Star Trek Voyager fanfiction writer Spiletta42's entry in the 2005 Awesome Author Awards at Koffee Klub. Includes fanfic featuring Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Lieutenant Tom Paris, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, Ensign Sue Brooks, Ensign Deborah Lang, Ensign Noah Mannick, and Ensign Brad Harrison.

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Spiletta42's 2005 AAA Entry

Seven fics written in the past twelve months which I believe fit the flavor and parameters of the contest while providing a reasonable illustration of my strengths as a writer of Star Trek Voyager fanfiction.

Spiletta42's AAA Entry

Action/AdventureOne and AllNEW! The crew experiences a new kind of closeness. Drama/Action J/C P/T Vo/Ca 8,970 words.(M™©) February 2005
The Hard ChoicesNEW! Janeway and Paris run into serious trouble on an away mission. Drama. J&P friendship (J/C, P/T) 7,279 words.(M™©) February 2005
AngstInstitutionalizedVoyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant but Janeway is denied a hero's welcome. Drama/Angst. J/C 27,828 words. First Place in Ripples in the Pond.(T™©) May 2004
Klingon Sex Manual
Tom Paris receives some unsolicited advice. Romantic Comedy. P/T, Neelix/other, J/C 5,696 words. Second Place in Voyager Blue Alert. (ST-17™©)June 2004
RomanceIdealsJaneway tries to balance her professional and personal lives. Romance. J/C 4,199 words. Third Place in Voyager Blue Alert. (ST-17™©)
June 2004
WildcardQuestionsFour lowly ensigns struggle with life on the lost starship Voyager. Drama/Romance Harrison/Mannick Brooks/Lang 20,199 words. Second Place in VAMB Grand Prix Top Stories of 2004. (ST-17™©)June 2004
PoetryUncharted TerritoryNEW! A steamy interlude. Romance. J/C 84 words.(ST-17™©)February 2005

For more new Voyager fic by Spiletta42, see my JCFicHaven Decathlon entry.

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Voyager Romance

Spiletta42's Fanfiction

A Few Words of Thanks

A number of people contributed to this entry, either with beta work, graphics, plotbunnies, or other services. Thank you in no particular order to AnneRose, Squirrelly, Kim, Dawn, Jade East, Diana Forester, Shadeshark, and Dakota.

Congratulations to Mizvoy for her winning entry. First place in all seven categories! Congratulations also to Maquis Leader, Kristie, Sylvia, and Vanhunks for their awards.

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Spiletta42's 2004 AAA Entry

Seven fics that I believe fit the categories as described and well illustrate the range of my writing.

Action/AdventureVulcan's Don't BlushNEW! The Alpha Quadrant offers new challenges to the Voyager crew. Drama/Action J/C P/T EMH/7 Tu/T'Pel K/We Campell/Vorik 10,462 words.(T™©) February 2004
GlacierJaneway works to rescue Chakotay after the Delta Flyer crashes yet again. First Place in Picnic Proze Prize. Drama. J/C (J&P friendship) 3,323 words.(T™©) July 2003
AngstMisconceptionA stolen concept I couldn't resist. Chakotay has a memory problem. Romantic angst. J/C 5,707 words.(T™©) April 2002
HumorFilling the VoidAn older fic, but my most popular. Tom Paris leads the crew in a complex scheme. First Place in J/C Fichaven's Decathlon: Fifteen Hundred Meter Run. Romantic Comedy. J/C 94,128 words.(T™©)May 2002
RomanceHouse CallNEW! Back in the Alpha Quadrant at last, Kathryn Janeway finally has time to catch a cold. Romance. J/C 2,595 words.(T™©)February 2004
WildcardThree AnniversariesSamantha Wildman must face the consequences of her actions. Second Place in Mixed Doubles Drama. Wildman/Carey 10,239 words.(T™©)August 2003
DrabbleVigil's EndThe captain spends a night in sickbay for undisclosed reasons. A drabble only leaves room for the good part. First Place in J/C Fichaven's Decathlon: Hundred Meter Hurdles. Drama. J/C 100 words.(K+™©)October 2003

Peace RoseaaaPeace Rose

A Few Words of Thanks

A number of people contributed to this entry, either with beta work, graphics, or other services. Thank you in no particular order to Squirrelly, Kim, Diana Forester, AnneRose, Alanesian, ScaryMoments, Jade, Dakota, Dawn, Shayenne, Chris, Nameless Ensign, Cress, UnwillingParticipant, and MsBeast!

Congratulations to KJ for her winning entry!

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These fics posted with pride on:



2003 AAA Entry

Action/AdventureTank Top TemptationEnvironmental controls are out once again. A little action adventure, a little romance. 1355 words. (T™©) October 2002
FriendshipNeedsCaptain and First Officer set sail on Lake George after the events in Coda. So what if there are six million versions of this fic already? Here's mine anyway. 916 words. (T™©) August 2002
AngstMisconceptionA stolen concept I couldn't resist. Chakotay has a memory problem. Romantic angst, 5707 words.(T™©) April 2002
HumorDo SomethingA little fun with everyone's favorite hero, Ace Reporter Buster Kincaid. Comedy. 1421 words.(T™©) September 2002
RomanceThe Definition of CompensationA sequel to Devil in the Dark written entirely in E-Prime. Pure romance for 1696 words. (T™©)
February 2003
WildcardFilling the VoidA novel length J/C romp.(T™©)
May 2002
DrabbleThe Way It IsHow things are for the captain and first officer. (K+™©)November 2002


Second Choices

These didn't quite fic the categories
CeremonyWill the green monster rear its ugly head when Chakotay ties the knot with a certain blonde ensign? Romantic comedy. J/C K/Campbell 4428 words.(T™©) June 2003
Kessel RunTom Paris meets his match. Slightly A/U Comedy/Action P/T 3,532 words.(T™©)April 2004
Lost Saints RestoredColonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter have breakfast, then there's a mission and some plot happens, then there's breafast again. A short Stargate SG-1 fic of 883 words.(T™©) February 2004
Quiche and Real MenA certain Starfleet Admiral and her first officer find alternate uses for the groceries and then do laundry. 3861 words.(ST-17™©)October 2003
ResolvedA decidedly uncanon alternate ending for Hunters. Pure romance. A ficlet of 454 words.(T™©) May 2003
Ripple EffectAnimated rodents try to take over the starship Voyager. Wildly A/U Comedy. Pinky and the Brain/Star Trek Voyager 790 words.(T™©)April 2004
Three Million Light Years Into Deep SpaceWhat if Kathryn Janeway was born not into the universe created by Gene Roddenberry, but instead into the universe created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor? A Star Trek: Voyager / Red Dwarf amalgamation. Comedy with a very little romance. 7067 words.(T™©) May 2003
UnspokenA Unimatrix Zero drabble.(T™©) July 2003

Spiletta42's J/C Fanfiction

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