Unofficial Thoroughbred Hall of Fame


Noor's Race Record

Year Starts Wins Seconds Thirds Earnings
Lifetime 31 12 6 6 $383,968

Noor, 1945 brown colt

Nasrullah Nearco Pharos Phalaris
Scapa Flow
Nogara Havresac II
Mumtaz Begum Blenheim II Blandford
Mumtaz Mahal The Tetrarch
Lady Josephine
Queen of Baghdad Bahram Blandford Swynford
Friar's Daughter Friar Marcus
Garron Lass
Queen of Scots Dark Legend Dark Ronald
Golden Legend
Grand Princess Grand Parade
Queen Empress


Recommended titles include: Champions from the Daily Racing Form, Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 of the 20th Century from Blood-Horse, and Man O' War: Thoroughbred Legends #1 by Edward L. Bowen, as well as Seabiscuit on DVD .
Seabiscuit on DVD

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