is a little hectic right now. But know that they are being enjoyed. -- Susan

I'd like to see Paris in that frilly flowergirl dress. Wistful or not. -- Cath

This is a fantastic sequel....its the kind of story that makes me all mushy in side...sigh. -- aleja21

For The Hard Choices:

Emotive. -- KimK

You rock. -- Dawn

I loved it! I always get excited when I see that you have a new story. I'm going to vote for this story on the Koffee Klub contest. Please write more soon!!! -- maquisrebels

Hey, this was great. I always enjoy J/P fic. I just noticed that you're taking no chances with the MPAA. A wise decision. I'm having someone in to replace all the letters on my keyboard with Cyrillic ones. Oh, and Glacier has always been a favourite of mine too. Keep up the good work! -- Audabee

Spiletta, in the other section you lamented the lack of attention your tale has attracted-- and rightly so, b/c this is a terrific tale. I really enjoyed your characterization of J&P's friendship, which is a "pairing" that continually interests me because of its inherently interesting dynamics. Great job! -- India

I loved this story Spiletta. Especially the scenes on the shuttle. So believable, he rapid decline as the radiation took hold. Tom's reaction. You write the emotional scenes so well. Thank you -- Cath

lol That ending was great. You took us from one emotion to another and gave it a great ending. Thanks Spiletta. :) - Mriana

Wow Spiletta - that was a great story! I'm sorry I hadn't seen it before now. I loved the 'action/adventure' feel it had at the start, there's something about that kind of thing that makes me feel I'm watching the show (and then when the J/C appears I'm doubly delighted!) The characters are totally believable -- Janeway's reaction to the bad news was also perfect, very understated. And I loved your Tom -- he was exactly as I see him.
I've always liked their friendship, and I think it's a shame its development was somewhat dropped as the show went on (along with J/T, P/K, J/Tu, J/K, -- in fact, almost all relationships except J/7...) I'm glad there are writers to correct such mistakes!
And it's nice to see Tom playing cupid -- quite effectively too! The ending was perfect. And this line made me smile so much -- "I don't deserve you either, but fortunately for us, no one's caught on to that. So what do you say?" *sighs* Thank you for sharing! -- RoseSilk

Tom sighed as Vorik outlined a dire situation with a plasma injector. Sometimes he thought that Vulcan saw his wife more than he did. That is terrific! Anyway, I like Janeway and Paris much better as friends, and this is a good story - nice use of words and it's engaging. I'm not so sure it needed an M rating, but maybe that's me. -- JadziaKathryn

Hi Spiletta.....couldn't *not* tell you how wonderful this is and how much I enjoyed reading it. I really enjoyed seeing the dynamics between Janeway and Paris. I love seeing her friend relationships with other bridge officers. Thanks so much for this!! ~Dwyer

I really really liked this story,Ijust love how it was written and the events that took place in the story, and I was glad that Chakotay and Janeway got together eventually. -- Dayne Nicholson

A good story. I always thought that more should have been done with the 'relationship' between Janeway & Paris and I liked what you did with them. Thanks! -- PaulaRidgeway

very nice, i loved how Tom was able to convince (blackmail) Kathryn into admitting her feelings. Very well written. -- aleja21

This was very sweet. Though I agree with Jadzia...it doesn't need an M rating. It's probably only a K+, though maybe T just to be safe. -- Singing Violin

For Uncharted Territory:

Oh, that was awe-inspiring, Spiletta I got a great J/C image/mood in my mind's eye from it -- Gilly

A beautiful poem, Spiletta Thanks for sharing. -- Hubble

Lovely poem Spiletta. Thanks for sharing it. -- Elorie

Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. -- Rosa

Beautiful Spiletta! Very evokative! Thanks! ~Dwyer

Lovely poem, Spiletta! Thanks so much for sharing! --Kate04

Wonderful poem, Spiletta. :) -- Mriana

Ahhhhh. The images........ Thanks. -- jmorrow

Wow. That's all. just had to say, "wow." -- Magical M

For One and All:

Thanks, great story - I really enjoyed it. Please keep on writing. Cheers -- Pongo

I loved that Spiletta. I always liked Vorik. I thought him a seriously underused character along with Ayala. I liked the transporter plot on the cube, it makes total sense. Thanks for sharing. -- Cath

That was a very nice and lovely story! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it very much -- Rosa

I was glued to this story, Spiletta. I love the ending and the Borg voices when you open the page too. The Borg .wav sets the tone very nicely. Wonderful story! -- Mriana

That was wonderful, Spiletta! I very much enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing! -- Kate

Awesome charactisation of Vorik and Tom, and great action scenes. I loved the way you explored their memories, helping to build that connection that we can see towards the end of the series. I loved the last lines of the last three paragraphs. Overall, the story deserves an A. I'll totally be reading the rest of your stuff. -- Carmen Montana

I really enjoyed this story, the idea of the team's minds being linked is intriguing. I always like fic that involves J/C and especially when their feelings for eachother are unearthed by members of the senior staff. The only thing i would say is that it should be longer! The build up to J/C admitting their feelings is well done, esp the hints that they're relationship is changing before the mission; but i want to see the relaionship explored. I'm just never happy :o) but this was just the indulgence into fantasy i was looking for. -- Kizzy

Dammit Spi! Why do you have to be so damn good? You captured the feeling of having the others senses very well. I thought, and I enjoyed how you ended it- just the way it should have. -- Admiral Kat

Hey Spiletta, sorry, but I guess this was posted while my computer was on the fritz. I think you've done an amazing job with this! It was so nice to see these six interact in such an intimate manner! Thanks so much! ~Dwyer

Chakotay and Janeway just does not fit, everything else was ok -- Lolo

Impressive. Great premise. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks. -- PaulaRidgeway

Okay, I finally remembered to finish reading this story. I really liked it. Unlike N/Ni pairing, you made me a believer in the Campbell/Vorik pairing. And although I would have like a little more explanation of why they were connected *insert techno-babble here*, I thought you handled the connection of thought wonderfully. Your handling of the emotion during the connection was great too. -- Jadie

Pretty good story. And FInally there'some sex in the Detla Quadrant. -- Anon

interesting exploration. Would have been worth an actual episode. -- lk

Wow. That was great. -- Epilachna

The story was good but the freaking Borg voice scared the living crap out of me. A -- unsigned

very interesting, I liked how you did the entire group linking thing went. -- aleja21


Again, a wonderful story! You always have such interesting ideas. Thanks for writing it! -- bloodredcherry

Yes it sounds so seductive. At least they were still mostly individuals. The future should be fun too. ^_^ -- Unseen Watcher

For Twelve Inches:

Excellent! Short and sweet (I guess that's the point of a drabble). It didn't feel halted and choppy like most drabbles do. Very smooth and easy to read. I really liked it! -- Lizzyshoe

Hi, Spiletta, So few words, but it say's everything. -- Hubble

Lovely, all three of them. Thanks for sharing! -- Kate

For The Protocol Paradox:

Liked the humour. lol -- Hubble

My fav was the paradox one. I could just see her fuming. -- Cath

Lol! Protocol Paradox made my giggle, a very clever way of doing things Spiletta! I like the others too, thanks for posting them. -- Keanna

For Just Married:

Nice peek at other crewmembers on Voyager. Thanks! ~Saffron

I love your lower decks stuff. You make the characters so alive. Thanks Spiletta. -- Cath

Great story Spiletta. I really enjoyed it. The six stages of newly weds cracked me up. Thank you. cheers -- elem

I absolutely love this story. I always pull it up when I need a good laugh. You're a great writer. -- bahjcb

For Indiana:

It needs a second part and more romance and drama, like an old flame returning from Kathryn's side which splits them up and then they get back together. That's the only thing whch will get me to read another one of your storys. -- Sarah

Oh, this is a wonderful story, so sweet! Thanks for sharing -- Rosa

Payroll reports can be so dull, yet this made me smile. And not once did I wonder if that was the correct weather pattern for Indiana or if the state has caves. Enjoyed it enormously and am very impressed that you could do this in one sitting (my fave bit: "go away and play with your tulip" - took me a while, but I got it eventually). - thanks! -- Audabee

"running off with that top-heavy trollop" He He I've been trying to think of a description that fits Seven for years and this is perfect. You must write more off the belt like this. Doesn't need all the research obviously any way most of us have never been or seen any of those places anyway. Thanks Spiletta -- Cath

What a wonderful, sweet story, Spiletta. Eddy is adorable Thanks for sharing. -- Kate - who has never been to Indiana and would not have minded if you had it snowing in August. ;)

Very nice story. ~Saffron

Once again you have written a wonderful stroy. This is such a easy read, it takes you along effortlessly. Could see Chakotay standing in the hall, with them all looking at him. Each persons reaction so true. Thanks. -- Hubble

Your best one! So sweet. -- Jen

I love how they get together. -- trek4love

Thank you for writing this. It was better than most of your stuff. -- janeway27

Eddie was great! Write a sequel with him! -- queenC

I loved it. Gretchen, Pheobe and the nephews reactions totally rocked. I'm just curious did the man ever get to propose to her? since the weather interrupted him. -- aleja21

I have to say, you must be from the midwest, or you have visted before. Because let me tell you, the line The sun fled in terror as half of lake michigan fell from the sun, I almsot fell of my chair laughing. Great Work. LOL Classic. -- AT

For Ice Cream is Traditional:

Very moving, Spiletta. I like the ending! ~Saffron

Loved it! I especially love a Chakotay who understands why she feels they can't be together and agrees. Much better for the man's dignity! Very nicely done. -- Char

Oh, Spi, that was very sweet! Incredible, but I've been thinking along those lines recently. Friendship will always be there, and one need not to give up everything. I like that Thank you. -- Rosa

Oh I love it. I loved the way Chakotay came to her to talk. The scene nearly brought tears to my eyes. -- Crusher

Lovely Spiletta. Very moving, but filled with hope. Thank you. -- elem

Wonderful Spi, it holds so much hope for them. -- Keanna

Wonderful Spi, I did have tears, this was very moving. -- Elorie

Yep, you got me. ::Sniff:: Beautifully done, Spiletta. Like the others, I love that Chakotay comes off as hopeful, but dignified in this. Not a puppy-dog or a lap-dog in sight Thank you :flh: -- Gilly

Beautifully written and very moving, Spiletta! Loved it a lot! Thanks for sharing. -- Kate

Achingly beautiful! I love the respect and care you show J and C, just as they show to each other. Stories that show Chakotay's restraint and maturity are among my favorites. Thanks so much. -- Susan

Spiletta I think thats one of your best yet. Simple but achingly bittersweet with a tinge of hope for the future. Bit like a good margerita when you come to think of it. -- Cath

What a moving story - the lump in the throat it caused me as they speak about what they give up and then their hope - wonderful. Thanks -- Pook

Beautiful, just beautiful! -- mandy - slipping off to find a hankie ...

Beautiful. Sad. And so very believable. I've always loved your stories, Spi, and this is an excellent example of why. Two reasonable people more concerned with the greater good than their own needs and desires. However, considering the nasty nature of the Delta Quadrant, I wouldn't be surprised if another incident here and there throughout their journey crops up where they just "have" to comfort one another! My brain is already going there. Sigh. -- Brianna

I love this story. "The waiting is hard, but what I have to remember is that the Alpha Quadrant grows closer every day. And I'm not completely alone. I have you. I have my best friend..." Thank you for sharing, this is wonderful. -- Gine

Hello Spiletta, This is a wonderful story, I was captured right from the start, and felt many emotions. I don't get moved to tears by many stories, but this story hit my emotional center. The story brought them together as lovers to part them again, but left them their friendship, love and hope. Thank you for sharing. -- Hubble

Oh Spiletta, I loved this. Don't ever think you can't write romance because you can. I am sitting here so moved that I had to wipe away tears. I don't agree with the notion that Janeway was the only one holding to protocal (actually I don't believe in the protocal excuse anyway). Aeris pointed out to me long ago that that argument could as easly be made for Chakotay. I do agree that either one or both could have made the decision that the Delta Quadrant wasn't the right place for them. The reasons don't really matter, but you have illustrated the angst of that decision beautifully. This rang very true. Thanks -- Elorie

Hi Spiletta, Can I just give you a BIG hug for that wonderful story? I guess every best friend should read that when they think they've messed up. Love, Intala

Wonderful story Spiletta42! {"Morning isn't here yet," he continued softly. "We can dream a while longer." } Great line! (So sad that it can't last though). And I really liked Chakotay's roundabout way of telling her his feelings, that was brilliant. Thanks for sharing this post. Take care, Joanie

Wonderful! This story brought tears to my eyes and I really love how you had them take turns sharing their feelings. Great touch. :) -- Mriana

What a lovely story, Spiletta, very moving indeed. Thanks for sharing. -- Mary S

Beautiful Spiletta! Perfect closure and a great read. -- Magical M

This is such a touching story to me. I loved it. -- Nicole

I like this story very much, thanks for writing it =). Now it's past midnight and I wanted to read a good J/C story before sleeping, and here I found it. I admire you for knowing Kathryn and Chakotay in such a good way. In your story they've acted very convincing. The last thing I can do is to wish you a good night. Greetings, Daniela

Really liked this fic. I read a lot of fanfic and i found the relationship you presented was refreshing. Kathryn wasn't depicted as the evil one who didn't want a relationship and Chakotay wasn't her lap dog. I'm a complete J/Cer but sometimes i wonder where the 'Angry Warrior' has gone. having an adult conversation about their relationship without it ending with Kathryn realising she's going to abandon protocl etc was a delight to read. i want them to get together but i find the fics i like best explore their relationships. Authors tend to end with them getting together but i always want to see what happens after! I enjoyed this fic because its an acknowledgment of their feelings and i agree with your characterizations. This is the Kathryn and Chakotay that i wanted to see on my T.V.! If i had anything negative to say then it'd be that its not long enough! It is however a lovely scene and all i needed to fuel my imagination. Thank-you -- Kizzy

I didn't expect much from a story with the words "ice cream" in the title but I was wrong. Wonderful story, so sad and yet so hopeful. -- Joanie

I love your stories, Spiletta. This one is no exception: tender and beautiful without being drippy or OC. Great stuff. We can really sympathize with their longings. -- leia_2005

Well written but heartbreaking at the same time. well done. -- aleja21

For Zymology:

bet u dont know wat zymology realy means i find youre use of the word so casualy very ofensive -- Ryan

Author's comment: Zymology: the study of fermentation; the brewing of malt beverages as a hobby. Sorry to offend you, Ryan, are you a yeast of some kind?

For The Llama Infestation:

HAHA! You may have written this for Q, but I love it! -- Lizzyshoe

LOL! Love it. Another unexpected ending! ~Saffron

LOL Very funny, Spi! Liked the ending too. -- Rosa

LOL Very cute. -- Crusher

He he, that's good Spi! -- Keanna

LOL! Very cute, Spiletta! -- Kate

That was fun! Got to give Tom credit for ingenuity. -- Susan

Nice LOL story - Thanks -- Pook

LOL! Cute! Thank goodness they'll always have Paris. -- Gilly

I have a soft spot for llamas. Beware, the llama spits. Cute drabble! -- Shayenne

Oh now that really made me smile, and boy did it need it today! Thanks Spi. -- Brianna

Hello Spiletta, Thanks for posting this one,:) Now I have the images of llamas running around voyager, I have always thought llamas as humorous looking animals. I can just see Kathryn pulling a surprised Chakotay towards her for a kiss. -- Hubble

Bwahahahahahahahahaahaha! But Eclipsed is still better. :-) -- Anne Rose

Oh that is so very very cute. Thanks for the smiles today Spi. :-D -Magical M

YAY!!! Llamas! and a J/C kiss!!!!! *dances around the room* YAY! -- Q

Quick, Simple, Funny :D -- Charlie Brown

For Kiss:

Now that is a great drabble. It is almost poetry. It is a nice thing to come home to from a vacation. -- Jadie

Very nice. Powerful. NOW GET TO WORK ON KENNEDY! -- Q

AHHHHHHHHHHHH................nice. Good job Spiletta. This is so romantic in just a few words. -- Judy

Very nice, Spiletta. Kind of leaves me with that 'ahhhh' feeling. -- monstermoof4me

Great job, Spiletta there is so much expression to it. -- lil'BLT

awesome! -- Dawn

Liked that little one much. There is just one question: When did they kiss for the first time? ;) -- Kate Andromeda

I love almost all of your J/C stories, and this drabble no less than the others. It kind of sums up the "Isabo's Shirt," story for me. It was such a relief to see that perhaps the PWTB are going to loosen up, permit a little J/C now, at least for the written episodes, since they wouldn't do the TV series that way. I am glad to know I am not the only one still writing J/C fanfic. Thanks! ~ Linda R-R

For The Order:

Are you sure your not Applegate herself?! I mean wow! You wrote just like her! Rachels bravery, Marcos humor, Cassies kindness, Jakes leadership Axs intellegance, and Tobias wiseness. They should publish this into an actual book! You even got the Hork-Bajrs gentelness and the Taxxons canabalisticness.Spiletta42 you ROCK. -- Surafel Kassa

Reviews for non-fiction, artwork, etc.

For Cheerios and Birdies:

But oh my God, I read your essay (on Cheerios and Birdies), and lmao. It's a pity there's not an "original" section of humor at the Fan Awards, because you'd totally have won it. -- sil

For Drop In The Ocean:

I just watched this again and it's really smoother now. Although I liked it before (I forgot to comment.) A really good video, Spiletta. I like the music, the pairing and the scenes you choose. Thanks for sharing and I hope there'll be more videos by you in the future. -- Sira

For An Innocent Proposal:

This is really good. Not a lot of people can carry off satirizing a topic and have it work so well- and you carried it off very well, the ending makes the right stab at the topic at hand. -- queridaesperanza

I've read Johnathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" and loved it and found yours just as satirical and funny. You have the same deadpan voice throughout the essay and your arguments are well backed up, with plenty of logic that can't possible be argued against, but the ridiculousness of the entire "Proposal" makes this enjoyable to read and I agree with your point completely. :) -- neurotic-b1tch

Considering the age of that piece, I think it's extremely well done. Not to say timely, considering the controversies about Guantanamo Bay etc at the moment. Bravo. -- Loganberry

For Fun With Highlighters:

Thanks a lot. I was troubled about the fic I have just finished. Took your advice and it does read much better. -- cath

Loved it! Everyone writer should use this. Have you ever considered posting it to GAFF, as advice for GAFF writers? -- Lizzyshoe

I took a fic that I knew needed lots of work and used the colored markers et al. It's a much better story for all the work. I hated printing it out and doing all the editing on paper, but the payoff was worth it. Convertedingly, (how's that for an adverb?) -- Kim

Wonderful essays. I found all three essays both helpful and entertaining. I'm terrible at proofreading my own writing. I seemed to be blind to half of my mistakes. I'm seem to be under the delusion that everything I write is gold and ready to be publish on the internet as soon as I'm finish the second draft. Boy was I wrong. This essay helps point out exactly what I'm doing wrong; and, I'm extremely tempted to go back and recheck everything I ever wrote base on your advise. Plus thank you for the reading suggestions at the end of your essay. I plan to use them. ~angelaask

This was just great. I read through all three parts of your fanfic hints.I especially enjoyed "Fun with Highlighters" and intend to try this on my next composition. It would be wonderful if everyone who writes would read this. There would be more stories read to their conclusion and more feedback given if people would scrutinize their work before submission. Thanks for your insights and observations. -- CoriKay

I don't write fanfiction - no imagination I'm afraid. I do, however, read a lot of it. There are so many authors who have the lamentable ability to take a promising plot and turn it into unreadable drek. I can overlook the occasional spelling or minor grammatical error but major lapses completely derail my focus on the story. My favorites are wandering verb tenses and improper verb forms. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have read, "He/she drug ____ across the room." I can only hope many aspiring authors read your work. Amusement value aside, it is very informative and would certainly make my life as a reader more enjoyable. Very good!!!!!!! -- jlmart

General Comments

Your fanfic is fantastic. (This is going to be a really gushy review with nothing helpful or critical at all.) Your fanfic is the kind I spend hours searching the internet for. (That makes me sound like a loser. They're not consecutive hours. Usually.) I can't believe I went so long without finding your site. I'm working my way through the Voyager and Stargate stuff, which are my 2 favourite shows. Your fic is so high quality and realistic; if it were published, I would definitely pay money for it. I also enjoy the disclaimers. So, basically, thank you. -- Cal

Why do you have to be so damn good? Arrrgghh! Never stop writing, or I will have to hunt you down ;) - Admiral Kat

What the fucking hell? I just saw the alleged results of that stupid contest. Tell 'em all to go screw themselves, they are clearly all crack addicts. -- Anonymous

Author's comment: Um, thank you? If you don't mind, I won't point out which contest you speak of, and just enjoy the compliment.

Now I've finished reading J/C and Blue Alert entries, I finally settled down to read these. If I ever read Jeri Taylor's 'Pathways' I don't remember it so I had no idea who Sveta was. All I can say is all of Chakotay's female lovers have a lot to be thankful for! I really liked the Carey/Wildman one the best of these 3, and Kessel Run was great. Gotta say, I don't mind P/T half so much when you write it. Thanks for a couple of great hours. Maybe I'll be able to get my Die J/C Die story unstuck again. It gets stuck at regular intervals! At least I've decided what to call it. ('Scratched'). -- Mandy

Reviews for fics I consider to be failed writing experiments

For Adventures Aboard the Alpha Flyer:

Spi- Whew!!! I have just been to Queens of Smut! Boy I should not read this stuff at work! Great job --who cares what happens next! If that was me I could die happy! Good luck in the contest. -KJ

I need a shower now. A cold one. Thanks. -Anonymous

Very enjoyable ;) -Sarikah

Arousing to some degree -Anonymous

Very nice, I haven't read, nor do I intend to, the book on Endgame, hence I will have to wait until Homecoming comes out for this too truly make sense to me. Having said that, very little imagination needs to be used to make a backstory that would lead into this tale. Just knowing it's after Endgame is help enough. -Matt

Enjoyed it very much. The characters ring true to the ones we know and love, and it's always nice to refer back to New Earth. I've read all of your stories and find them well-written and interesting. It doesn't matter if you win contests or not, please keep writing! -- Barb E.

That was awsome. I never read anything so good. Please if you have more email them to me I would love to read them -- Shawn

Hi Spiletta, This is a really nice story. Something one has to think about after reading this particular part of "Homecoming" though the ending (of Homecoming) is not exactly what make the heart of a J/Cer laugh, is it... Anyway, thanks for writing this addition! I really enjoyed it. Greetings, --Kate04 (www.jc-alphaspace.de.vu)

Author's comment: Please everyone, keep reading the official novels, because Christie Golden won't let us down! --Spiletta42

It was quite good, but not realistic enough for the way they really actt if they had this relationship. -- Voyager fanatic

Author's comment: Probably not, this was a little light and quick, and didn't really go into any depth at all. --Spiletta42

Awesome!!! Wow very well written -- Butterfly_kathryn

great fic -- aleja21

For Olive Branch:

I really enjoyed this story. The flow of the dialogue was well-timed and natural, and of course, I loved the ending. My only criticism is that, even taking into consideration the guilt that Kathryn was feeling, she was still rather a pushover when Chakotay decided to redefine their new parameters. I can't imagine that she'd really go along so quietly. Overall, though, a wonderful fic. -- Squirrelly

It's so sweet how he loves her even after what happened. I wish this was longer. -- freya

A very nice handling of the Equinox issues.-- Molly

"You haven't eaten a bite all day." He stood and pulled her to her feet. "That is a clear violation of our new rules. Don't worry, I'll brief you on those later." this and other lines show chakotay's strength. -- Alanesian

An interesting look at how a relationship could have formed from tragedy. -- dianaforester

A wonderful way to extrapolate on how they resolve this issue between the two of them. I love how he finally finds a way (and a reason) to push J a bit. And how it works out. -- Intala

Chakotay is a 'macho, macho man' and he puts his woman in her place. Well, that's A/U from most fanfiction. She wants him, but won't let herself have him... he takes the decision away from her, she acquiesces. good plot and a good way to handle a really bad episode. I woulda liked a more smoochy ending for a romance story, but that's just me. -- Dawn

"If we don't have to stay for the whole thing I'll make it worth your while." That's definately my favourite line in this story. I'm glad that C finally has an excuse to start pushing in your story (and actually does it). --Intala

Equinox, such a troubling episode with so much left unsaid, unfinished. Though I would expect Janeway to react to it all with much more depth and more multi-dimensionally, I like the way you have resolved this. It works very well for this length story. I appreciate the strength you have brought out in Chakotay. The pace of the story is good. An excellent read. -- Molly

This is a lovely add-on to Equinox. I wish that in the series we had seen how J/C had dealt with the after-effects on what happened and this would have been a good way to do it! Well done. -- Keanna

"I'm not a cave man," he said. "I won't demand anything from you, except honesty. We're going to spend the week redefining parameters, and I'm not going to let you withdraw into your shell. I can't let you hide from me." She stared at her plate, a little stung by the truth in his accusation. If he hadn't confronted her like this, she probably would have spent weeks avoiding him. "Kathryn?" He squeezed her hand. "Trust me?" "With my life," she said. I like to see the trust still intact. I think that is one of the best parts of love. --JadeEast

Sure wished Chakotay had really done this. --Donna

Equinox is one of my favorites, with a lot of J/C, well done -- Vossi

Loved these bits. "Dinner?" "You haven't eaten a bite all day." He stood and pulled her to her feet. "That is a clear violation of our new rules. Don't worry, I'll brief you on those later." -- Anne Rose

Wonderful Spiletta. It's about time someone made a move and Chakotay was it. :) Wonderful. I wasn't too sure about Chakotay taking charge the way he did at first, but it was wonderful even so. :) -- Mriana, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed

Like it. It's very sweet and the 'just the beginning'-line is wonderful. -- Quadrantje

wow, I like a commanding Chakotay, the role suits him. -- aleja21

Author's comment: I'm not wild about this story. I tried to A/U Chakotay's character, and I think it was a mistake. At least the humorous bits were enjoyed by some. --Spiletta42

For A Look in the Mirror:

Honestly, I thought the ending was a little abrupt and not terribly Janeway-like. I would have thought she would need a little time to absorb the information--maybe perform Celes and Billy's wedding or something. Also, is Celes really that brave? Still, it was fun to read. My favorite kinds of stories are those that fill in the details of starship life that don't get seen in the series, and dinner dates fall into that category. Thanks for sharing! -Camille

Sweet. but I wouldn't have had them admit that at the table. They had been hiding it for so long they would need to do it privately. Also, I think that maybe Celes could have asked the captain to marry her and Billy -Mia

Author's comment: These reviews are dead-on. I've grown since that fic, fortunately. Thanks for the honesty. --Spiletta42

unconventional thinking has taken on a whole new meaning for me and I like it ;) -- aleja21

For The Pit:

It seems a bit unfinished. And it doesn't really make much sense. You know KJ, right? I suggest you take a closer look at one of her stories where they get captured and put in some dirty prison. However, it did have some funny quotes. -- Quadrantje

Author's comment: Yeah, I tried something with that story and it didn't work. I don't really like it enough to fix it, either. --Spiletta42