Unofficial Thoroughbred Hall of Fame

Eight Thirty

Eight Thirty's Race Record

Year Starts Wins Seconds Thirds Earnings
Lifetime 27 16 3 5 $155,475

Eight Thirty, 1936 chestnut colt

Pilate Friar Rock Rock Sand Sainfoin
Fairy Gold Bend Or
Dame Masham
Herodias The Tetrarch Roi Herode
Honora Gallinule
Word of Honour
Dinner Time High Time Ultimus Commando
Running Stream
Noonday Domino
Seaplane Man o' War Fair Play
Bathing Girl Spearmint
Summer Girl


Recommended titles include: Champions from the Daily Racing Form, Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 of the 20th Century from Blood-Horse, and Man O' War: Thoroughbred Legends #1 by Edward L. Bowen, as well as Seabiscuit on DVD .
Seabiscuit on DVD

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