Unofficial Thoroughbred Hall of Fame

Thoroughbred Database Contents

A.P. Indy1989coltSeattle SlewGo Now
Ack Ack1966coltBattle JoinedGo Now
Affectionately1960fillySwapsGo Now
Affirmed1975coltExclusive NativeGo Now
Africander1900coltStar RubyGo Now
Agile1902coltSir DixonGo Now
Alan-a-Dale1899coltHalmaGo Now
Algerine1873coltAbd-el-KaderGo Now
All Along1979fillyTargowiceGo Now
Aloma's Ruler1979coltIron RulerGo Now
Alsab1939coltGood GoodsGo Now
Alydar1975coltRaise a NativeGo Now
Alysheba1984coltAlydarGo Now
Amberoid1963coltCount AmberGo Now
American Eclipse1814coltDurocGo Now
American Flag1922coltMan o' WarGo Now
Apollo1879geldingLeverGo Now
Aristides1872coltLeamingtonGo Now
Armed1941geldingBull LeaGo Now
Artful1902fillyHamburgGo Now
Arts and Letters1966coltRibotGo Now
Assault1943coltBold VentureGo Now
Assignee1891coltSpendthriftGo Now
Avatar1972coltGraustarkGo Now
Azra1889coltReformGo Now
Baden Baden1874coltAustralianGo Now
Bally Ache1957coltBallydamGo Now
Battleship1927coltMan o' WarGo Now
Bayakoa1984fillyConsultant's BidGo Now
Bed o' Roses1947fillyRosemontGo Now
Bee Bee Bee1969coltBetter BeeGo Now
Behave Yourself1918coltMarathonGo Now
Beldame1901fillyOctagonGo Now
Belmar1892coltBelvidereGo Now
Ben Ali1883coltVirgilGo Now
Ben Brush1893coltBrambleGo Now
Bet Twice1984coltSportin' LifeGo Now
Bewitch1945fillyBull LeaGo Now
Bimelech1937coltBlack ToneyGo Now
Black Gold1921coltBlack ToneyGo Now
Black Helen1932fillyBlack ToneyGo Now
Black Tie Affair1986coltMiswakiGo Now
Blue Larkspur1926coltBlack ServantGo Now
Blue Man1949coltBlue SwordsGo Now
Bold1948coltBy JimminyGo Now
Bold Forbes1973coltIrish CastleGo Now
Bold Ruler1954coltNasrullahGo Now
Bold Venture1933coltSt. GermansGo Now
Boston1833coltTimoleonGo Now
Bostonian1924coltBroomstickGo Now
Bounding Home1941coltEspinoGo Now
Bowling Brook1895coltAyrshireGo Now
Broker's Tip1930coltBlack ToneyGo Now
Broomspun1918coltBroomstickGo Now
Broomstick1901coltBen BrushGo Now
Bryn Mawr1901coltAthelingGo Now
Bubbling Over1923coltNorth Star IIIGo Now
Buchanan1881coltBuckdenGo Now
Buckpasser1963coltTom FoolGo Now
Buddhist1886coltHindooGo Now
Burgomaster1903coltHamburgGo Now
Burgoo King1929coltBubbling OverGo Now
Burlington1887coltPowhattanGo Now
Busher1942fillyWar AdmiralGo Now
Buskin1910geldingHamburgGo Now
Cairngorm1902coltStar RubyGo Now
Calvin1872coltTipperaryGo Now
Candy Spots1960coltNigromanteGo Now
Cannonade1971coltBold BidderGo Now
Canonero II1968coltPretendreGo Now
Capot1946coltMenowGo Now
Carry Back1958coltSaggyGo Now
Cavalcade1931coltLancegayeGo Now
Cavan1955coltMossboroughGo Now
Caveat1980coltCannonadeGo Now
Celtic Ash1957coltSicambreGo Now
Challedon1936coltChallenger IIGo Now
Chance Play1923coltFair PlayGo Now
Chance Shot1924coltFair PlayGo Now
Chant1891coltFalsettoGo Now
Chateaugay1960coltSwapsGo Now
Chris Evert1971fillySwoon's SonGo Now
Cicada1959fillyBryan G.Go Now
Cigar1990coltPalace MusicGo Now
Citation1945coltBull LeaGo Now
Cloverbrook1874coltVauxhallGo Now
Clyde Van Dusen 1926geldingMan o' WarGo Now
Coaltown1945 coltBull LeaGo Now
Coastal1976coltMajestic PrinceGo Now
Codex1977coltArts and LettersGo Now
Col. Holloway1909coltEthelbertGo Now
Colin1905 coltCommandoGo Now
Colonial Affair1990coltPleasant ColonyGo Now
Comanche 1890coltSir ModredGo Now
Commando1898coltDominoGo Now
Conquistador Cielo1979coltMr. ProspectorGo Now
Conventry1922coltNegofolGo Now
Count Fleet1940coltReigh CountGo Now
Count Turf1948coltCount FleetGo Now
Counterpoint1948coltCount FleetGo Now
Creme Fraiche1982geldingRich CreamGo Now
Criminal Type1985coltAlydarGo Now
Crusader1923coltMan o' WarGo Now
Culpepper1871coltRevolverGo Now
Dahlia1970fillyVaguely NobleGo Now
Damascus1964coltSword DancerGo Now
Damrosch1913coltRock SandGo Now
Dancer's Image1965coltNative DancerGo Now
Danzig Connection1983coltDanzigGo Now
Dark Mirage1965fillyPersian Road IIGo Now
Dark Star1950coltRoyal Gem IIGo Now
Dauber1935coltPennantGo Now
Davona Dale1976fillyBest TurnGo Now
Day Star1875coltStar DavisGo Now
Decidedly1959coltDetermineGo Now
Delhi1901coltBen BrushGo Now
Deputed Testamony1980coltTraffic CopGo Now
Desert Vixen1970fillyIn RealityGo Now
Determine1951coltAlibhaiGo Now
Devil Diver1939coltSt. GermansGo Now
Discovery1931coltDisplayGo Now
Display1923coltFair PlayGo Now
Domino1891coltHimyarGo Now
Don Enrique1904geldingHastingsGo Now
Donau1907coltWoolsthorpeGo Now
Donerail1910coltMcGeeGo Now
Dr. Fager1964coltRough 'n TumbleGo Now
Dr. Freeland1926coltLight BrigadeGo Now
Duke of Magenta1875coltLexingtonGo Now
Dunboyne1884coltUncasGo Now
Dust Commander1967coltBold CommanderGo Now
Easy Goer1986coltAlydarGo Now
Eclipse1764coltMarskeGo Now
Effendi1906coltPreviousGo Now
Eight Thirty1936coltPilateGo Now
Elkridge1938geldingMateGo Now
Elocutionist1973coltGallant RomeoGo Now
Elwood1901coltFree KnightGo Now
Emperor of Norfolk1885coltNorfolkGo Now
Equipoise1928coltPennantGo Now
Eric1886coltDuke of MagentaGo Now
Exceller1973coltVaguely NobleGo Now
Exterminator1915geldingMcGeeGo Now
Fabius1953coltCitationGo Now
Fair Play1905coltHastingsGo Now
Faireno1929coltChattertonGo Now
Fashion1837fillyTrusteeGo Now
Faultless1944coltBull LeaGo Now
Fenian1866coltMickey FreeGo Now
Ferdinand1983coltNijinsky IIGo Now
Firenze1884fillyGlenelgGo Now
Fitz Herbert1906coltEthelbertGo Now
Flocarline1900fillySt. FlorianGo Now
Flying Ebony1922coltThe FinnGo Now
Fonso1877coltKing AlfonsoGo Now
Foolish Pleasure1972coltWhat a PleasureGo Now
Forego1970geldingForliGo Now
Forester1879coltThe Ill-UsedGo Now
Fort Marcy1964geldingAmerigoGo Now
Forward Pass1965coltOn-and-OnGo Now
Foxford1888coltStratfordGo Now
Friar Rock1913coltRock SandGo Now
Gallahadion1937coltSir Gallahad IIIGo Now
Gallant Bloom1966fillyGallant ManGo Now
Gallant Fox1927coltSir Gallahad IIIGo Now
Gallant Man1954coltMigoliGo Now
Gallorette1942fillyChallenger IIGo Now
Gamely1964fillyBold RulerGo Now
Gate Dancer1981coltSovereign DancerGo Now
Gato Del Sol1979coltCougar IIGo Now
Gen. Duke1954coltBull LeaGo Now
General Assembly1976coltSecretariatGo Now
General Duke1865coltLexingtonGo Now
Genuine Risk1977fillyExclusive NativeGo Now
George Kinney1880coltBonnie ScotlandGo Now
George Smith1913coltOut of ReachGo Now
Go and Go1987coltBe My GuestGo Now
Go For Gin1991coltCormorantGo Now
Go For Wand1987fillyDeputy MinisterGo Now
Golden Broom1917coltSweeper IIGo now
Good and Plenty1900geldingRossingtonGo Now
Granville1933coltGallant FoxGo Now
Greek Money1959coltGreek SongGo Now
Grenada1877coltKing AlfonsoGo Now
Grey Lag1918coltStar ShootGo Now
Gun Bow1960coltGun ShotGo Now
Hail to All1962coltHail to ReasonGo Now
Half Time1896coltHanoverGo Now
Halma1892coltHanoverGo Now
Hamburg1895coltHanoverGo Now
Hanover1884coltHindooGo Now
Hansel1988coltWoodmanGo Now
Harold1876coltLeamingtonGo Now
Harry Bassett1868coltLexingtonGo Now
Hastings1893coltSpendthriftGo Now
Hasty Road1951coltRomanGo Now
Head Play1930coltMy PlayGo Now
Henry of Navarre1891coltKnight of EllerslieGo Now
Hermis1899coltHermenceGo Now
High Echelon1967coltNative ChargerGo Now
High Gun1951coltHeliopolisGo Now
High Quest1931coltSir Gallahad IIIGo Now
Hill Gail1949coltBull LeaGo Now
Hill Prince1947coltPrincequilloGo Now
Hindoo1878coltVirgilGo Now
Hindus1897coltVolanteGo Now
His Eminence1898coltFalsettoGo Now
Holiday1911geldingBroomstickGo Now
Hoop, Jr.1942coltSir Gallahad IIIGo Now
Hourless1914coltNegofolGo Now
Hurryoff1930coltHasteGo Now
Ildrim1897coltKingstonGo Now
Imp1894fillyWagner (GB)Go Now
In Reality1964coltIntentionallyGo Now
Inspector B.1883coltEnquirerGo Now
Iron Liege1954coltBull LeaGo Now
Jack Hare, Jr.1915coltMarathonGo Now
Jacobus1880coltThe Ill-UsedGo Now
Jaipur1959coltNasrullahGo Now
Jay Trump1957geldingTongo PrinceGo Now
Jean Bereaud1896coltHis HighnessGo Now
Jet Pilot1944coltBlenheim IIGo Now
Joe Cotton1882colt King AlfonsoGo Now
Joe Daniels1869coltAustralianGo Now
Joe Madden1906coltYankeeGo Now
John Henry1975geldingOle Bob BowersGo Now
Johnstown1936coltJamestownGo Now
Johren1915coltSpearmintGo Now
Jolly Roger1922geldingPennantGo Now
Judge Himes1900coltEsherGo Now
Kalitan1914coltRey HindooGo Now
Kauai King1963coltNative DancerGo Now
Kelso1957geldingYour HostGo Now
Kennedy Road1968coltVictoria ParkGo Now
Kentucky1860coltLexingtonGo Now
Kingfisher1867coltLexingtonGo Now
Kingman1888coltGlengarryGo Now
Kingston1884coltSpendthriftGo Now
Knight of Ellerslie1881coltEolusGo Now
La Prevoyante1970fillyBuckpasserGo Now
Lady's Secret1982fillySecretariatGo Now
Lawrin1935coltInscoGo Now
Layminster1907geldingMatchlessGo Now
Leonatus1880coltLongfellowGo Now
Lexington1850coltBostonGo Now
Lieut. Gibson1897coltFalsettoGo Now
Lil E. Tee1989coltAt the ThresholdGo Now
Little Current1971coltSea BirdGo Now
Longfellow1867coltLeamingtonGo Now
Longstreet1886coltLongfellowGo Now
Lookout1890coltTroubadorGo Now
Lord Murphy1876coltPat MalloyGo Now
Lucky Debonair1962coltVertexGo Now
Luke Blackburn1877coltBonnie ScotlandGo Now
Luke McLuke1911coltUltimusGo Now
Lure1989coltDanzigGo Now
Macbeth II1885geldingMacduffGo Now
Mad Play1921coltFair PlayGo Now
Majestic Prince1966coltRaise a NativeGo Now
Man o' War1917coltFair PlayGo Now
Manuel1896coltBob MilesGo Now
Margrave1893coltSt. BlaiseGo Now
Master Derby1972coltDust CommanderGo Now
Masterman1899coltHastingsGo Now
Mate1928coltPrince PalGo Now
Meridian1908coltBroomstickGo Now
Middleground1947coltBold VentureGo Now
Miesque1984fillyNureyevGo Now
Miss Woodford1880fillyBilletGo Now
Moccasin1963fillyNantallahGo Now
Montague1885coltMortemerGo Now
Montrose1884coltDuke of MontroseGo Now
Morvich1919coltRunnymedeGo Now
Mr. Prospector1970coltRaise a NativeGo Now
Myrtlewood1933fillyBlue LarkspurGo Now
Nashua1952coltNasrullahGo Now
Native Dancer1950coltPolynesianGo Now
Native Diver1959geldingImbrosGo Now
Nearctic1954coltNearcoGo Now
Needles1953coltPonderGo Now
Neji1950geldingHunters Moon IVGo Now
Nellie Morse1921fillyLuke McLukeGo Now
Nijinsky II1967coltNorthern DancerGo Now
Noor1945coltNasrullahGo Now
Northern Dancer1961coltNearcticGo Now
Old England1899coltGoldfinchGo Now
Old Rosebud1911geldingUncleGo Now
Omaha1932coltGallant FoxGo Now
Omar Khayyam1914coltMarcoGo Now
One Count1949coltCount FleetGo Now
Ornament1894coltOrderGo Now
Pan Zareta1910fillyAbe FrankGo Now
Panique1881coltAlarmGo Now
Pass Catcher1968coltAll HandsGo Now
Pasteurized1935coltMilkmanGo Now
Patron1889coltFalsettoGo Now
Paul Jones1917geldingSea KingGo Now
Paul Kauvar1894coltPirate of PenzanceGo Now
Pavot1942coltCase AceGo Now
Peace Chance1931coltChance ShotGo Now
Pensive1941coltHyperionGo Now
Personal Ensign1984fillyPrivate AccountGo Now
Personality1967coltHail to ReasonGo Now
Peter Pan1904coltCommandoGo Now
Phalanx1944coltPilateGo Now
Phar Lap1926geldingNight RaidGo Now
Pillory1919coltOlambalaGo Now
Pine Bluff1989coltDanzigGo Now
Pink Star1904coltPink CoatGo Now
Plaudit1895coltHimyarGo Now
Pleasant Colony1978coltHis MajestyGo Now
Polynesian1942coltUnbreakableGo Now
Ponder1946coltPensiveGo Now
Prairie Bayou1990gelding Little MissouriGo Now
Prince Eugene1910gelding HamburgGo Now
Princess Doreen1921fillySpanish Prince IIGo Now
Princess Rooney1980fillyVerbatimGo Now
Proud Clarion 1964coltHail to ReasonGo Now
Quadrangle1961coltCohoesGo Now
Real Delight1949fillyBull LeaGo Now
Refund1885coltSensationGo Now
Regret1912fillyBroomstickGo Now
Reigh Count1925coltSunreighGo Now
Requital1893coltEothenGo Now
Rhine Maiden1912fillyWatercressGo Now
Riley1887coltLongfellowGo Now
Risen Star1985coltSecretariatGo Now
Riva Ridge1969coltFirst LandingGo Now
Roamer1911gelding Knight ErrantGo Now
Robert Morris1938coltJacopoGo Now
Roman Brother1961gelding Third BrotherGo Now
Roseben1901gelding Ben StromeGo Now
Round Table1954coltPrincequilloGo Now
Royal Orbit1956coltRoyal ChargerGo Now
Royal Tourist1905coltSandringhamGo Now
Ruffian1972fillyReviewerGo Now
Ruthless1864fillyEclipse (by Orlando)Go Now
Salvator1886coltPrince CharlieGo Now
Sarazen1921geldingHigh TimeGo Now
Saunterer1878geldingLeamingtonGo Now
Saxon1871coltBeadsmanGo Now
Scottish Chieftain1894coltInvernessGo Now
Sea Bird II1962coltDan CupidGo Now
Sea Hero1990coltPolish NavyGo Now
Seabiscuit1933colt HardtackGo Now
Searching1952fillyWar AdmiralGo Now
Seattle Slew1974coltBold ReasoningGo Now
Secretariat1970coltBold RulerGo Now
Sham1970coltPretenseGo Now
Sherluck1958coltCorrespondentGo Now
Shirley1873geldingLexingtonGo Now
Shut Out1939coltEquipoiseGo Now
Shuvee1966fillyNashuaGo Now
Silver Spoon1956fillyCitationGo Now
Sir Archy1805coltDiomedGo Now
Sir Barton1916coltStar ShootGo Now
Sir Dixon1885coltBilletGo Now
Sir Huon1903coltFalsettoGo Now
Slew o' Gold1980coltSeattle SlewGo Now
Sly Fox1895coltSilver FoxGo Now
Snow Chief1983coltReflected GloryGo Now
Spectacular Bid1976coltBold BidderGo Now
Spend a Buck1982coltBuckarooGo Now
Spendthrift1876coltAustralianGo Now
Spokane1886coltHyder AliGo Now
Springbok1870coltAustralianGo Now
Stage Door Johnny1965coltPrince JohnGo Now
Stone Street1905coltLongstreetGo Now
Strike the Gold1988coltAlydarGo Now
Stymie1941coltEquestrianGo Now
Summer Squall1987coltStorm BirdGo Now
Summing1978coltVerbatimGo Now
Sun Beau1925coltSun BriarGo Now
Sunday Silence1986coltHaloGo Now
Sunny's Halo1980coltHaloGo Now
Survivor1870coltVandalGo Now
Susan's Girl1969fillyQuadrangleGo Now
Swale1981coltSeattle SlewGo Now
Swaps1952coltKhaledGo Now
Sweep1907coltBen BrushGo Now
Sword Dancer1956coltSunglowGo Now
Sysonby1902coltMeltonGo Now
Ta Wee1966fillyIntentionallyGo Now
Tabasco Cat1991coltStorm CatGo Now
Tammany1889coltIroquoisGo Now
Tank's Prospect1982coltMr. ProspectorGo Now
Tanya1902fillyMeddlerGo Now
Tecumseh1882coltAttilaGo Now
Temperence Hill1977coltStop the MusicGo Now
Ten Broeck1872coltPhaetonGo Now
The Bard1883coltLongfellowGo Now
The Finn1912coltOgdenGo Now
The Manager1909coltVoterGo Now
The Parader1898coltLongstreetGo Now
Thirty Six Red1987coltSlew o' GoldGo Now
Thunder Gulch1992coltGulchGo Now
Tim Tam1955coltTom FoolGo Now
Timber Country1992coltWoodmanGo Now
Tom Fool1949coltMenowGo Now
Tom Ochiltree1872coltLexingtonGo Now
Tom Rolfe1962coltRibotGo Now
Tomy Lee1956coltTudor MinstrelGo Now
Top Flight1929fillyDis DoncGo Now
Tosmah1961fillyTim TamGo Now
Twenty Grand1928coltSt. GermansGo Now
Twilight Tear1941fillyBull LeaGo Now
Two Lea1946fillyBull LeaGo Now
Typhoon II1894coltTop GallantGo Now
Tyrant1882coltGreat TomGo Now
Unbridled1987coltFappianoGo Now
Upset1917coltWhisk Broom IIGo Now
Vagrant1873geldingVirgilGo Now
Vanguard1879coltVirgilGo Now
Venetian Way1957coltRoyal CoinageGo Now
Victorian1925coltWhisk Broom IIGo Now
Vigil1920coltJim GaffneyGo Now
Vito1925coltNegofolGo Now
War Admiral1934coltMan o' WarGo Now
War Cloud1915coltPolymelusGo Now
Watervale1908coltWatercressGo Now
Whimsical1903fillyOrlandoGo Now
Whirlaway1938coltBlenheim IIGo Now
Whisk Broom II1907coltBroomstickGo Now
Whiskery1924coltWhisk Broom IIGo Now
Winning Colors1985fillyCaroGo Now
Wintergreen1906coltDick WellesGo Now
Worth1909coltKnight of ThistleGo Now
Zev1920coltThe FinnGo Now