Adventures Aboard the Alpha Flyer

by Spiletta42


ST-17™© 'cause I don't want to tell these two to wait any longer.


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Warnings: Sex. Boring sex.

Categories: Ship, Het, Romance, PWP, Alpha Quadrant

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: The sneak preview of Homecoming, although unfortunately it turned out to be inaccurate.

A/N: Set during Christie Golden's Homecoming novel, released June 3, 2003. If you haven't seen the chapter leading up to this moment, it can be found in the back of the Endgame novelization by Diane Carey. This doesn't quite mesh with the Homecoming novel itself, and was written from that teaser chapter. It also has passive voice issues and a wandering point of view. Hey, nobody's perfect.

Disclaimer: All Paramount's, and if only they'd be bothered to let them move forward, perhaps I wouldn't have had to do this. Well, not all Paramount's. God invented sex.

Adventures Aboard the Alpha Flyer

"You'll always be Captain to me."
"I certainly hope not."

He'd been kidding.

She was not.

Their eyes met. The moment, seven long years in the making, was here.

"Of course not, Kathryn." The words, barely a whisper.

The tiny craft had no need of a co-pilot. She stood.

Two steps. Two tiny, agonizingly slow steps. "I don't want to be your captain. Your captain could never do this."

She leaned down, her lips brushing his, moving tenderly. Her tongue reached to lightly stroke his lower lip.

"Kathryn." His arms came up to wrap around her, pulling her into his lap.

The kiss deepened, tongues exploring, dueling slowly and hotly, savoring a taste so long desired. Hands caressed faces; fingers ran through hair; bodies pressed together.

How long it continued, neither knew. Forever, and yet not nearly long enough.

The evidence of his arousal was unmistakable against her thigh. She turned, straddling him, and pressed herself against it.

He groaned.

Her hands went to work on his shirt.

"Kathryn, we could wait - "

"Long enough. We've waited long enough."

"At least let me tell you that I love you."

"Tell me after, my love." She laughed softly against his neck. Her hands slid into his shirt to explore his smooth chest. "I intend to show you most thoroughly."

"Can't argue with that," he gasped. His hands tangled in her hair and he let her push the shirt from his shoulders.

Her tongue followed the path her fingers had taken, dancing over his hot flesh. Her warm breath tickled his skin, and he could barely make out the word she kept repeating.


Finally indeed. His hands went to work on her dress. He had planned on seducing her after dinner, but this... She was rapidly erasing his ability to think at all.

Her tongue teased his nipple, and his groan fueled the urgency of her own desire. Her hands fumbled with the closure to his trousers. His hands captured hers.

She looked into his eyes, and witnessed the unguarded love burning there. She watched as he lifted each of her hands in turn, pressing wet kisses into her palms. Every nerve in her body tingled.

"I've dreamed of this," he whispered against the soft skin of her wrist. His lips trailed up her arm even as his fingers deftly worked the buttons on her dress.

He kissed her again. So hot and wet; such passion and such tenderness.

She threw back her head, her hands seeking to force his head lower.

He laughed and kissed her throat. "I won't be hurried, Kathryn. I've waited too long and now I want to savor this."

"We can do this more than once." Her growl became a gasp as he found the sensitive spot behind her earlobe.

"And we will." His tongue began a detailed study of her collarbone. "We most certainly will."

Her body felt the effects of his teasing in places not yet visited. She clung to his shoulders for support and gasped when his lips slid down between her breasts.

His thumb circled an aching nipple, teasing it deliberately through the garment she still wore.

"Take it off," she pleaded, her voice strained.

His mouth descended, moistening the fabric and sucking each of her throbbing peaks in turn.

"Please, Chakotay."

He smiled against her breast. How many years had he longed to hear that desire in her husky voice? He removed the offending article.

"So beautiful." His hands stroked up her sides to cup each creamy mound in turn. His lips captured a nipple and teased it divinely.

She was panting with need, unaware of the marks she was leaving on his shoulders. She pressed herself more firmly against him. "Chakotay..."

He managed to lift her to her feet and stand himself. Her dress fell, pooling at her feet. He pulled her against him, and dropped his head to kiss her.

Her legs trembled with the strain of remaining upright. With some effort, she managed to push his trousers off his hips before they both sank to the floor.

His hand slid between her legs, and she cried out with the contact. Enraptured, he watched her face as his fingers softly teased her sensitive flesh through the silky material she wore.

Her own hand found his rigid member, stroking him firmly before tugging insistently at his boxers.

He stopped his ministrations to push her hand away and she whimpered.

She opened her eyes to find him gazing at her.

"Finally," he whispered. He pulled off her final garment and lowered his hot mouth.

She gasped, opening herself eagerly. His tongue circled teasingly, then found her aching bundle of nerves. She screamed as her climax tore through her body, leaving her shuddering and sobbing incoherently.

He wasn't through.

Wet kisses were pressed to her thighs as his feathery touch sought to prolong her response. She struggled for breath. "Chakotay..."

He moved away. His need for this woman was painful, but this moment was one to savor. He watched as she opened her eyes and reached for him.

"Not yet," he whispered. He climbed to his feet and pulled her up after him.

She grabbed his head and pulled his face to hers for a searing kiss. It didn't matter that she could taste herself on his lips; she needed to kiss him. He was throbbing against her belly, and she pressed into him deliberately as her hands slid down his body.

Fearing the loss of all control, Chakotay pushed her away and backed her towards the pilot's chair. For seven years he had been plagued with dreams of a similar chair, and this was his chance for a resolution.

Kathryn found herself seated at the helm. She looked up at this man that she'd loved for so long as her hands worked to remove his boxers. "Finally."

His length sprang free, eager and glistening with need. She took it in her hands and pressed a kiss to the tip.

"Kathryn, stop," he gasped. "I won't last."

"Hush, my love." Her voice rumbled through him. "I've had seven years to think about this."

Her lips slid up and down his length. She savored the salty taste, and the way he throbbed against her lip. His sound of pleasure sent a shiver down her spine. She drew back, creating suction, and laughed as he groaned again.

"Spirits, Kathryn."

Her wandering hand felt the tightening that signalled his impending release. She brought her other hand around to his buttocks, holding him firmly in place.

"Kathryn, stop. I'll - "

"I want you to," she murmured around his length. "I've wanted this for so long."

He threw back his head and groaned as she increased her pace. This hadn't been what he had planned when he pushed her into the chair, but he certainly wasn't complaining.

A white heat exploded within him, ripping her name from his throat. When reality began to return around him, he looked down to see her looking up at him, a smile on her face and love in her eyes. She licked her lips.

He dropped to his knees. She leaned forward and their lips met again. His tongue slowly explored her mouth and his hands slid through her hair.

His hands and mouth traveled lower, exploring her body as he pushed her backward in the seat. His hands pressed against her thighs, encouraging them apart.

She threw back her head as she felt his warm breath between her legs. His soft kiss drew a gasp from her, and when his tongue began a detailed exploration the result was a strangled cry.

Her hips rose off the chair.

He pulled back and watched her.

"Chakotay, please."

The plea was impossible to ignore. He lowered his mouth once again, his tongue lightly circling sensitive flesh until she was sobbing with need. When he pressed his mouth more firmly against her and sucked gently she exploded again, crying out his name.

She struggled for breath, and when she was able, she pushed him back and slid down onto the floor to join him.

She straddled him and bent forward for another kiss.

He rose up, flipping her over and covering her body with his. He nudged at her opening, and tried to prolong the moment before sliding slowly inside her moist depths.

"Finally," she gasped. Her legs rose to grip his waist and their eyes met as they began to move together. The physical pleasure was intense. This final connection of souls was overwhelming.

His strokes were long and slow. He watched her face, groaning as she moved her hips against him and challenged his control.

Grateful for his earlier release, he paused to kiss her slowly.

She groaned into his mouth and tightened her inner mucles around him.

He reached down to explore their joining, and began to move once again.

Their careful rhythm eventually gave way to frantic movements as they screamed out each others' names in completion.

They lay together, murmuring words of love, each feeling more complete than they had in years, and savored this new expansion of their relationship.

Hands travelled slowly, exploring newly claimed territory. Neither could get enough as they tried to make up for seven long years of fantasy and denial. Finally, too exhausted to move, they lay together, thankful for everything they had.

Home, at last. Together, at last. Peace, at last.

Inevitably, they were interrupted.

The interruption came in the form of a distress call, on Starfleet channels. Both froze at the words they heard through the static. "Earth...The Borg..."

As you can see, this was written before Homecoming was available. For fic which begins where The Farther Shore ends, try: Those Who Wait, Quiche and Real Men, House Call, or Vulcans Don't Blush.


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